Card Game for 2 players. 
Theme: The Satsuma Rebellion in Japan in 1877. 
The Modern Imperial Army destroyed the last of the Samurai. 
One player is the Samurai. 
The other player is the Imperial Army. 

The game ends when the Samurai player has accumulated 9 Casualty Markers. 
At that point, the last of the Samurai have been wiped out. 
Victory is a function of how many casualties the Samurai were able to inflict on the Imperials. 
Imperial Casualties:	Victory:
7 or less		Greater Imperial Victory
Exactly 8		Historically Equivalent
9 or more		Greater Samurai Moral Victory

The terms hand and turn are equivalent. 

Players start with no Casualty Markers. 
The loser of every hand gains 1 Casualty Marker. 

There are 2 decks: 
1. The Samurai Deck
2. The Imperial Deck
Each card has a Strength value. 
There are 8 suites:
1. Force
2. Reserves
3. Leader
4. Attack
5. Defense
6. Morale
7. Weapons
8. Escape 

Players pick who will be the Samurai and who will be the Imperials. 
Players shuffle their respective decks. 

Each turn has 3 Phases: 
1. Logistics Phase
2. Strategy Phase
3. Clash Phase

Each player draws 7 cards from their own deck. 
If a deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each player may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacement cards. 

One player is the Attacker and the other is the Defender. 
In the first turn of the game, the Samurai player is the Attacker. 
On all subsequent turns, the player who won the previous hand is the attacker. 
One exception to this is the Escape rule: If the Samurai player used an 
Escape card the previous hand and won the hand, he remains the defender. 

Players reveal their hands. 
Each card has a Strength Value. 
Each player adds up the Strength values of all his Useable cards. 
A player may only use 1 card from each suite. 
The Attacker may not use Defense cards or Escape cards. 
The Defender may not use Attack cards. 
The player with the highest total Strength is the winner. 
The loser gains 1 Casualty Token. 
If tied, both players gain 1 Casualty Token and both retain 
Their Attacker/Defender status for the next turn. 
All cards are discarded at the end of the phase. 

F = Force
R = Reserves
L = Leader
A = Attack
D = Defense
M = Morale
W = Weapons
E = Escape 

Card Name:			Notes:
Takamori Saigo			L10
Samurai	Warriors       		F7 	
Traditional Army       		W5 or M6
Tragic Hero			M5
Foxholes       			D2
Kyushu Samurai			R2
Shigakko Schools       		R2
Bushido				M8
Satsuma Armories       		W5
Student Agitators		M3
Iso Arsenal			W3
Honor				M9
Raiders				A5
Armed Uprising			R2
Bodyguard			T2
Volunteers			R2
Skirmishes			A3
Small Clashes			F4
Suicidal Ferocity		F6 or M7
Rebel Detachment       		F3 or A4
Block Passes			D5
Night Assault			A7
Out Fight & Outmaneuver		F9
Dug In				D3
Popular Support			M3 or R2
Kichijuro Ikebe			L3
Satsuma Army			F5
Isolated Sword Duels		F1
Discover Imperial Spies		M2
Sentinels			D1
New Positions			E5 or D6
Break Out			E6
Fight to the Death 		M7
Retreat				E3
Kagoshima Samurai		R2
Guerrilla Fighting		F3
Surround Imperials		A6
Vintage Matchlocks		W3
Mount Enodake			D5
Slip Through Fog       		E5
Divide Forces			F4
Heavy Rain			E4
Shinsuke Beppu			L4
The Last Samurai       		F2 or M7
Dispatch Guards			A2
Vanguard       			A5 or F4

Card Name:			Notes:
General Taketa Tani		L5
Imperial Guard			F6
Peasant Conscripts		R4
Meiji Emperor			M8
Westernized Army       		W6 or F5
Tokyo Police			F4
Crush the Rebels       		M4
Systematic Attacks		A8
Trap Rebels			A6
Kumamoto Castle        		D7
Determined Resistance		D5 or M4
Garrison       			D5 
Advance Guards			F5
Concentrated Fire		W8 or F7
Relief Force			F4
General Yamagata       		L8
Frontal Assault			A6
Cold Steel			W3 or F2
Small Arms Fire			W4 or F3
Dislodge Rebels			A6
Marine Landing			R4
Infantry Companies		F4
Modern Firearms			W8
Rebels Surrender       		A7
Infantry Brigade       		F6
Naval Bombardment		A4
Rear Attack			A9
Sniping				F1
Rebel Supply Problems		M5
Mountain Artillery		W6
Sortie				F4
Link Up				M6
Breakthrough			F7
Replace Losses			R5
Government Offensive		A5
Regroup				R3 or D2
Mop Up				A3 or M3
Rapid Forced Marches		A5 or F4
Encirclement			A6
Fierce Battle			F5
Heavy Casualties       		F6
Outnumber Rebels       		R4
Patrols				D3
Siege				A4
Krupp Field Guns		W6
Gatling Guns			W7


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