2 Player Shibumi Set Game. 

Shibumi Set: 
4 x 4 Board. 
3 sets of 16 Red, White, and Black Balls. 

Players take Turns. 
On your turn: 
FIRST place 1 Red Ball, 1 White Ball, and 1 Black Ball. 
All three Balls you place must be touching each other. 
(At least 1 Ball must be touching the other 2. This may be a 
line or cluster and may be all on one level or multiple levels.)
For purposes of this game balls on the same level that are 
orthogonally or diagonally adjacent are considered to be touching. 
If you ever run out of balls of one of the colors, then only place 
two balls of the remaining two colors. 
If you ever run out of balls of two of the colors, then only place 
one ball of the remaining color. 
THREE BALL BAN: A Ball when placed may NOT be DIRECTLY touching 2 or more balls of 
the same color as itself. 
(For example: You place the Red Ball: It may be touching a max of 1 other Red Ball.)
SECOND Remove 1 Ball from the Board of any color. 
It may not be one of the three balls you just placed. 
It may be a ball that is one lower than the highest currently built level allowing for a 
ball immediately above it to drop into its space. 
It may not result in a situation that breaks Three Ball Ban Rule. 
(Skip the Second Action on the first turn of the game.)

If a ball is completely buried (hidden from view), it does not count towards 
placement rules. 
If it is later revealed, it then counts. 

If you are unable to place your balls you lose and the other player wins.
If you ever break the Three Ball Ban Rule you lose and your opponent wins.  
If you complete the pyramid on your turn you win. 

Red White Black Balls Stack
Three to Place One to Remove
Avoid Three the Same

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