Card game for 2 players. 
Theme: War in Spain 1808 - 1814. 
One player is the French.
One player is the Allies: British, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

The game goes for 12 Turns (1 Turn = 6 months). 
The winner of each Turn gets 1 Victory Token (VT). 
The player who wins the most VT’s is the Winner. 
If any player wins 4 VT in a Row, he automatically wins the game. 
If players are tied for VT won, play an extra turn as a tie-breaker. 

Players share a common deck. 
Each card has 1 or more Types. 
Each card has a Force Value. 
Some cards can be used by both players. 
Some cards can on be used by only one specific player. 

Determine who is the French and who is the Allies. 
Shuffle the Deck. 

Each turn has 5 Phases: 
Logistics Phase
Deployments Phase
Maneuvers Phase
Campaign Phase
Recovery Phase

Each player draws 10 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

First, you may play (discard) any cards that can only be used by your opponent 
(reveal these as they are discarded) and draw replacement cards. 
Next, you may discard up to 2 cards (Any type or user) from your hand and 
draw replacement cards.  

Starting with the British, players take turns discarding cards (one at a time) for 
their special abilities. 
A player may play (discard) up to 3 cards this way this phase. 

Type:			Special Ability:
Victory			Get 1 extra Action in Maneuver Phase next turn if you win this hand 
Troops			Gun and Cavalry cards in your Meld get +3 Force
Spanish			Opponent discards 2 Random cards
Hardships		Opponent discards 2 Random cards
Support			Draw 2 cards
Terrain			Look at Opponents Hand; Draw 1 card
Leader			Discard X cards and draw X +1 cards (X max= 5)
Event			Opponent discards 1 random card; You draw 1 card
Atrocities		Opponent gets 1 less Action in Maneuver Phase next turn
Courtesy       		You draw 3 cards; Opponent draws 1 card
Campaign       		Look at Next 5 cards in deck and keep 1
Battle			Steal 1 Random card from opponents hand
Fortifications		Draw 1 card; Gun and Troop cards in your Meld get +2 Force
Guns			Troop and Cavalry cards in your Meld get +3 Force
Weakness       		Opponent must discard 5 random cards and draw replacements
Morale			All cards you play in Meld get +1 Force
Demoralization		All cards opponent plays in Meld get -1 Force
Intelligence		Look at Opponents Hand; Opponent discards 1 Random card
Cavalry			Gun and Troop cards in your Meld get +3 Force
Weather			In Campaign Phase discard 1 target Troop, Battle, or Campaign card
Portuguese		Opponent discards 1 random card; You draw 1 card

Players play Melds. 
Players keep their hand only their opponent may use. 
A Meld may not contain more than 1 card of a specific type.  If multiples are 
present the player must leave those of his choice in his hand. 
(Example: a player has 3 Gun cards; He must leave 2 in his hand)
Many cards can be used for 2 or more Types; In this case the player chooses 
which of the Types he wants the card to be. 
Special: Only the British player can use Spanish and Portuguese Type cards. 
Special: The French player may play up to 2 Troop cards. 
Each card has a Force Value. 
Players count up the Total Force Value of their hand. 
The player with the highest TFV is the winner. 
If tied, the player with the most Leaders wins, If still tied, the 
player with the most Victory cards wins.  
The winner gets 1 Victory Token. 
Discard all Meld cards. 

Players must discard down to 2 cards. 

B = Can be used by British player only 
F = Can be used by French player only
X = Can be used by both players
(B) = Meld only for British, Special Ability by Both
(F) = Meld only for French; Special Ability by Both

