INTRODUCTION Module for the Warp Empires system. You must use the Warp Empires system to play this game. Based on the animated film WIZARDS by Ralph Bakshi. Wizards is a trademarked, licensed property. This is merely a fan site. One player is the good Wizard Avatar. The other player is his evil brother Blackwolf. Both battle for world domination. On Avatar’s side is Magic, Elven Races, and Faerie Folk. Blackwolf's armies are filled with Mutants, Demons, and Ancient Technologies. MAP The land of Halcionia is divided into two main areas: Scortch and Montagar Scortch is southeast of Montagar. Note: Rivers may cross multiple spaces. LOCATION TYPES 0-3+ = Revenue generated by the site H = Hostile terrain: Units must stop when entering this space D = Difficult terrain: Units must stop when entering this space X = Barrier: No units may enter this space SCORTCH Location Type Notes Black World Mountains H North Glass Wastes H South Bogs D West Steam Lake X West Cnidair River D West The Spine Mountains H Southeast The Crypts of Doom 2 Scattered The Greater Crater X Central The Glass Wastes H Central The Black River H West Central; Terrible Smell The Hot Lands H East & Central The Great Depression H North Central Hellmouth 2 North; One Demon unit per turn costs -1 Scortch-1 3 Capital city; Blackwolf’s starting Location Skir 0 Fishing Village; Faerie sympathizers Theca 0 Village; Hunters & Trappers; Faerie sympathizers Queenston 1 City; One Technology unit per turn costs -1 Phyte 1 City; On the Black River Accked 1 City; One Mutant unit per turn costs –1 MONTAGAR Location Type Notes City of Montagar 2 Capital City Breeding Wye 2 Mining Town; One Dwarf unit per turn costs –1 Rana Bottom 1 University Town Seaport 2 Coastal Town Summer Home 0 Town; Avatars Starting Location Perthswale 2 Trading Town Wendl 1 Trading Post Blossom 1 Faerie Town Toothache Mountain H East: Runs North South Footprint Lakes D North Salamander River D Surrounds the city of Montagar Novay Onwl River D Central Lostwoods D Central No Return H Cliffs; Borders Scortch Whisper Falls D One Faerie unit per turn costs –1 Western Highlands D Southwest Faun’s Shoulder 0 Landmark for sailors Fog Dragon Downs D North Ariath River D Bridged in several places VICTORY Blackwolf must destroy all opposing units to win. The Avatar player automatically wins if Blackwolf is destroyed. SETUP The Evil player starts with Blackwolf and 15 random units. The Evil player distributes his units throughout Scortch. The Good player starts with Avatar and 7 random units. The Good player distributes his units throughout Montagar. ACTION DECK Players have seperate action decks. REVENUE PHASE You cannot generate income from enemy cities. (You only deprive your opponent of the income.) RECRUIT PHASE Montagar units may start in any non-hostile, non-difficult space in Montagar. (Their populations are spread out) Scortch units must start in Scortch-1 (the City) MOVE PHASE Flyers can move up to 4 spaces. Flyers can jump over enemy units, hostile and difficult terrain. BATTLE PHASE Towns & Cities give defending units +1 Force each. UNIT & CARD TYPE NOTATION L = Leader K = Knowledge A = Armies P = Place E = Event T = Technology X = Magic S = Strategy R = Resources M = Morale BLACKWOLF UNIT LIST Unit Name #/Speed Type Force Notes BlackWolf 1F L 15 Wizard Lich General 2F L 10 Demon Demon Warlord 1F L 8 Demon Armies get Force +1 Demon Technomage 2F L 5 Technology units get Force +1 High Mutant Officers 4M L 6 Mutants Toadies 2M A 3 Mutants Low Mutants 4M A 3 Mutants Reich Henchmen 2M A 4 Mutants Reptilions 2M A 6 Mutants Dream Machine 1M T 12 Panzer Tanks 2F T 12 Howitzers 2S T 10 Luftwaffe planes 2FF T 10 Machine Guns 2M T 8 Salamander Riders 2F A 5 Mutant