Card game for 2 Players. 
Based on the movie “Sorcerers Apprentice”. 
One player is the good Merlinians. 
The other is the evil Morganians. 

Sorcerers Apprentice is a licensed, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The Merlinian player has 2 ways to win: 
1. Destroy Morgana: Defeat her by 7 or more power in a Combat. 
2. Prime Merlinian Succession: Keep Dave Stutler in play for 7 consecutive turns. 
The Morganian player has 1 way to win: 
1. Cast the Rising Spell: Keep Morgana in play for 5 consecutive turns. 
Both players may win by the following method: 
1. Army of Sorcerers: Have 6 more Sorcerers in play than your opponent in End Phase. 
Note: when counting Consecutive turns, the count is made in Event phase. 

Use these to keep track of turns in play for Dave and Morgana. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 7 card types: 
Merlinian Sorcerers
Morganian Sorcerers

Shuffle the deck. 
Both players draw 5 cards. 
The Merlinian player starts with Balthazar in play and the Grimhold which is 
equiped to Balthazar. 
The Morganian player starts with Horvath in play. 

The Grimhold is a special object. 
It starts in play and can never be discarded, however it can be stolen. 
The FIRST time any of the following Sorcerers are played, the player 
playing them must control the Grimhold, that is, it must be equipped on to 
one of his Sorcerers: 
Morgan Le Fay, Sun Lok, Abagail Williams, Veronica Gorloisen 

These are helpful for randomly selecting Sorcerers in Encounter phase. 

Only Sorcerer and Object cards are considered to be “In Play”. These cards are 
not immediately discarded at the end of the phase in which they are played. 
They remain face-up on the table in front of the player that controls them until some 
combat or spell effect causes them to be discarded. 
Objects must be equipped (or attached) to a Sorcerer. They are placed touching or 
overlapping the sorcerer card. 
A sorcerer may have up to 3 Objects attached.
If a Sorcerer is discarded in a Duel, the Sorcerer who dispatched him gets his 
Objects. If that Sorcerer has too many , discard the excess. The Grimhold must be kept. 
It cannot be discarded and must be kept in play, even if there are no sorcerers remaining, 
in which case it will automatically equip to the next sorcerer to come into play on any 

Turns can represent any period of time from a few seconds to years. 

Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Lore Phase
2. Recruit Phase
3. Event Phase
4. Encounter Phase
5. Duel Phase
6. End Phase

Both players draw 2 cards from the deck. 
If the deck is empty, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may put one Sorcerer into play from your hand and any number of objects. 
Your sorcerers may give their objects to each other (Max 3 Objects per Sorcerer). 
Excess objects are discarded. 
The Merlinian player may only recruit Merlinian Sorcerers. 
The Morganian player may only recruit Morganian Sorcerers. 

Starting with the Merlinian player, players may take turns discarding cards with 
Event Abilities to activate and immediately resolve those abilities. 

Each player randomly picks one of their Sorcerers. 
Use Dice to facilitate this if necessary.  

Also called Combat Phase. 
The two Sorcerers who have encountered each other will now fight.
FIRST Each player will make an Attack Combo:
Attack Combos are revealed Simultaneously. 
For their Attack Combo each player may play:
- One Spell
- One Event
- Up to 3 Amplifiers
All cards have a Power Rating. 
Some cards will cause certain opposing cards to be discarded or be 
reduced in Power. 
SECOND Derive a Power Total for each Sorcerer: 
Add the Sorcerers power (Innate power as listed on his card) plus his equipped 
objects plus his Spell plus any played Event and/or Amplifiers.
THIRD Each player may play up to one Defense Negation Card. 
These will cause certain opposing cards to be discarded, thus 
changing the Power Totals. 
FOURTH Determine Combat Winner 
The Sorcerer with the Higher Power Total is the Combat Winner. 
The losing Sorcerer is discarded.
(Not necessarily dead, but stunned, trapped, unconscious, hurt, etc.) 
FIFTH Use of Protection Spells
The Combat Loser may play a Protection spell. 
This Prevents the losing Sorcerer from being discarded and his objects from 
being stolen.
SIXTH Combat Result 
The winner takes the losing Sorcerers objects AND looks at his opponents hand AND 
then steals one target card from his opponents hand.
Note: Even if loser played a protection spell, you still get to look at his 
hand and take a card.  
If the Power Total is tied, nobody wins or loses, nobody is discarded. 
Important: If a sorcerer did not have a spell card in the combat, he cannot play any 
Amplifier cards, but Objects and Events still count, as will as the Sorcerers 
innate power. If a spell card is negated, any amplifiers played still count. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. 
Check for Victory Conditions. Record Time Markers. 