Name:				Use	Force	Types:
Spanish Ulcer			B	5	Spanish, Campaign
British Sea Power		B	4	Supply
French Land Power		X	5	Troops
Win Battles			F	5	Victory, Battle
Rugged Mountains       		X	5	Terrain
Guerilla Warfare       		B	4	Spanish, Portuguese, Weakness
Manpower       			F	4	Troops
Invasion       			X	5	Campaign
Partisans			B	3	Spanish, Portuguese, Troops
Aristocratic Officers		X	1	Leader
El Empecinado			B	3	Spanish, Leader
Merino the Priest		B	2	Spanish, Leader
Plunder				X	2	Atrocity
Pillage				X	2	Atrocity
Drunken Men			X	1	Atrocity, Weakness
The French were Worse		B	2	Atrocity
Ragged & Barbaric		B	2	Spanish
Killings       			X	1	Atrocity
Torture				X	1	Atrocity
Rebels				B	2	Spanish, Troops
Andoche Junot			F	4	Leader
Reprisals			X	3	Atrocity
Ceasefire			X	2	Courtesy
Brilliant Wellington		B	5	Leader, Campaign
Methodical Wellington		B	4	Leader, Battle
Spies				X	2	Intelligence
Agents				X	2	Intelligence
Scouts				X	2	Intelligence, Troops
Sentries       			X	1	Intelligence, Troops
Campaigning Season		X	3	Campaign, Weather
Correct Conduct			X	2	Courtesy
British Scum			(B)	3	Troops by Brits; Atrocity by French
Veterans       			X	5	Troops
Endless Plains			X	2	Terrain
Icy Passes			X	4	Terrain, Weather
Burning Wastes			X	3	Terrain, Weather
Rape				X	1	Atrocity
Tough Campaign			X	3	Campaign, Hardship
Glory				X	3	Morale, Victory
Disappointment			X	2	Demoralization
Excesses       			X	1	Atrocities
British Money			B	3	Supply, Spanish
British Weapons			B	2	Supply, Spanish
Will of Napoleon       		F	4	Supply, Morale
Exhaustion			X	2	Hardship
Drudgery       			X	1	Hardship, Demoralization
Political Mistakes		X	1	Weakness
Landings       			B	2	Supply
Infantry Battalions		X	3	Troops
Foot Soldiers			X	2	Troops
Dragoons       			X	3	Cavalry, Troops
Scorpions & Dysentery		X	2	Hardships
Redcoats       			B	5	Troops
Heavy Cavalry			X	5	Cavalry
Regiments			X	3	Troops
Joseph Bonaparte       		F	1	Supply
Napoleon       			F	5	Leader, Event
Hills				X	3	Terrain, Spanish
Reinforcements			X	3	Supply, Troops
Allied Units			B	2	Spanish, Portuguese, Troops
Sharpshooters			X	2	Troops, Hardship
Skirmishers			X	2	Troops, Battle
Dispositions			X	4	Troops, Battle, Campaign
Artillery Barrage		X	3	Guns
Forced Marches			X	3	Campaign, Troops
Flies, Sand, & Sun		X	2	Hardship, Weather
Engagement			X	2	Battle
La Borde			F	2	Leader
Flanking Movement		X	4	Battle
Casualties			X	3	Hardship, Battle, Campaign
Country without Fuel		X	1	Hardship, Weather
Bad Roads			X	2	Terrain
Compliments			X	1	Courtesy
Continental System		F	1	Weakness
Royal Navy			B	2	Weakness, Supply
Blockade       			B	1	Weakness
Smuggling			B	1	Supply
Riots				B	2	Weakness, Spanish
Garrisons			X	2	Troops, Fortifications
Insurrection			B	4	Spanish, Campaign
Brutal Repression		(F)	3	Atrocity by Brits; Campaign by French
Expedition			B	3	Troops, Campaign
Tenuous Communications		X	2	Weakness, Spanish
Countryside			X	2	Terrain
Disperse Fighting		B	2	Spanish, Campaign, Weakness
Concentrate Forces		F	5	Troops, Campaign, Battle
Decisive Victory       		X	5	Victory
Severe Defeat			X	4	Victory
Pursuit				X	3	Victory, Battle, Campaign
Struggle       			X	3	Hardship, Spanish
Sir Arthur Wellesley		B	5	Leader
Armed Peasants			B	1	Troops, Spanish
Massacre       			X	4	Atrocity, Battle, Victory
Surrender			X	3	Battle, Victory
