When and if to make a Morale Check is in the GM’s providence. As a rule of thumb, a Check may 
Be warranted if any of the Starred Conditions on the Modifier List are Met. The Unit making the 
Check is called the Affected Unit. If the unit makes the Morale Check it may continue to act and 
Fight as normal. If the affected unit fails the check, it is said to be panicked. 
NF = Never Fails Morale Checks
Treat a Morale Check as a Saving Throw with the following Modifications: 

Condition:				Mod:	Notes: 
Against Overwhelming Odds*		-2	4 to 1 or More
Affected Unit has Wounded Status*	-1	6+ Wound Counters
Ally Fails Morale Check*		-1	-
Facing Superior Foe*			-2	Immune to Normal Weapons, etc. 
50% or More of Allies Killed*		-2	-
Affected Unit is Runt or Smaller	-2	Also Animal Herbivores
Affected Unit is a Coward		-2	Green Troops
Affected Unit is a Hero			+6	Also Giants, Dragons, Angels
Affected Unit is a Player Character	+6	-
Affected Unit is a Fighter		+2	-
Affected Unit is a Mage			-1	-
Affected Unit is Charmed		NF	Or Possessed, Controlled, etc. 
Affected Unit is Undead			NF	Also Slimes, Spirits, Swarms
Affected Unit is Elemental 		NF	Also Animated Units
Affected Unit is a Demon		+4	Also Monsters
Affected Unit is a Beast		+3	Also Carnivores, Large Animals
Affected Unit is Elite			+2	Also Veterans, Experienced Troops
Affected Unit is Fearless		+/-X	Due to Skill, Spells, Items

A Panicked Unit must roll on the Failed Morale Check Table: 
1D4	Result:			Notes:
1	Rout			Run at Swift +2. Drop Shield and Weapon
2	Flee			Run. Keep Items
3	Fighting Withdrawal	Move Backwards. Half Speed. May Still Attack
4	Surrender		Throw yourself at their Mercy
Notes: The Panic Condition will wear off after 2D6 Minutes. 

A Leader may attempt to Rally Panicking Units that can hear him (Medium Range). 
This is a Hard Skill Check Modified by the Leadership Skill. 


Weapon:			Notes:
Arrow or Bolt		Impale. Variable Range
Bastard Sword		Cut. Impale. If 2-H get Dam +1
Battle Axe		Cut. 2-H. Dam +2. Heavy
Blow Gun		Impale. Dart. Damage -2. Short Range	
Bola			Blunt. Dam -2. Entangle. Stun. Short Range Throw
Boomerang		Blunt. Dam -1. Medium Range Throw. Returns to Thrower
Broad Axe		Cut. Tool. If 2-H get Dam +1
Broad Sword		Cut. Impale. Def +1 (Basket Hilt)
Bullet			Impale. (Arquebus)	
Crescent Knife		Cut. Impale. 
Club			Blunt. Dam -1
Cutlass			Cut. Impale. Armor +1 (Solid Hand Guard)
Dagger			Impale. Short Range Throw. Save vs Death +2
Dart			Impale. Dam -1. Short Range Throw
Flail			Blunt. Ignore Foe’s Shield
Garotte			Grapple. 2-H. Choke
Great Sword		Cut. 2-H. Impale. Dam +2. Heavy
Hammer			Blunt. Tool
Hand Axe		Cut. Tool. Short Range Throw 
Heavy Armor		Blunt. Brawl Strikes Dam -2
Hook Sword		Cut. Get +1 to Disarm or Grab
Hurlant 		Blunt. Medium Range. Solid Heavy Sphere Ammo. Knocked Out
Javelin			Impale. Med Range Throw. 
Knife			Cut. Dam -1. Impale. Short Range Throw. Save vs Death +4
Knights Sword		Cut. Impale. Attack +1 (Vikings Sword, Arming Sword)
Long Sword		Impale. 2-H. Dam +2. Heavy. Attack +2 vs Heavy Armor
Mace			Blunt. Stun
Man Catcher		Blunt. 2-H. Dam -3. Entangle
Main Gauche		Impale. Dam -1. Save +4 or break Foes Weapon
Maul			Blunt. 2-H. Save vs Knockdown
Morning Star		Impale. Save vs Stun (Spiked Club, Thorn Club)
Net			No Damage. Close Range Throw. Entangle
Pike			Impale. 2-H. Init +3. Long Reach. Heavy
Pole Arm		Cut. 2-H. Impale. Dam +2. Heavy. Init +2. Long Reach. (Halberd)
Powder Blower		Close Range. One Dose. 
Rapier			Impale. Dam +1 If Foe does not have Med or Hvy Armor
Scimitar		Cut. Ignore Light Armor (Falchion, Sabre, Tulwar)
Shield			Blunt (Bash). Dam -2
Short Sword		Cut. Impale. Save vs Bleed (Gladius)
Sling Stone		Blunt. Long Range
Small Sword		Impale. Defense +1 (Court Sword, Dress Sword. Light and Quick)
Spear			Impale. Long Reach. Init +1. Med Range Throw. (Blade Staff)
Spiked Armor		Impale. Brawl Attacks. Dam -1
Spiked Shield		Impale (Bash). Dam -1
Spring Knife		Impale. Short Range. Dam -1. Spring Loaded. Fires Blade
Staff			Blunt. 2-H. Defense +2 (Quarter Staff)
Throwing Disc		Cut. Medium Range Throw. 
Trident			Impale. Long Reach. Init +1. Short Range Throw (Two Pronged Spear)
War Club		Blunt. Knockback. 
War Hammer		Blunt. Save +4 or break Foes Shield or Hemet
War Pick		Impale. Attack -1. Ignore Foe’s Armor
War Whip		Entangle. Ignore Foe's Shield. 
Whip			Entangle. Dam -2