Cavalry Wolfmacht 2F A 3 Mutant Cavalry Max & Fritz 1M A 2 Mutants Demon Shock Troops 2M A 7 Demons Goblin Mob 2M A 4 Mutants Fascist Pig Mutants 2M A 6 Mutants Nazi Black Guard 2M A 7 Demons Reptilion Rex 1M A 8 Mutant Pit Roaches 2F A 10 Cavalry Robots 1M T 9 Robots BLACKWOLF ACTION DECK CARD LIST Card Name: # Notes Quick Victories 10 Move 1 Stack Operational Maneuvers 4 Move 2 Stacks Full Scale Invasion 2 Move 3 Stacks Robot Assassins 1 Opponent must discard 2 cards Dictatorship 1 Gain 3 Revenue points this turn Pistols & Rifles 1 Battle: Armies get Force +1 Propaganda 1 Recruit a Mutant Unit for Free Mutants Rule! 1 Battle: Mutant Armies get Force +1 Messenger 1 Search chit pile for unit and put it in play Technomancy 1 Recruit a Technology Unit for Free Black Arts 1 Battle: Technology Units get Force +1 Plunder Ancient Ruins 1 Recruit a Technology Unit for Free War Machine 1 Gain 3 Revenue points this turn Wild Rumors 1 Battle: Opposing Armies get Force -1 Betrayal 1 Discard opposing Leader & Draw a card Journey into Hell 1 Recruit a Demon Unit for Free Spies 1 Look at opponents hand Scortch Wildlife 1 Negate move of Target Stack in Scortch Radiation 1 Kill target Army unit in Scortch Hazard Space AVATAR UNIT LIST Unit Name #/Speed Type Force Notes Avatar 1F L 17 Wizard Necron 99 (Peace) 1F L 10 Robot Red Elves 4M A 6 Elves Yellow Elves 2M A 5 Elves Brown Elves 2M A 7 Elves Blue Elves 2M A 5 Elves Satyrs 2M A 5 Satyrs Dwarves 2M A 6 Dwarves Gnomes 2M A 4 Gnomes Mountain Faeries 2FF A 2 Faeries Meadow Faeries 1FF A 1 Faeries Sawmp Faeries 1FF A 2 Faeries Wood Faeries 2FF A 2 Faeries Knights of Stardust 2FF A 3 Faeries Heavy Infantry 2M A 6 Elves Ross Cavalry 2F A 5 Elves Centaurs 2F A 8 Centaurs Archers 2M A 7 Elves Royal Guard 2M A 8 Elves Genarian 1M L - PresidentofMontagar; Elf Armies get +1 Force Bayard 1F L 10 Prince of Montagar; Elf Armies get +1 Force WeeHawk 1F L 13 Elf Hero Hartmoon 1F L 9 Relative of WeeHawk Jephyr 1F L 6 Faun King; Satyr Armies get +2 Force Elinore 1F L 7 Half-breed; Mage Reenah 1F L 5 Gnome Mage Sayriah 1FF L 4 Archer; Faerie Armies get +2 Force Swift-As-Sound 1F L 11 Centaur Scout; Centaur Armies get +2 Force Wind Catcher 1F L 10 Cavalry & Centaur Armies get +1 Force AVATAR ACTION DECK CARD LIST Card Name: # Notes March 20 Move 1 Stack Grand March 8 Move 2 Stacks Union of the Tribes 4 Move 3 Stacks Fireballs 1 Battle: Spell; Force = 12 Gnome Tutors 1 Look at next 10 cards in your deck & put 1 in your hand Lightning Bolts 1 Battle: Spell; Force = 10 Giant Pink Rat 1 Battle: Spell; Force = 5 Magic Arts 1 Mage, Faerie, and Elf Units get Force +1 Illusions 1 Battle: Spell; Enemy armies are –1 Healing Arts 1 Battle: Take one less Casualty Wizards Wrath 1 Battle: Spell; Force = 15 Banish 1 Discard opposing Demon Lost 1 Negate Move by target Stack Cutting Sarcasm 1 Battle: Leader gets Force +3 Medieval Weapons 1 Battle: Armies get Force +1 Valiant Determination 1 Battle: Armies get Force +3 Fortifications 1 Battle: If Defending in Montagar, Armies get Force +2 Counterattack 1 Battle: If Defending, Armies get Force +2 Panic the Mutants 1 Battle: Mutants armies get Force –2 Mutants Desert 1 Discard target Mutant Army Oil Shortage 1 Negate Move by target stack containing Technology Units Ammo Shortage 1 Battle: Opposing armies get Force –2 Radiation Sickness 1 Mutant Units get Force –1 Break Mutant Ranks 1 Battle: Force +10 Elven Spies 1 Look at top 7 cards of opponent’s deck The Good Lands 1 Gain +5 revenue this turn Charm 1 Battle: Spell; Gain control of Target non-leader unit Bewilder 1 Battle: Spell; Opposing armies get Force –2 Scouts 1 Look at top 5 cards of opponents deck Breakdown 1 Battle: Discard opposing Technology Card Weather Dragon 1 Look at top 4 cards of opponents deck & discard 2 Rescue 1 Search Unit pile for a Leader and put it in play East Elfland 1 Recruit an Elf unit for Free Blue Elf Saboteurs 1 Opponent gets –3 Revenue this turn Use Captured Weapons 1 Battle: Armies get Force +2 They’ve Killed Fritz! 