Card game for 2-4+ players. 

The first player to amass 5 Victory Tokens (VT) wins the game. 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck has 6 card types:
#	Type:		Notes: 
1. 	Shogun	 	Noble Leader/General
2. 	Terrain		Battlefield Conditions
3. 	Samurai 	High Class Warriors
4. 	Ashigaru	Peasant Soldiers
5. 	Strategy	Tactics, Plans, Formations
6. 	Special		Unusual Circumstances

Players share a common set of Victory Tokens (VT). 

A toy Katana is used to indicate who the current Shogun is. 

The oldest player gets the Shogun Sword. 
Shuffle the Deck. 

Each turn has 7 Phases:
1. Preparations Phase
2. Strategy Phase
3. Tactics Phase
4. Battle Phase
5. Victory Phase
6. Shogun Phase
7. End Phase

Each player fills their hand to 8 cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each player may discard up to 3 cards and draw replacements. 

Starting with the Shogun and going clockwise, each player may in turn play (discard) 1 card. 
The type of card discarded will determine what effect is produced:
Type:		Effect:
Shogun	 	Look at next 5 cards in deck and put 1 of them into your hand.
Terrain		Steal 1 random card from target player. 
Samurai 	Draw 3 cards and discard 2 from your hand.
Ashigaru	Draw 2 cards. 
Strategy	Draw 1 card and look at target player’s hand. 
Special		Target player must discard 1 random card. 

Players take turns playing 1 card each. 
Cards are played face up to the table in front of their owner. 
Some cards have Battle Actions as described in the card list. When played in this 
Phase, the Battle Action immediately takes effect. 
This continues until all players have played all cards they possibly can. 
A Player may have a max of 1 of each card type in play. 

Each player adds up the Force values of all his cards in play.
The highest  score wins and gains a Victory Token. 
All played cards are discarded. 

The winner of the turn gets the Shogun Sword. 

Players may discard up to 1 card from their hand if they have any cards in their hand. 

Z = Shogun 	
T = Terrain	
S = Samurai	
A = Ashigaru		
S = Strategy	
X = Special		
BA = Battle Action
F = Force
Destroy = Discard a card in play
TP = Target Player

Card:				#	Type	Force	Notes: 
Yari Spearmen			4	A	2	Spear
Yumi Archers			4	A	4	Archer
Matchlock Gunners		4	A	6	Guns
Clan Swordsmen  		2	S	3	Sword
Naginata			2	S	4	Spear
Bushi Archers			2	S	5	Archer
Horse Archers			3	S	7	Cavalry; Archer
Heavy Cavalry			3	S	8	Cavalry
Takeda				1	Z	7	BA: Your Guns get +3F
Masamune			1	Z	6	BA: TP must discard 1 Card
Tokugawa			1	Z	8	BA: Draw 2 cards
Honda				1	Z	10	BA: Look at hand of TP
Masashige			1	Z	9	BA: Draw 1 card 
Minamoto			1	Z	6	BA: Your Archers get +3F
Motonari			1	Z	6	BA: You may play an extra Terrain
Nobunaga			1	Z	7	BA: You may play an extra Samurai
Toyotomi			1	Z	7	BA: You may play an extra Strategy
Fukushima			1	Z	5	BA: Your Spears get +3F
Musashi 			1	Z	8	BA: Your Swords get +3F
Naomasa 			1	Z	5	BA: Your Cavalry get +3F
Explosives			1	X	3	BA: Destroy target Terrain
Sohei Warrior Monks		1	X	6	Spear
Ronin Mercenaries		1	X	5	Sword
Portuguese Soldiers		1	X	7	Guns
Ninja Assassin			1	X	2	BA: Destroy target Shogun
Cannons 			1	X	9	Guns
Retainer			1	X	5	BA: You may play an extra Shogun
Rebellion			1	X	3	BA: TP discards 2 cards
Seppuku 			1	X	1	BA: Destroy target Shogun
Betrayal			1	X	4	BA: TP discards 1 card 
Spies				1	X	3	BA: Look at hand of TP 
Fortress			1	T	10	Fort; BA: Your Archers get +3F
Castle				1	T	9	Fort; BA: Your Guns get +3F
River				1	T	8	BA: Steal random card from TP
Open Ground			1	T	2	BA: Destroy Target Spears
Stronghold			1	T	7	Fort; BA: You may play an extra Samurai
Treacherous Terrain		1	T	7	BA: TP must discard 1 Card
Difficult Terrain		1	T	6	BA: Destroy Target Spears
Mountain			1	T	6	BA: Destroy Target Cavalry
Forest				1	T	5	BA: Draw 1 Card
Thunderstorm			1	T	4	BA: Destroy Target Guns
Heavy Snow			1	T	6	BA: Destroy Target Ashigaru 
Roads				1	T	3	BA: You may play an extra Ashigaru 
Invasion Fleet			1	S	10	BA: Destroy Target Non-Fort Terrain
Allied Clan			1	S	4	BA: You may play an extra Samurai 
Reserves			1	S	3	BA: Draw 1 Card
Campaign			1	S	9	BA: You may play an extra Strategy
Siege				1	S	7	BA: Destroy Target Fort
Surprise Attack			1	S	8	BA: Destroy Target Ashigaru
Ambush  			1	S	8	BA: Destroy Target Guns
Cut Off Supplies		1	S	7	BA: TP must discard 1 card
Counterattack			1	S	6	BA: Your Spears get +3F
Surrounded			1	S	6	BA: Destroy Target Samurai
Superior Tactics		1	S	2	BA: Steal random card from TP 
Forced March			1	S	5	BA: You may play an extra Ashigaru 

Top 10 Samurai	

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