Surrounded			X	5	Battle
Impossible Position		X	4	Terrain, Battle
General Castanos       		(B)	2	Leader by British; Weakness by French
Repulse				X	4	Battle
Assault				X	3	Battle
Gorge				X	5	Terrain
River				X	4	Terrain
Ridges				X	3	Terrain, Fortifications
Cavalry Brigades       		X	3	Cavalry
Cloud of Dust			X	2	Terrain, Battle, Troops
Tirailleurs			F	2	Troops, Battle
Position in Cover		X	2	Terrain, Battle
Rolling Musket Fire		X	3	Troops
Bayonets       			X	4	Troops
Shrapnel       			B	4	Guns
Enfilade Fire			X	5	Guns, Troops, Battle
Grenadiers			F	5	Troops
Headlong Retreat       		X	4	Victory, Hardship
Slaughter			X	4	Victory, Atrocity
Counter Attack			X	4	Battle
White Flag			X	3	Victory, Courtesy
Truce				X	2	Courtesy, Event
Intrigue       			F	2	Weakness
Hazardous Mission		X	3	Campaign, Hardship
Corps				X	5	Troops
Overcomplicated Plan		X	2	Weakness, Campaign
Offensive			X	4	Campaign
Old Guard			F	5	Troops
Soult				F	4	Leader
Vital Junction			X	4	Terrain, Battle, Campaign
Slow Going			X	2	Weakness, Terrain, Weather
Small Army			F	2	Weakness
Sir John Moore			B	5	Leader
Junta				X	1	Supply by Brits; Weakness by French
Resistance			B	3	Spanish, Portuguese
Occupation			(F)	3	Troops by French; Atrocity by Brits
Surprise       			X	4	Intelligence, Battle, Campaign
Intelligence Reports		X	2	Intelligence
Caught Off Balance		X	5	Campaign
Risky Plan			X	4	Campaign, Battle
Headquarters			X	3	Intelligence, Battle
Harsh Winter			X	3	Weather, Hardship
Units Disintegrate		X	3	Battle, Demoralized, Victory
Riflemen       			B	3	Troops, Battle
Shoeless       			X	2	Hardship
Cautious Probing       		X	2	Intelligence, Battle
Main Force			X	4	Troops
Battery Fire			X	3	Guns
Rally				X	4	Morale
Feint				X	2	Battle
No Magazines			X	1	Weakness
No Provisions			X	1	Weakness
Naval Transports       		B	1	Supply, Troops
Blown Bridge			X	2	Battle, Terrain
Diversion			X	3	Campaign
Prospect of Fighting		X	3	Morale
Redemption			X	4	Battle, Morale, Troops
Fierce Fighting			X	3	Battle
French Attack Columns		X	4	Battle, Troops
Picquets       			X	2	Battle, Intelligence
Commander Mortally Wounded	X	5	Event
Thin Lines of Men		X	3	Troops
Bombardment			X	4	Guns
Maneuver       			X	2	Battle
Bugles Blaring			X	1	Battle, Morale
Intense Political Pressure	F	2	Weakness
Night March			X	3	Battle
Capture Dispatch       		X	5	Intelligence
Decipher Codes			B	5	Intelligence
Superior Forces			F	5	Troops
Opportunity Lost       		X	3	Weakness
Cut Communications		X	5	Hardship, Campaign
Difficult Retreat		X	4	Victory, Hardship
River Crossing			X	5	Battle, Campaign
Sleet & Snow			X	4	Weather
Cavalry Screen			X	3	Cavalry
Advance Detachments		X	2	Troops, Battle
Strict Discipline		X	1	Weakness, Morale
Flooding       			X	4	Weather, Terrain
Press Forward			X	3	Battle
Hussars				X	3	Cavalry
Stragglers			X	2	Hardship, Victory
Bring Up the Guns		X	4	Guns
Rearguard Action       		X	3	Battle
Flee in Panic			X	5	Victory, Demoralized
Confusion			X	3	Battle
Thick Fog			X	3	Battle, Weather
Rout				X	5	Victory
Grapeshot			X	4	Guns, Battle
British Evacuation		X	2	Event
Recovery       			X	2	Supply
Reorganization			X	3	Supply
Light Division			X	3	Troops
Major Fort			X	5	Fortification
Siege				X	4	Battle, Campaign
Repeated Attacks       		X	3	Battle
Marshal Victor			F	3	Leader
Scattered			X	3	Victory, Spanish