First to Fight: Instead of picking a random Sorcerer in Encounter phase, you may 
play this Sorcerer instead.  
Prime Mover: If this character is defeated, he is not discarded, but is immediately 
shuffled back into the Deck. 
Nemesis: This Sorcerer will always win a Duel against his named nemesis.  
Charisma: All you other Sorcerers in play get +1 Power. 
Repurpose: This Sorcerer when in a duel may use a Spell card as an Amplifier. 
Greater Amplification: All Amplifiers played by all your Sorcerers get +1 Power.
Amplification: All Amplifiers played by this Sorcerer gets +1 Power.
Confidence: This Sorcerer when in a Duel will get +X Power where X is equal to 
the number of other Sorcerers you have in play. 
Experience: When Chosen in an Encounter (and not replaced) immediately 
draw 2 cards. 
Charlatan: If this Sorcerer is defeated in a Duel, your opponent must 
immediately discard his entire hand (Before taking a card from you). 
Researcher: If in play draw an extra Card in Lore Phase. 
Repository: If in play your maximum hand size is +2 Cards. 
Betrayer: When in a Duel, may discard one Morganian (but not Morgan) in play 
for +5 power. Do this during the Simultaneous Reveal. 
Illusionist: This Sorcerer when in a duel may use an Amplifier card as a Spell. 
Conjurer: This Sorcerer when in a duel gets +5 Power is he uses a Creature Spell
Innocent: When Chosen in an Encounter (and not replaced) opponent must 
immediately discard 1 Random card. 
Deal with the Devil: Once every Lore phase, you may discard X cards to 
draw X replacement cards. 
Hard to Kill: If defeated by less than an excess of 5 power, do not 
discard him (He still loses his objects). 
Inquisition: If he wins a Duel he will steal an extra card from opponents hand. 
Protect: If defeated, this Sorcerer is not discarded, nor are his objects lost, however 
the winner still gets to look at his hand and take a card. 
Negate: Target opposing revealed card during Duel does not count and is discarded.
Event Ability (EA): Discard this card in Event Phase to get its special effect. 
Scry: Look at Opponents Hand. 
Divination: Look at next 7 cards in Deck. 
Track: Discard to search deck for 1 card of the indicated type and put it in your hand. 
Shuffle deck afterwards. 
Find: Discard to search discard for 1 card of the indicated type and put it in your hand. 
Sacrifice: At the moment of Simultaneous Reveal say “Sacrifice”. Both 
Sorcerers are discarded. 
Drain: When played, steal 1 Random card from opponents Hand
Up in smoke: Discard target non-Grimhold object. 
Imbue: Sorcerer gets the stated ability

G = Merlinian Sorcerers
B = Morganian Sorcerers
S = Spells
A = Amplifiers
O = Objects
E = Events
D = Defense
P = Power
EA = Event Ability
PE = Play in Encounter Phase

