Rules for miniatures battles in a fantasy setting

Cavalry, flying, and fast units (7"+) move first
        Movement is in inches
	The base move rate of cavalry is 10"
	Roll high to see which player goes first
	Units in base to base contact with enemy units cannot move unless they retreat
	A unit may retreat on a roll of 1-4 on D12
	Retreating units cannot attack
Infantry and slow units (6" or less) move next
	The base move rate of infantry is 4"
	Roll high to see which player goes first
Ranged Attacks
	This includes archers, thrown weapons, catapults, many spells, etc
	Roll high to see which player goes first
Polearm Attacks
	This includes pikes, halberds, spears and lances
	Infantry that did not move may set their spears to receive a charge
	The units must have their bases touching
	Pikes attack first, all other attacks are simultaneous
	Flyers must declare if they are engaging in HTH (otherwise they cannot be attacked by nonflyers)
Hand to Hand Attacks (HTH)
	The units must have their bases touching
	Attacks with normal HTH weapons resolved first and are simultaneous
        Unarmed attacks and attacks with 'short' HTH weapons resolved next and are simultaneous
Morale Check
	Determine if unit needs to check morale
Rally Check
	Leaders may attempt to rally routing units

To determine the result of an attack roll D12 and consult the following table
Each figure can make one attack per turn against another figure in range

Roll 1D12	Result	Notes
1-6		Miss	A natural roll of 1 always misses
7-12		Hit	A natural roll of 12 always hits. Roll on Damage Table

All modifications are cumulative
Die Roll	Modification	
+1		The attacker is Infantry		
-1		The attack is Ranged 
-1		Attack is at Long Range
-1              Attacker is unarmed (Bare hands)
-3              Attacker is prone (Knocked down)
+1		Second HTH attack vs target this turn
+1		Each additional HTH attack made vs target this turn
+1		Attacker is veteran, elite, heroic, or highly trained
+1		Cavalry HTH vs archer targets
-1		Defenders have heavy armor (Move -1)
-1		Defender has shield
-2              Defender has large shield
-1              Attacking in HTH vs defender with any type of sword (swords are good parrying weapons)
-2              Attacking in HTH vs defender wielding staff two handed
-1              Attacker has large shield (Move -1)
+X		magical weapon bonuses
+1              Attacker using Blunderbuss (Shot spreads)
-1		Attacker is an archer that moved this turn
-1		Attacker is mounted archer
+1		Attacker is infantry with pike set to receive a charge
-1 		Charging infantry with pikes set to receive a charge
+1		Attacking unit from side in HTH
+2		Attacking unit from rear in HTH
+1		Surprise attack
+1		Charge (Moving into HTH from at least 2" away; cannot be the result of a retreat)
-1		Attacker is wounded/per wound 
-1 		Attacker is making additional attacks/per attack (If unit is capable of such)
+1		Attacker berserk (Battle Frenzy) HTH
+1		Berserk Defender
+1		HTH Attacks vs siege unit crews and noncombatants
-1		Defenders have Dodge ability
-1		Defenders have cause Fear ability
+1		Attacking a unit that tried to retreat but failed
-1		Attack by figure that tried to retreat this turn
+1		Bonus vs units of a certain type. For example: +2 vs Giants
-1		Large unit attacks vs Small figures
+1		Attacking Large units
+1		Attacker riding on Savage Mount in HTH
-1		Defender has Tough hide
-1		Ranged attack vs unit partially under cover (behind wall, tree, window)
-1		Attacker fatigued
-1		Attacker on unstable ground
+1		Defender in HTH on unstable ground
+3 		Defender immobilized. Immobilized units cannot move or attack
+1		Attacking with net. Net does no damage but target immobilized for 1D3 turns
+1		Attacker or defender using Flail or Ball & Chain in HTH
+1		Attacker using pick or morning star against unit in heavy armor
+1              Attacker using a 1H weapon with 2 hands in HTH
-1              Attacker using any type of axe
+1              Attacker is a Spellcaster casting an attack spell with a Magestaff