Sweep the Field			X	4	Victory, Battle
City Sacked			X	4	Victory, Atrocity
Converging Forces		X	4	Campaign, Battle
Defense of Portugal		B	4	Fortifications
Badajoz				X	5	Fortifications
Firm Orders			X	3	Leader
Gregorio Cuesta			B	3	Leader
Split Forces			X	3	Campaign
Speed & Sureness       		X	5	Campaign
Portuguese Recruits		B	2	Troops, Portuguese
Outposts       			X	2	Fortifications
Pull Back			X	1	Campaign, Battle
Trap				X	5	Battle, Spanish, Campaign
Brave Volunteers       		X	3	Battle, Troops
Musket Volleys			X	4	Battle, Troops
Street Fighting			X	5	Battle
Hand-to -Hand			X	4	Battle
Howitzers			X	3	Guns, Battle
Captured Guns			X	3	Guns, Supply
Near Disaster			X	5	Victory
Quagmires			X	4	Terrain
Burn Villages			X	2	Atrocities
Initiative			X	4	Leader, Battle, Campaign
Liberation			B	4	Victory, Spanish
Militia				B	2	Troops, Spanish, Portuguese
Baggage				X	2	Supply
Abandon Equipment		X	3	Victory, Supply
Strong Reconnaissance		X	3	Intelligence, Battle
Restlessness			X	2	Hardship, Morale
Lack of Finance			F	3	Weakness
Joint Operation			B	3	Spanish, Portuguese, Campaign
Horse Artillery			X	3	Cavalry, Guns
Lure				X	4	Campaign
Spanish Deserters		F	2	Weakness
Redoubt				X	3	Battle, Fortifications
Disordered Formation		X	3	Battle, Demoralization
Packed Ranks			B	3	Weakness, Battle
Two Deep Line			B	3	Troops, Battle
Murderous Volley Fire		X	5	Troops, Battle
Starvation			X	4	Hardship
Irregular Marauders		B	3	Spanish, Portuguese
Harassment			B	3	Hardship, Weakness, Spanish
Maintain Contact       		X	2	Campaign
Night Attack			X	4	Battle
Marshal Massena			F	5	Leader
Determination			X	4	Leader
Magazine Explodes		X	5	Event
Know Enemy Route		X	5	Intelligence, Campaign
Ambush				X	5	Battle, Spanish, Portuguese
Confident Wellington		B	4	Leader
Dissension			F	2	Weakness, Demoralization
Scorched Earth			B	3	Hardship, Campaign
Flank Fire			X	4	Troops, Guns, Battle
Crack Troops			X	5	Troops
Ordenanza			B	2	Troops, Portuguese
Couriers       			X	2	Intelligence
Disease				X	3	Hardship
Forage				X	2	Supply
Hill Forts			X	3	Fortifications
Spanish Treachery		F	3	Weakness, Campaign
Cunning & Skill			X	3	Leader
Siege Investment       		X	4	Battle, Campaign
Crauford       			B	4	Leader
Fighting Withdrawal		X	4	Battle
Scottish Highlanders		B	4	Troops
Irish Rangers			B	4	Troops
Villages       			X	2	Terrain, Supply
Polish Lancers			F	5	Troops
Swiss Mercenaries		F	4	Troops
Cavalry Charge			X	5	Battle, Cavalry
Bayonet Charge			X	4	Battle, Troops
Die Hard!			X	5	Battle, Morale
Waver & Break			X	4	Battle, Demoralized
Hesitate       			X	3	Weakness, Event
Avoid Battle			X	3	Campaign
Save the Army			X	4	Campaign, Supply
Cantonments			X	2	Supply
Siege Lifted			X	3	Campaign, Supply
Imperial Army			F	5	Troops
Countermarch			X	4	Campaign
General Picton			B	3	Leader
Threaten Advance       		X	3	Campaign
Suberb Tactics			X	5	Battle
Afrancasados			F	2	Supply
Second Siege			X	4	Campaign, Battle
War of Independence		B	4	Morale, Spanish
Spanish Regular Army		B	2	Troops
Bleed the French       		B	3	Spanish
Stalemate			X	1	Campaign
Fresh Troops			X	3	Troops, Supply
Spanish Constitution		B	3	Event, Spanish
Portuguese Military Reforms	B	3	Troops, Supply, Portuguese
August Marmont			F	3	Leader
Campaign in Russia		B	3	Weakness, Event


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