Simply put, the Overworld describes what is above Ground and all those that live there. 
Below Ground is the Domain of the Underworld filled with the Denizens of the Dark. 
The Underworld is much more extensive than most Overworlders realize. 
Giant Caverns house underground Seas and Cities. Empires of Humanoids who have 
never seen the light of Day wage Wars that last hundreds of years. The lowest Depths 
are home to fearsome Demons, Undead, Elementals, and unimaginable Horrors. 
Overworld Heroes are often lured into the Underworld by the promise of easily found 
Treasure and Ancient Magics. Underworld Creatures are often pushed up and out into 
The Overworld to escape  their stronger neighbors. Underworlders also often raid the 
Overworld for Slaves, Animals, Food, Wood and other useful Materials.   
Features of the Underworld: 
1. Caverns: All Sizes, All Types, Filled with all Manner of Monster
2. Humanoid Underground Dwellers: Orcs, Goblins, Rat-Men, Duergar, Drow, Derro, 
Kobolds, Bugbears, Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, Troglodytes etc.
3. Underground Lakes: Home of Aquatic Humanoid Races and the Greatly Feared Aboleths 
4. Underground Rivers: Lead to the Seas. Plied by Slaver Ships brimming with Slaves
5. Underground Seas: Filled with Albino Fish, Sea monsters and plied by Pirates. 
6. Outposts: Guard vulnerable areas such as crossroads and Wide Passageways
7. Strongholds: Fortifications of wary Populaces filled with Traps and Armories
8. Cities: Home to many Humanoid Underworld Dwellers: The Drow's are most Magnificent 
9. Portals: Source of Demons, Elementals, and Alien Beings: Mind Flayers, Beholders, Xorn
10. Fungal Forests: Source of Food, Medicinals, and even Building Materials
11. Giant Swarms: Main Food Source for many Denizens: Megalopedes, Giant Cockroaches, 
Giant Rats, Giant Bats, Giant Worms, Giant Crabs, Demon Larvae, Giant Fireflies  
12. Florescent Fungus: Many Colors and Varieties. Lights the Underworld
13. Ancient Ruins: Lost Human and Demi-Human Cities filled with Catacombs of the Undead
14. Lava Tubes: Miles of Natural Mazes and Labyrinths. 
15. Temples and Shrines: Sites of Portals. Priests and Fanatic Cultists
16. Thriving Trade Towns: All manner of Goods, particularly Slaves
17. Monster Lairs: Dragons, Purple Worms, Giant Spiders, Lurkers, Slimes, Umber Hulks, etc.
18. Volcanic: Magma Lakes, Lava Fissures. Fire Resistant Creatures of all types. 
19. Mines: Gold, Gems. The Greed of many Races knows no end. Worked by thousand of Slaves
20. Giants: Stone, Earth, Rock, Fomorians and others are quite comfortable in the Underworld   


1D40	Encounter:
1	Stalagmite Forest: Nothing
2	Lost in Maze of Caverns: Delay
3	Blind Moths: Nothing
4	1D4 Giant Millipedes SL = 6. Armor = 1
5	Explorer: Skeletal Remains 
6	Stalactite Cave: Nothing
7	1D6 Giant Earwigs SL = 5. Jump
8	Chasm: Fly or Climb or Delay
9	Giant Worm SL = 9
10	Crevice: Save or Fall for 2D6 Damage
11	1D6 Big Black Beetles SL = 3. Armor = 2
12	Dropped Item: Treasure
13	1D4 Albino Crabs SL = 4. Armor = 3
14	Dead End: Delay
15	1D6 Luminous Scorpions SL = 2. Poison
16	Rat Swarm: 1D6 Damage
17	Dripstone Cave: Nothing
18	Mushrooms: Mycology
19	Stone Arches: Nothing
20	3D6 Kobold Ambushers
21	Terraces: Nothing
22	Gap: Jump Required 
23	Shaft: Climb Skill Check or Fall to Death
24	Cave In: All Save or Damage +2
25	Underground River: Save or Swept Away
26	3D6 Cave Goblins
27	Ravine: Fly or Climb or Delay
28	Flying Bloodsuckers: Swarm.
29	Narrow Passages: Delay	
30	2D6 Dwarf Adventurers: Neutral
31	Lofty Caverns: Nothing
32	Briny Pools: Blind Fish: Fishing Opportunity
33	Stone Staircase: Nothing
34	Phosphorescent Fungus: Nothing
35	Uneven Ground: Save or Break Leg
36	Xorn: Three Armed Rock Eater SL = 8
37	Stone Bridge over Chasm: Nothing
38	Drafty Cave: Cave Bear: Animal
39	Blocking Boulder: Remove or Delay
40	Beholder: Evil Eye Monster Floating About

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