1 Discard opposing Mutant Army Fight the Good Fight 1 Recruit a unit for Free Felsing the Wise 1 Look at Opponents hand Scouts 2 Look at target Stack Note: Only Wizards, Mages, Elf armies & Faerie armies can cast spells. ================================================================================ WARP EMPIRES RULESET INTRODUCTION Generic ruleset for a series of empire building/conquest games. MAP The map depicts an irregular, interlocked set of territories. CONTROL MARKERS Use chits to represent control markers. UNITS Use chits to represent units. Units include Leaders & non-leader units. DECK Players share an action deck. In some games, each player will have their own action deck. The action deck cards allow you to move your units. SETUP Most Leader units will be in play. Others will be mixed into the unit chit pile. Each player will start with several non-leader units in play. Starting points of units will be determined by the scenario. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 7 phases: Draw Phase Move Phase Battle Phase Revenue Phase Recruit Phase Upkeep Phase Control Phase DRAW PHASE First discard any cards you don't want. Each player draws 5 action cards. Max hand size = 7. Discard excess cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. MOVE PHASE Use Action cards to move stacks or units in stacks. A Fast unit can move 1-3 spaces. A Medium speed unit can move 1-2 spaces. A Slow unit can move 1 space. Units can move into but not through opposing stacks. Fortifications cannot move (Move = 0). Your opponent can only look at the top unit of your stacks BATTLE PHASE When two opposing stacks occupy the same territory there will be a battle. Each unit has a force value. Add up the total Force values for each side. Players may play action cards to increase their force value. If one stack has a Leader and the other does not, the stack with the leader gets an additional 5 Force. The side with the highest force value wins. The losing stack must retreat one space. The losing stack loses half of its units. The winner picks the first unit lost, the loser picks the remainder. Fortification units in the losing stack are destroyed automatically. The winning stack loses units with a force equal to at least half the force total lost by the losing stack. The winner decides which units are lost. Destroyed units are returned to their chit pile. Captured leaders are set aside and not returned to the chit pile. After a battle both sides replenish their hands to 7 cards. REVENUE PHASE Gain revenue points for every revenue generating territory you control. RECRUIT PHASE Draw 5 random units from the unit chit pile. Purchase units. A units cost is equal to its Force value. If you purchased all the drawn units, draw another 1D6 random units. Revenue may be saved from turn to turn. Discard unpurchased units back to your unit chit pile. Units start in any revenue generating territory you control. UPKEEP PHASE Number of Units that automatically receive upkeep = 5 x total Revenue. Discard excess units. Example: You generate 10 revenue points per turn... You may have up to 50 units. CONTROL PHASE Place a control marker on every revenue generating territory occupied by one of your units. Only one control marker per space. UNIT DECK ABBREVIATIONS S = Slow M = Medium speed F = Fast F = Force F = Fortification # = Number of that unit in the chit pile.

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