Get Attack and Damage -2. 
Exceptions: Weapons with Long Reach Set to receive Charge. These are often 
braced against the defenders foot, while he holds a sword or shield in the other. 


The Sweep skill allows for multiple adjacent Foes in HTH to be Attacked. 
A Regular size Weapon (Long Sword) will reach a max of 2 Foes. 
A Large Weapon (Great Sword, Halberd) will reach all adjacent Foes in HTH range.  


A number of Weapons are considered to be in the Thrown Category. These Include: 
Daggers, Knives, Spears, Javelins, Darts, Hand Axes, Bolas, Small Bombs, Runestones, 
Flasks, Vials, Nets, Lassos, Throwing Stars, Boomerang, Rocks, Throwing Stick, Atlatl, etc. 
Some of the Above can also be used as Melee Weapons. If you have Skill in one of these 
As a Melee Weapon you are also considered to be just as skilled when Throwing it. 
Thrown weapons listed above will reach Short Range. Javelins and Atlatl will go to Med Range  
If you have the Skill Thrown Weapon, the Attack Bonus applies to all the Weapons listed 
above but only when thrown, not when used in Melee. 
Damage done by Thrown Weapons are affected by the users Strength.
Most Melee Weapons such as Swords and Battle Axes are not meant for throwing but can 
be thrown anyway out to Close Range. They get Attack -1 and Damage -1. 


All Improvised Weapons get Damage -1. These are Additional Penalties: 
Lit Torch (Damage -1. Burn)
Hot Branding Iron (Or Fireplace Poker. Attack -1. Burn)
Lantern (Smashes on contact. Burn One time)
Cloak (No Damage. If hits Foe gets Attack-2 to Next Attack)
Flagon (Damage -1. Cold Liquid)
Broken Bottle (Damage -1. Fragile: If Hits 50% Bottle Shatters)
Metal Helmet (Damage -1. Can then be Worn)
Frying Pan (Damage -1. Hot Liquid one time)
Kitchen Cleaver (Damage -1. Axe Skill applies)
Kitchen Knife (Damage -1. Dagger Skill applies)
Thrown Rock (Short Range. Damage -1. Save or be Knocked out for 2D10 Minutes)
Large Rock (2H. Crush Skull. Dam +2. Attack -1. Drop after Attack. 1 Round to pick up)
Shovel (Attack -1 unless used 2H)
Climbing Spike or Caltrop (Impaling) 
Broom (Damage -1. Fragile: If Attack Hits 25% Broom Breaks)
Length of Rope (Grapple only. Attack +1. Save or 25% Entangle or 25% Disarm or 25% Choke)
Length of Chain (Close Range. Save or 25% Entangle or 25% Disarm or 25% Choke)
Splash Foe with Cold Liquid in Face (Close Range. No Dam. If hits Foe loses next Action)
Splash Foe with Hot Liquid in Face (Close Range. Damage -1. Burn)
Bar Stool (Damage -1. Fragile: If Attack Hits 50% Stool Breaks. Stun)
Smack Foe's Head Against Wall (Brawl Grab Maneuver. Stun)
Entangle Foe in Curtains (No Damage. Entangle)


