Card game for 2 players.
Modern Naval Warfare Theme.

The game ends when a player goes to draw a card, and there are no cards left in the deck.

The player with the most deployed units at the end of the game wins.
Bases & Carriers count as 2 units each.

Players share a common deck.
There are 4 types of cards mixed into the deck:
Unit, Detect, Attack, Counter

Each player is dealt 9 cards.
Determine who goes first.

Players take turns.  
Each turn has 7 phases:
1. Reserve Phase
2. Deployment Phase
3. Mission Phase
4. Detection Phase
5. Attack Phase
6. Counter Phase
7. Orientation Phase

The active player draws 3 cards.
Max hand size is 9 cards.  Discard excess cards.

The active player may put up to 2 unit cards from his hand into play.
Units put into play are put face up in front of the player.
A player may put Attack, Counter, and Detection cards in play face 
down, under units that can use them.
Cards stacked under units are called Option cards.
Note that deployed units stay in play from turn to turn for the rest of
the game unless that unit is destroyed.

If your opponent has no units in play, he must discard 1 random card and
you may draw 1 extra card from the deck.
The active player decides if he wants to attack a target unit of his opponent.
If a unit is chosen, this unit is the defender.
The active player picks which of his units is attacking. 
This unit is the attacker.

The active player must play a Detect card that can be used by the 
attacker, and that can target the defender.
The Detect card can come from the players hand, or be one of the attackers option cards.

The active player must play an Attack card that can be used by the 
attacker, and that can target the defender.
The Attack card can come from the players hand, or be one of the attackers option cards.

The opposing player may play a Counter card that can be used by the defender, and that 
can target the attacker, the attack card, or detect card.
The Counter card can come from the opposing players hand, or be one of 
the defenders option cards.
If no Counter card is played, the defender and all its options are destroyed (discarded).
If a counter card is played, the defender survives and remains in play.
All Detect, Attack, and Counter cards played are discarded after being played.

The active player may attack with a second unit repeating the mission, 
detection, attack, and counter phases.
The turn ends when the active player has no more units he can or 
wants to attack with.

Unit Type:		#	Type:
Submarine		8	Sub
Airplane		12	Air (Includes Helicopters)
Military Base		2	Ground
Warship			6	Sea
Carrier			2	Sea
# = Number of that card in the deck

Card Name:				#	User:		Target:		
AEW: Advanced Early Warning*		1	All		All
Acquire Target				1	All		All
Bearing Only Attack			1	All		All
Aerial Refueling			1	Air		All
Strike Mission				1	Air/Sea/Sub	All
Reconnaissance Mission			1	Air/Sea/Sub	All
Counter Attack				1	All		All
Jumping Jacks				1	Air		All
ESM: Electronic Signal Measures		1	All		All
Racket: Unknown EM signals		1	All		All
Passive Detection			1	All		All
ECCM: Counter-Counter Measures		1	All		All
LRCAP: Long Range Combat Air Patrol	1	Air		Air/Sea/Ground
Visual Identification			1	All		Air/Sea/Ground
OTH: Over-the-Horizon*			1	Warship		Sea/Ground
AsuW: Anti-Surface Warfare		1	All		Sea/Ground
Outer Screen				1	Warship		Air/Sub
AAW: Anti-Air Warfare			1	All		Air
Air Defense Envelope			1	Sea/Ground	Air
AWAC: Airborne Warning and Control	1	Air		Air
Bogie: Unknown air contact		1	All		Air
ASW: Anti-Submarine Warfare		1	Air/Sea/Sub	Sub
Convergence Zone			1	Sea		Sub
Goblin: Unknown sub contact		1	All		Sub
SURTASS					1	Sea		Sub
Sonobuoys				1	Air		Sub
Dipping Sonar				1	Air     	Sub
Hunter-Killer				1	Sea/Sub		Sub
Skunk: Unknown surface contact		1	All		Sea
* = Attacker must have an Airplane in play to use this card.
(SURTASS = Surface Towed Array Sonar System)

Card Name:				#	User:		Target
CG: Guided Missile Cruiser		1	Warship		All
DDG: Guided Missile Destroyer		2	Warship		All
FFG: Guided Missile Frigate		2	Warship		All
Guided Weapon				2	Air		All
ARM: Anti-Radiation Missile		2	Air/Sea		Air/Sea/Ground
Air Cannon				1	Air		Air/Sea/Ground
SSM: Surface-to-Surface Missile		2	Sea/Sub/Ground	Sea/Ground
Standoff Weapons			2	Air		Sea/Ground
Cruise Missile				2	Sea/Ground	Sea/Ground
Naval Gunfire				1	Warship		Air/Sea
Attack Sub				1	Sub		Sub/Sea
Boomer					1	Sub		Sea/Ground
Amphibious Assault Force		2	Sea		Ground
Torpedo					4	Air/Warship/Sub	Sub/Sea
SAM: Surface-to-Air Missile		2	Sea/Sub/Ground	Air
AAM: Air-to-Air Missile			2	Air		Air
AAA: Anti-Aircraft Artillery		1	Sea/Ground	Air
AGM: Air–to-Ground Missile		1	Air		Ground
ASM: Air-to-Surface Missile		2	Air		Sea
ASROC: Anti-Submarine Rocket		1	Air/Sea		Sub

Card Name:				#	User:	Target Attacker/Attack/Detect
Poor Weather				2	All		Air/Sea		
Civilian Contact			1	All		All
Mission Kill				1	All		Air
Anechoic Coating			1	Sub		All
Overestimate BDA			2	All		All
Blip Enhancement*			1	Sea		All
Chaff					1	Air/Sea		Missiles
CIWS: Close-In Weapon System		1	Sea/Ground	Missiles
ECM: Electronic Counter Measures	2	All		All
EMCON: Emissions Control		1	All		All
Flares* 				1	All		Missiles
Hard Kill				1	All		Missiles/Air
Soft Kill				1	All		Missiles
IADS: Integrated Air Defense Systems	1	Ground		All
Inner Screen				1	Sea		Air/Sub
Jamming					1	All		All
CAP: Combat Air Patrol* 		2	All		Missiles/Air
ROE: Rules of Engagement		2	All		All
Topography				1	All		All
Weapons Stores Expended			1	All		All
Zig-Zagging				2	Air/Sea/Sub	All
Thermocline				1	Sub		All
BINGO FUEL: Low on Fuel			1	Any		Air
Under Radar Horizon			1	Air		All
* = Defender must have Air units in play to use this card.
(BDA = Battle Damage Assessment)

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