Name:				Type	Power	Notes:
Grimhold       			O	+1	Special
Balthazar Blake			G	10	First to Fight; Prime Mover
Dave Stutler the Apprentice	G	5	Nemesis Morgan; Prime Mover
Veronica Gorloisen		G	9	Charisma
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart		G	2	Repurpose
Alexander Sanders		G	3	Greater Amplification
Gerald Gardner			G	4	Confidence
Eliphas Levi			G	8	Experience
Count Saint Germaine		G	1	Charlatan
Robert Fludd			G	6	Researcher
Doctor John Dee			G	7	Repository
Maxim Horvath			B	8	Betrayer; Prime Mover
Drake Stone			B	1	Illusionist
Sun Lok				B	4	Conjurer
Abagail Williams       		B	5	Innocent
Morgan Le Fay			B	12	Charisma; Prime Mover
Aleister Crowley       		B	2	Repository
Doctor Faust			B	9	Deal with the Devil
Rasputin       			B	6	Hard to Kill
Frater Marabas			B	3	Researcher
Torquemada			B	7	Inquisition
Leather Shoes			A	+1	Energy Spell gets +2P
Merlin Circle			A	+5	-
Shock Bolt			S	5	Negate target Amplifier
White Magic			S	6	Can only be used by Merlinians
Black Magic			S	6	Can only be used by Morganians
Vision				E	+2	EA: Scry
Ceremony       			A	+4	-
Ritual				A	+4	-
Star Chamber			A	+5	Location
Training       			E	+3	EA: Draw 3 Cards
Alchemical Preparations		A	+4	EA: Draw 2 Cards
Astrology			E	+2	EA: Divination
Charm				S	7	EA: Track any type of card
Hex				S	7	EA: Opponent discards 2 cards
Crystal				O	+1	May be used as a +3P Amplifier
Sacred Dagger			O	+2	Gets +3P if you don’t use a Spell
Heroics				E	+5	Sacrifice
Incantation			A	+3	-
Incense				A	+3	-
Banish				D	+1	Negate: Creature Spell
Power of Prophecy		S	7	EA: Track any type of card
Book of Abramelin		O	+1	Imbue: Amplification
Key of Solomon			O	+2	Imbue: Repository
See the Past			S	6	EA: Find any type of card
Deflect				D	+3	Negate: Telekinesis Spell
Ethereal Form			D	-	Protect
Energy Bolts			S	8	Energy
Tessla Coils			A	+5	Your Energy Spell gets +2P	
Lightning Bolts			S	9	Energy
Call Item			S	5	EA: Steal Object
Ensnare				S	5	Trap
Hungarian Mirror Trick		S	6	Trap
Disguise       			S	6	EA: Skip rest of turn
Transformation			S	6	Creature
Animate	Sword			S	7	Telekinesis
Insect Swarm			S	8	Creature
Fying Daggers			S	7	Telekinesis
Dragon				S	9	Creature
Needle Cloud			S	5	Telekinesis
Chinese Urn			S	9	Trap Sacrifice
Energy Drain			S	8	Drain
I Need Soldiers			S	5	EA: Track Sorcerer
Capture Soul			S	7	Trap Sacrifice
Imprison       			S	7	Trap
Spirit Escape			D	+2	Negate a Trap Spell
Incinerate			S	6	EA: Up in Smoke
Fire Ball			S	6	Energy
Levitation			S	5	Telekinesis. Negate Amplifier Card
Plasma Bolts			S	7	Energy
Electric Bolts			S	5	Energy
Magic Missile			S	6	Energy
Mind Push			S	5	Telekinesis
Confetti Storm			D	-	Protect
Satellite Dishes       		A	+5	Your other Amplifiers get +2P
Wizards Hat			A	+1	Your Creature Spell gets +2P
Ricochet       			E	+2	Your Energy Spell gets +1P
Hostage				E	+6	EA: Steal Object
Threaten       			E	+2	-
Car Chase			E	+3	-
Martyr				E	+2	PE Imbue: First to Fight
You Should Run			D	-	Protect
Back for More			E	+2	EA: Find Sorcerer
Distraction			E	+1	Negate Spell
Vacuum Globe			D	+1	Negate Energy Spell
Telekinetic Blow       		S	7	Telekinesis
Resuscitate			S	5	EA: Find Sorcerer
Force Pummel			S	6	Telekinesis
Smoke				D	-	Protect
Kinetic Slam			S	8	Telekinesis
Hide in the Earth		D	-	Protect
Pin to Ceiling			S	5	Telekinesis
Escape				D	-	Protect
Cane				O	+1	-
Magic Repair			S	5	EA: Find Object
Illusion       			S	6	EA: Opponent discards 2 cards
Clear your Mind			A	+4	Discard X Cards for +XP
Freeze				S	-	Duel is automatically a tie
Will Power			A	+5	Your Telekinetic Spell gets +2P 
Vibrate Molecules		S	5	May use this card as an Amplifier
Force Field			D	+1	Negate Energy Spell
Encantus       			O	+1	Imbue: Research
Chains				S	7	Trap
Cool Car			D	-	Protect
Fire Shield			D	+1	Negate Energy Spell
Wolves				S	6	Creature
Persian Rug Trick		S	8	Trap
Pendant				O	+1	Your Trap spells get +2P
Heavy Coat			A	+1	Opposing Telekinesis Spell -2P
Dragon Ring			O	+2	-
Bronze Bull			S	8	Creature
Concrete Eagle			S	9	Creature

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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