Ranges are in inches
Double the listed range is long range 
Range		Attack Type
2		Thrown dagger, Knife, Axe, Ball & Chain
3		Spear, Sling, Matchlock Pistol, Crossbow Pistol
4		Javelin, Blunderbuss
5		Short bow
7		Crossbow 
8               Arquebus
10		Long bow
15+		Catapult, Ballista, Cannon

Roll on this table if a unit has been hit 
Roll 1D12	Result
1 or less       Stunned (No damage but unit's next attack roll is at -1)        
2-3		Wounded (Move & Attack & Damage rolls -1 per wound)
4		Wounded & Disarmed (Unarmed units Attack roll & Damage roll -2)
5		Wounded & Knocked Down (Move = 0 & Attack roll -3)
6		Wounded & Disarmed & Knocked Down
7-8		Mortally Wounded (Unit immobilized & will die in 1D6 if not healed or regenerated)
9-12+		Killed (Unit loses 1 Hit)

Roll	Modifier	
-3      Attacker is unarmed (Bare hands)
-1	Dagger, Club, Staff
-1	Arrows, sling stones, pistol, blunderbuss, crossbow pistol
-1	Whip (Attack in Pole arm phase, +1 to Rally Roll)
+0	Swords, spears 
+0	Mace, Hammers: Hits caused by these weapons are always also knock down
+0	Crossbow bolts, Arquebus(Guns & crossbows require a turn to reload)
+2	Ballista bolts, catapult shot 
+1	Pike, Halberd, 1-H axe, 2-H sword, 2-H Warhammer
+2      Battle axe
-1	Defending unit has heavy armor
+1	Defending unit has no armor
-1	Defending unit has tough hide
-1	Attacking unit is weak
+1	Attacker is berserk
+1	Attack is poisonous
+1      Defender is wounded/per wound
+1	Attacker is strong

Speeds are in inches
A unit may double its move but it will be fatigued next turn
A fatigued unit moves at half speed rounded down
Speed		Unit Type
2		Supply Wagons, Siege engines being towed, Walking wounded
3		Infantry with heavy armor, Slow units, Pikes, Large shield, Refugees, Encumbered
4		Typical infantry
5		Infantry with no armor, Fast units
6		War Elephant
7		Chariot
8		Horse & Rider with heavy armor & barding
10		Horse & Rider
12		Horse & Rider with no armor or barding

Nonflying units will in general move around obstacles like boulders and trees
Units on rough or unstable terrain will move at half speed rounding down
Rough terrain: Mud, rocks, loose sand, bushes, tall grass, rope bridge, up slopes
Noncavalry units can climb at a rate of 1" turn
Only units described as "scalers" can climb flat walls without ropes and ladders

Units must check morale under the following circumstances:
If the unit has been attacked this turn
If a friendly unit within 10" has been killed, immobilized, or is routing
If a far superior enemy unit is within 10"
If heavily outnumbered 
A Fear unit ability may require a morale check

Roll 1D12	Result
1-4		Unit routs next turn
5-12		Unit continues to fight 
A routing unit will attempt to move off the table at full speed avoiding enemy units

All modifications are cumulative
Die Roll	Modification	
+2		Unit making check is veteran, elite, heroic, or a monster
-2		Unit making check is a noncombatant, untrained, green, or cowardly
-1		Facing a unit with more than one hit 
+4		Unit making check is undead
-1 		Unit making check is heavily outnumbered
+1              Friendly Musician within 10"
+1              Friendly Leader within 10"
+2              Friendly Commander within 10"
+1              Friendly Standard within 10"
+2              Unit making check is berserk

A leader unit may try to rally routing units within 8" 
A rally attempt is successful on a roll of 1-6 on D12
Roll once for all units in range

Die Roll	Modification
+1              Commander
+1		Unit being rallied is veteran, elite, heroic