The only available Firearms in Spells and Swords are Matchlocks. 
These require a lit fuse (Both Ends) to be carried by the Gunner. 
The Gunner also needs Gunpowder, Priming Powder, Wading, and Lead Bullets. 
They are very Loud when Fired. This ruins stealth but can scare away some Foes.  
Once Fired it takes 1D4 +2 Rounds to reload the Gun. 
Damage done by guns are not affected by the users Strength. 
All Guns (Hand Cannons) get Attack -1 and Damage +1. Sometimes used in Duels. 
There are Several types available: 
1. Pistol: Short Range. Favorite of Pirates, Some Rogues, and Nobles. 
2. Blunderbuss: Short Range. Hits 1D3 Adj Foes. Favorite of Gnome Homesteaders. 
3. Arquebus: Long Range. Favorite of Halfling Militias and Some Dwarf Mercenaries
4. Musket: Large Arquebus. Long Range. Found in Human Troop Formations. 
For various reasons, Guns are not particularly common amongst Humanoids. 


Expensive and complicated to make compared to most Bows.
Damage done by crossbows are not affected by the users Strength.
Repeating Crossbows take 6 Rounds to Reload once emptied.  
They come in several types: 
1. Pistol Crossbow: Medium Range. 1 Round to Reload. Damage -1. 
2. Repeating Pistol Crossbow: Short Range. 4 Shots/Round. Dam -2. Holds 12 Bolts
Many Rogues like a Blade in one Hand and a Repeater pistol in the other. 
3. Light Crossbow: Long Range. 2 Rounds to Reload. Favorite of Orcs and Hunters. 
4. Repeating Light Crossbow: Med Range. 4 Shots/Round. Dam -1. Holds 20 Bolts
This is a Favorite of Gnomes and Goblins. 
5. Arbalest Heavy Crossbow: Long Range. Damage +2. 6 Rounds to Reload. 
The Arbalest is a Favorite of Dwarves and Castle Defenders. 
6. Dart Thrower: Short Range. Spring Powered. 1 Round to Reload. 
7. Hurlant: Blunt. Medium Range. 2 Rounds to Reload. Solid Sphere Ammo.  


The most common ranged Weapons of the Age, for War and Hunting. 
Some are made in simple process, others require great skill in their Manufacture. 
Unlike Crossbows and Guns, Damage done by Bows are affected by the users Strength.
For Recurved Bows and Long Bows to reach Long Range requires the Shooter to have 
At least a Strength +1, otherwise they will only fire out to Medium Range. 
They come in several types: 
1. Short Bow: All races smaller than men (except Elves) are restricted to 
Short Bows (Medium Range). Favorite of Wood Elves. 
2. Recurved Bows: Finely made Bows used by Nomads and Horse Peoples. 
(Long Range. Attack & Damage +1). Also called Composite or Reflex Bows. 
3. Long Bow: (Long Range) Self Bow, made of one piece of Wood. 
4. Flange Bow: (Medium Range) Made of Fish Bone. Can be used Underwater. 
Arrows (Arrow Heads) can come in Many Types, the most common being: 
1. Bodkin (Armor Piercing Spikes: Negate +2 worth of Armor Bonus. Not Toughness)
2. Broadhead (Good for Hunting and against Unarmored Foes)
3. Barbed (Gets Stuck Good. Will do Damage upon Removal. Used for Fishing)
4. Blunt (Target Practice or for hunting small Game)


Favorite Weapon of Halflings, who by the way, are also great Throwers and Skippers of Stones. 
Lightweight, Compact, Easily Hidden, They are often kept as a backup by many types of Rogues 
And Lower Class or Primitive Fighter Types. Even some Priests and Mages will keep one tucked 
Away. Ammunition consists of Rocks of a certain Size or Manufactured Metal Bullets (Dam +1). 
Damage done by Slings are affected by the users Strength. Projectiles will sometimes have 
humorous inscriptions carved into them. They can reach Long Range. Larger projectiles can be
used such as Runestones and small Bombs, But normally only out to Medium Range.  

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