Card game for 2-4 players. 
Theme: Survival and Accomplishment in the Florida City of St. Augustine. 
St. Augustine was founded in 1565 by Pedro Menendez. It is the oldest, 
continuously inhabited European Settlement in North America. For the 
first 200 years of its existence, it was controlled by Spain. The town Itself 
was always very small and poor, but it held an important strategic 
position. It helped defend the treasure Fleets on their way back to Spain by 
preventing the English and French from building their own settlements 
along the Gulf stream. Players actively recruit Townsfolk, earn Gold, gain 
Military Glory, and build Structures while being mercilessly subjected to 
Hurricanes, Raids, Disease, and Hostile Indians. 

Each turn is equal to about a Decade. 
The game ends after 20 Turns, at which point, historically the British 
take control of the City. 

The player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the end of the game wins. 

Each Player gets a Player Mat. 
Each Mat is divided up into 7 Boxes: 
1. Government 
2. Churches 
3. Forts
4. Population
5. Gold
6. Glory
7. Victory Points
Government, Churches, and Forts are collectively called Buildings. 
Population, Gold, and Glory are collectively called Resources. 

Players share a common set of tokens. 
Tokens are placed in the Boxes on Player Mats to keep track of each players 
Score in that Category. 

There are 2 Common Decks: 
1. The Event Deck
2. The Action Deck

One Random Event occurs each year. 

The Deck has 4 Suites: 
1. Economic (Types: Industry, Agriculture, Trade)
2. Military (Types: Fight the French, Fight the English, Control) 
3. Population (Types: Indians, Blacks, Europeans)
4. Buildings (Types: Government, Churches, Forts)
Each suite has 3 Types of card. 
There are 4 cards for each Type. 
In addition the Deck has 4 Leader (Wild) cards. 

Each player gets 7 Population, 5 Gold, and 3 Glory. 
Shuffle the Decks. 

Each turn is divided into 7 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Trade Phase
3. Meld Phase
4. Building Phase
5. Event Phase
6. Score Phase
7. End Phase

Each Player fills their hand to 10 Action Cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may trade Action cards with each other. 
Players may also trade Tokens on their Player Mats. 

Players may make Melds. 
A Meld consists of 1 or more cards of the same Type. 
You can make a max of 4 Melds, one from each Suite. 
A Meld can have a Maximum of 4 Cards. 
One card in a Meld may be a Leader. 
One card in a Meld earns 1 Token. 
Two cards in a Meld earns 3 Tokens. 
Three cards in a Meld earns 6 Tokens. 
Four cards in a Meld earns 10 Tokens. 
Tokens from a Population Meld go into the Population Box. 
Tokens from a Economics Meld go into the Gold Box. 
Tokens from a Military Meld go into the Glory Box. 
Tokens from a Government Building Meld go into the Government Box. 
Tokens from a Church Building Meld go into the Church Box. 
Tokens from a Fort Building Meld go into the Fort Box. 

Buildings provide bonus Resources. 
The Player with the highest Church Score gets 4 Population.
The Player with the second highest Church Score gets 2 Population.
The Player with the highest Government Score gets 4 Gold. 
The Player with the second highest Government Score gets 2 Gold. 
The Player with the highest Fort Score gets 2 Glory. 
The Player with the second highest Fort Score gets 1 Glory. 

Flip over the Top card of the Event Deck. 
The Event affects all Players. 
If the Event is a Raid: 
All players lose 1D6 Population, 1D6 Gold, 1D6 Glory, and 1D6 Buildings
If the Event is a Hurricane: 
All players lose 1D6 Population and 1D6 Buildings
If the Event is a Disease: 
All players lose 2D6 Population
If the Event is an Indian Revolt: 
All players lose 1D6 Population, 1D6 Glory, and 1D6 Buildings
If the Event is Piracy, each player loses 1D6 Gold.
Each player rolls the dice separately for his own Losses. 
When you lose Building Points roll 1D6 to see which type: 
1-2 = Government
3-4 = Church
5-6 = Forts

Players gain VP in Score Phase: 
Gain VP = 1 X Your Population 
Gain VP = 2 X Your Gold
Gain VP = 3 X Your Glory

Players may discard their Action hands down to zero cards.
Each player loses one-half his Gold rounding down. 
Each player loses all his Glory. 
R = Raid
H = Hurricane
D = Disease
I = Indian Revolt
P = Piracy
Copies = Number of Copies of that card in the Deck. 

Name:			Type	Copies:
Destroy City		R	1
Invasion       		R	1
Land of Living War	R	1
English Siege		R	1
Constant Assaults	R	1
Retaliation		R	1
Laid to Waste		R	1
French Attack		R	1
Hurricane		H	5
Great Storm		H	5
Disease			D	1
Plague			D	1
Great Hunger		D	1
Fever			D	1
Epidemic       		D	1
Small Pox		D	1
Apalachee		I	1
Massive Attack		I	1
Raiding Creeks		I	1
Indian Killings		I	1
Pirate Raids		P	2
Corsairs       		P	2
Interlopers		P	2
Privateers		P	2
Subsidies Withheld	P	2

M = Military
B = Building
P = Population
E = Economy
L = Leader

Name:			Suite	Type:
Massacre       		M	Fight the French
Capture Fort		M	Fight the French
Bloody Encounters	M	Fight the French
Drive them Out		M	Fight the French
Battle			M	Fight the English
War			M	Fight the English
Counter Attack		M	Fight the English
Skirmish       		M	Fight the English
Naval Attack		M	Control
Defend Coast		M	Control
Supply Network		M	Control
Exploration		M	Control
Spanish Colonists	P	Europeans
Soldiers & Prisoners	P	Europeans
Shipwreck Survivors	P	Europeans
Floridanos		P	Europeans
Slaves			P	Blacks
Free Africans		P	Blacks
Escaped Slaves		P	Blacks
Fort Mose Militia	P	Blacks
Seminole Alliance	P	Indians
Timucuan People		P	Indians
Surruque Tribe		P	Indians
Converts       		P	Indians
Coquina Mining		E	Industry
Naval Stores		E	Industry
Salvage			E	Industry
Situado			E	Industry
Fishing			E	Agriculture
Citrus Groves		E	Agriculture
Cattle Ranching		E	Agriculture
Corn Planting		E	Agriculture
Spanish Merchants	E	Trade
English Smugglers	E	Trade
Cuban Traders		E	Trade
Indian Trade		E	Trade
Castillo       		B	Fort
Outposts       		B	Fort
Garrisons		B	Fort
River Forts		B	Fort
Missions       		B	Church
Franciscan Friars	B	Church
Chapels & Convents	B	Church
Catholicism		B	Church
Adelantado		B	Government
Rebuild Town		B	Government
Royal Officials		B	Government
Presidio       		B	Government
Governor       		L	Leader
Admiral			L	Leader
Priest			L	Leader
Explorer       		L	Leader

St Augustine

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