Make a card for each spell. At the beginning of the battle each spellcaster draws a number of cards equal to the
number of  spells they know. Each caster may discard and draw one new spell. 
Spell		Notes
Blood Rage	2D6 Friendly units within 10" go berserk for 3 turns
Stone Wall	10" long, 3" high, " thick, Permanent, Range = 10"
Fire Wall	10" long, 3" high, fear ability, Units that cross it are attacked immediately (Attack roll +1) , Range = 10"
Stone to Mud	Destroys Earth obstacles (10" length of wall) Range = 10"
Slow	  	Units in a 5" radius cannot move for 3 turns, Range = 10", Units may save vs magic
Enlarge	        Unit becomes large (Move +4", Hits +1, & Attack roll +2) for 4 turns, Range = 5"
Polymorph	Unit becomes helpless for 1D6 turns, Range = 10", Unit may save vs magic
Dispell		Negates a spell that lasts X turns, Range = 20"
Teleport	Move self or unit within 10" anywhere on table
Weakness	Units in a 5" radius become very weak (Attack rolls -2) for 3 turns, Range = 10", Units may save vs magic
Animate Dead	Target Dead unit becomes undead & gains fear ability, Range = 5"
Alter Terrain	Change the terrain in a 5" Radius permanently, (Add or remove obstacles), Range = 10"
Petrify		Target becomes a terrain obstacle (statue) permanently, Range = 5", Units may save vs magic
Charm		Take control of target unit, Range = 5", The unit may save each turn
Turn Undead	All undead in 10" radius of caster must check morale at -8 
Fireball	Range = 10" affects all units in 2" radius. Attack roll +2, Damage roll +1
Fear		Cast in Morale check phase. All enemy Units within 10" must check morale at -1 
Lightning Bolt	Range = 15" Damage roll +3
Cone of Cold	Range = 8" affects all units in 30 degree cone. Attack roll +2, Units immobilized on a roll of 1-2 on D6 for 1 turn
Poison Gas	Range = 6" affects all units in 4" radius. Attack roll +2, Damage roll -1
Touch of Death	HTH attack. Damage roll +5
Heal	        Cast in Rally phase. Remove all wounds on one figure. Range = 5" 
Great Heal      Cast in Rally phase. Remove one wound from all friendly units in 5"
Ressurrect      Cast in Rally phase. Restore one dead unit to 1 Hit. Range = 5" 
Haste		Range = 5" Cast in Move phase. Target gets double movement for 4 turns
Fly		Range = 5" Cast in Move phase. Target flying & move = 20" for 3 turns
Shield		Range = 5" Cast in Move phase. Target is -3 to be killed for 3 turns
Courage		Friendly units in 8" get attack roll +1 & morale check +1 for 2 turns
Paralyze        Range = 10" Unit immobilized(cannot move or attack) for 1-3 turns, Units may save vs magic

If a spell allows its target a saving throw, roll 1D12 
Roll		Result
1-10 		The spell takes effect 
11-12 		The spell is resisted and there is no effect on that target unit. 

Roll	Modifier	
+1	Defending Unit is veteran, heroic, or elite
+1	Defending Unit is large, giant, monster, or dragon
+X	Defending Unit has magic resistance +X
+2	Defending Unit is a spellcaster
+1	Defending Unit has shield
-1      Caster has a magestaff

Unit costs are in gold
The Base cost of a figure is 5 gold (1 Hit, 1 Attack)
Cost		Ability or Equipment
-1		Weak
-1		Cowardly
-1		No armor(Move +1)
+1		Shield or Large Shield
+2 		Tough hide
+2		Heavy armor
+2              Strong
+2		Ranged attack up to 7" (not including Thrown weapons) 
+0              Short 1H weapon: Dagger, short sword (get one free if unit has no other HTH weapons, otherwise cost +1)
+1		1H or 2H HTH weapons: Sword, battle axe, staff
+2		1H Polearms: spear, halberd, lance
+2              2H only Polearms: pike (Move -1)
+3		Ranged attack 7" or over
+3		Additional attack
+1		Berserker
+2		Veteran, elite, hero
+2		Spellcaster
+1		Spell known
+2              Magestaff (cost +1 if in the form of a weapon)
+2		Leader
+3              Commander
+1		Undead
+2		Cause Fear: Enemy units within 4" must check morale
+2		Regenerate: Unit removes one wound per turn in Rally phase 
+2		Cavalry: Move 7"+
+4 		Flying: Unit can avoid HTH
+3		Extra Hit
+1		Net. No damage but target immobilized for 1D3 turns
+2		Special Bonuses: Per +1 to damage roll. Examples: Giant, Claws
+2		Special Bonuses: Per +1 to attack roll. Examples: Area effects, skill
+4		Siege artillery. These fire once every other turn
+1		Scaler (can climb flat walls without ropes and ladders)
+1              Magic Resistance +1

Cost	Type: Notes

14	Dwarf Clanlord: Infantry, Heavy Armor, Veteran, Shield, Sword, Commander
11	Dwarf: Infantry, shield, heavy armor, hammer or axe, veteran
13	Dwarf Hero: Infantry, heavy armor, warhammer (2-H), Berserker, Leader, Hero 
14      Dwarf Rune Master: Spellcaster, 4 Spells, hammer (magestaff)
8	Dwarf Gunner: Arquebus, Short Sword
8       Dwarf Shieldbearer: Heavy armor, Large shield, Short sword
7	Gnome: Archers, blunderbuss, sword or axe, weak

14	Elf Battlemage: Sword, Spellcaster, 4 Spells known, Leader
19	Elf Lord: Sword, Spellcaster, 8 Spells known, Commander
11	Elf: Archer, longbow, sword, veteran
18	Elf maiden on Unicorn: Savage mount, Magic sword +1, Spellcaster, 4 Spells, Second attack (Unicorn horn) Leader
12	Elf Blade master: Infantry, Sword, Veteran, Dodge, No armor, Second attack (Sword or Dagger)

11	Goblin General: Infantry, Sword, Veteran, Commander
10	Goblin Sergeant: Infantry, Sword, Veteran, Leader
6	Goblin: Infantry, shield, spear, cowardly, weak
5	Goblin Scout: Infantry, sword & dagger, scaler, no armor, weak
9	Goblin Wolf Rider: Cavalry, savage mount, sword or axe
7	Goblin Archer: Archer, shortbow, cowardly, weak, poisoned arrows
11	Goblin Witchdoctor: Spellcaster, 4 Spells, leader, weak, No armor
8	Goblin Fanatic: Berserk, Weak, Ball & Chain (2-H), Dagger
6	Goblin Powder Keg: No armor, Bomb strapped to back (1" Radius, Attack roll +2)
13	Troll: Large, Strong, Claws (Damage roll +1), tough hide, regenerate

11	Orc Taskmaster: Infantry, Whip, Sword, Veteran, Leader
14	Orc Warboss: Infantry, Heavy Armor, Veteran, Shield, Sword, Commander
9	Orc: Infantry, shield, heavy armor, sword or axe
9	Orc Bolter: Crossbow, axe
12	Orc Shocktroop: Cavalry (Warpigs), savage mount, shield, heavy armor, sword or axe
13	Orc Shaman: Spellcaster, 3 Spells, leader, Sword
8	Savage Orc: Infantry, No Armor, Berserk, War club or Stone axe, Shield
11      Black Orc: Strong, Sword or Morning star, Shield, Heavy armor
18	Ogre: Large, Giant (Damage roll +2), hits = 2, tough hide, Maul (Damage roll +2)

15	Knight Captain: Cavalry, Heavy Armor, Veteran, Shield, Sword, Leader
16	Kings Champion: Cavalry, Heavy Armor, Veteran, Shield, Sword, Commander
14	Knight: Cavalry, shield, heavy armor, lance, veteran
7	Pikeman: Infantry, Pike, short sword
9       Halberdier: Infantry, Heavy armor, Halberd
7       Swordsman: Infantry, shield, sword
8	Yeoman: Archer, Longbow, dagger
15	Wizard: Spellcaster, 7 spells, No armor, weak, Magestaff
17	Cleric: Spellcaster, 4 spells, heavy armor, shield, mace, leader
6       Flagellants: Flail, No armor, Berserk

11	Barbarian Chieftan: Infantry, Two-handed Sword, Veteran, Commander
11	Barbarian Chieftans Bodyguards: Infantry, Two-handed Sword, Veteran, Berserk, Leader
14	Barbarian Warpriest: Warclub (Magestaff), Spellcaster, 4 spells known
6	Barbarian: Infantry, Berserkers, Battle axe
7	Barbarian Raider: Infantry, shield, sword or axe
6	Barbarian Naked Warriors: Infantry, No Armor, Javelins, Dagger

9	Nomad Lancer: Cavalry, Lance, Shield, No armor
6	Nomad Dervish: Infantry, Sword, No armor, Berserker
5	Nomad Unich Guard: Infantry, No armor, Two-handed sword
13	Nomad Raj: Cavalry, Leader, Sword, Shield, Veteran
14	Nomad Rajesh: Cavalry, Commander, Sword, Shield, Veteran
14	Nomad Sorcerer: Spellcaster, 5 Spells, No armor, Magestaff
11	Nomad Horse Archer: Cavalry, archer, longbow, sword
8	Nomad Hussar: Cavalry, Sword, No armor, Shield

11	Skeleton: Undead, Infantry, shields, spears, cause fear
10	Skeletal Archer: Undead, archers, shortbows, cause fear
11	Zombie: Undead, Infantry, claws, regenerate, cause fear
15      Skeletal Champion on Undead Horse: Cavalry, Shield, sword, cause fear, savage mount, leader
19	Necromancer: Spellcaster: 5 spells, cause fear, no armor, Commander, Dagger (Magestaff)

13	Shogun: Heavy armor, Sword, veteran, Commander
12	Diayamo: Heavy armor, Sword, veteran, Leader
12	Shugenja: Spellcaster, 6 Spells, No armor
13	Samurai Mounted Bowman: Cavalry, Archer, Longbow, veteran, sword
10	Samurai Sword:  Infantry, Sword, Berserk, Elite
9	Heavy Infantry: Heavy armor, Shields, Maces
7	Bushi Spearman: Infantry, Spear
9	Ashigaru Gunner: Arquebus, Short sword
5	Monk: No armor, Staff

12	Catapult: Siege artillery, affects all units in a one inch radius, range = 5-20", requires 3 crew
12	Ballista: Siege artillery, affects all units out to 15", requires 2 crew
5	Siege Crewmember: No armor, short swords
5	Porter: Carry supplies such as ammo, ladders and ropes 
5	Sapper: Pick & shovel
5	Musician: Instrument (Drum or horn),  no armor, short sword, weak
6	Standard bearer: Standard, sword, weak
5	Kobold: Infantry, shield, dagger, net, cowardly, weak
6       Ratling: Infantry, shield, sword, weak
7	Halfling: Archers, sling, short sword, weak
8       Dark Elf: Sword, Crossbow Pistol
8       Sea Elf: Trident, Net
13	Chaos Warrior: Infantry, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sword or Axe, Fear, Chaos Mutation (Attack roll +1)
11	Beastman: Infantry, Tough Hide, Shield, Sword or Axe, Berserk
16      Minotaur: Large, Very Strong (Damage roll +2), Berserk, Battle Axe, Tough Hide, Hits =2
36	Dragon: Fire breath (Range = 4" affects all units in 30 degree cone. Attack roll +2. 
          Useable 3x per day) or bite +2 Damage, Second attack: Claws +1 Damage,
          Third attack: Tail sweep(Rear 90 degrees only), Hits = 4, 
          Flying (Move = 16), Tough Hide x 3, Large

Cost    Component
12      Elwylin the Elf Lord: Hero, Commander, Heavy Armor
9       Rune Sword: 1-H, Damage roll +2, Attack roll +1, HTH attack rolls vs this unit at -1
                    Attack roll +2 vs Demons, Cast 1 Fireball per battle
8       Spellbane: Shield, Magic resistance +3, attack rolls vs this unit at -1
20      Griffon Mount: Beak attack, Claws (second attack), Flying, Move = 18", Monster, Savage (Attack rolls +1)
The total cost for Elf Lord on Griffon is 49 gold

The winners battlefield casualties include:
25% Dead/Missing, 35% Routed, 40% Wounded
The losers battlefield casualties include:
40% Dead/Missing, 15% Captured, 15% Wounded & Captured, 15% Routed, 15% Wounded 
Routed & Wounded units return to their armies after the battle

500 Gold to a side
Each side has one Commander 
No dragons in the basic scenario
The first side to lose all its leaders or suffer 50% casualties will abandon the field.

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