Fighting in Melee can be truly Chaotic. Combatants easily lose Weapons and often 
An Unarmed Attack presents itself as the best seeming Option. For purposes of your 
Typical Skirmish Swordfight there is a 50% that every attack made by a PC, Human, 
Demi-Human, or Humanoid will not be with their chosen weapon but rather, will be a 
Random Brawl Attack as listed in the Random Brawl Attacks Table. Note that this Table 
Is very much subject to GM interpretation. For example, If the attacker is holding a Weapon 
And Shield, some of these attacks may be considered unavailable, such as Grapple Attacks,  
in which case the GM may substitute those with a result above or below it. 
Note that 2H requires 2 Free Hands. An Unmodified Brawl Attack is Damage -3.

1D60	Type:			Notes:
1	Wild Swing		Attack -2 and Damage +1
2	Basic Punch		50% Foe gets Initiative -1 next Round
3	Foot Stomp to Knee	If Hits Foe has Broken Leg
4	Dislocate Shoulder	If Hits Foe has Hurt Arm
5	Groin Shot		If Hits Foe goes Prone and is Distracted for 1D6 Rounds
6	Poke in the Eye		If Hits Foe has Partial Blindness 50% Permanent
7	Thumbs in Both Eyes	2H. If Hits Foe is Blind Permanent 
8	Solar Plexus		If Hits Foe Stunned for 1D4 Rounds
9	Break Jaw		If Hits Foe has Broken Head and cannot Speak
10	Foot Stomp		If Hits Foe has 50% Broken or 50% Hurt Foot
11	Jab			Attack +2 and Damage -1
12	Slap			If Hits Foe Stunned for 1D3 Rounds
13	Gut Punch		If Hits Foe cannot Attack Next Turn
14	Choke Hold		2H. Grapple. Attack +1 If Hits Foe Subdued and Choke
15	Bear Hug		2H. Grapple. Damage +1 If Hits Foe Subdued
16	Head Butt		Attack +1 Attacker and Foe Stunned 1D3 Rounds
17	Disarm			No Damage. Attack -1 If Hits Foe Drops Weapon
18	Pommel Strike		No Weapon Bonuses. Damage +1
19	Basic Grab		If Hits Foe is Grabbed
20	Bite			Attack -1 Damage +1. 25% Foe loses Finger or Ear
21	Break Nose		If Hits Foe’s Nose is Broken. Appearance -2
22	Black Eye		If Hits Foe Partial Blindness for 1D10 minutes
23	Scratch			Damage +1. If Hits Foe Appearance -1
24	Improvised Weapon	Wall, Rock, Helmet, Bottle, etc. Damage +1
25	Throw Sand in Eyes	No Damage. If Hits Foe Blind for 1D6 Rounds
26	Push			If Hits Foe 50% Knocked Down 50% Knocked Back
27	Shove			Attack +1. If Hits Foe Knocked Down
28	Trip			Damage -1. If Hits Foe Knocked Down
29	Pull Hair		Attack +1. If Hits Foe is Grabbed
30	Arm Lock		Grapple. If Hits Foe is Subdued and Arm Hurt
31	Finger Lock		If Hits Foe is Grabbed and Hand Hurt
32	Flip			If Hits Foe Knocked Down + Lands on other Side of Attacker
33	Throw			If Hits Foe Knocked Down + Lands on other Side of Attacker
34	Bash in Skull		Damage +1. If Hits Foe gets Skull Crack
35	Basic Kick		Damage +1
36	Elbow Strike		Attacker may make an additional Attack at Attack -1
37	Leg Sweep		If Hits Foe is Knocked Down
38	Knee Strike		This may be declared a Strike or Grapple by Attacker
39	Wrestle			2H. Grapple. If Hits Foe is Subdued
40	Pick up and Throw	2H. Grapple. Smaller Foe or Str +2. If Hits Foe Knocked Down
41	Throat Punch		If Hits Foe gets Minor Wound and Choke
42	Strangle		If Hits Foe Grabbed and Choke
43	Roundhouse Kick		Attack +1 then you get Def -1 until your next Attack 
44	Body Slam		Attack +1 Damage +1. If Hits Foe Knocked Down
45	Intimidate		No Damage. Make Intimidation Attempt
46	Taunt			No Damage. Make Taunt Attempt
47	Wink			No Damage. If Hits Foe Misses Next Attack
48	Drag			If Hits Foe goes Prone and is Grabbed
49	Clinch			No Damage. Get +2 Defense vs Next Attack
50	Headlock		Grapple: If Hits Foe Knocked Out
51	Axe Kick		If Hits Foe Dazed	
52	Face Claw 		If Hits Bad Scar: Permanent. -1 to Appearance.
53	Body Blow		If Hits Broken Rib (Chest)
54	Box Ears		If Hits Foe Dizzy			
55+	Opportunity Attack 	Pick one Result from this Table


There are 2 basic Brawl Attack Types: Strikes and Grappling. 
For both types, Brawl Attacks are Damage -3.
Strikes are like regular weapon Attacks. They also include all HTH fighting 
Maneuvers that are not specifically Grapples or Grabs, so this includes things like 
Shoves, Trips, Disarms, Improvised Weapons, Pommel Strikes, Flips, Throws, etc. 
If the Attacker is wearing Gauntlets the Brawl Damage Penalty is only -1. 
If the Main Attack is a Brawl attack the Attacker may pick any one feasible 
Attack type listed on the Random Brawl Attacks Table. 

The intent of a Grapple is to Subdue your Opponent. A subdued Foe is immobilized and 
Can only act to try to Break the Hold. A successful Grapple attack results in a Subdual. 
The Subdued Foe may on his next move attempt to break the Hold. This is a Basic Skill 
Check Modified by Strength and Brawl Skill Bonuses. If the Hold is not broken the Subduer
May automatically do one of the following things on his next action:
1. Let go. Break the Hold. Set the Defender free. 
2. Simply maintain the Hold, but nothing more. Or talk to them: Persuasion +2
3. Apply Pressure: Automatic Hit. Roll on the Damage Table with Damage +1
4. Hurt or Break a Hand or Arm. 
5. Disarm the Subdued Foe. 
6. Outright Kill the Subdued Foe: Snap Neck, Suffocation, Strangulation,  
Dagger through Gap in Armor, etc. The Foe may save vs Death. 

The Attacker grabs the Foe with One Appendage. This is not considered a proper Grapple, 
The Grabbed Foe may attempt to Break free of the grip. The means of the Break can 
Have much more variety than breaking from a Subdual. For instance: Cutting off you own 
Hair, Cutting Opponents Hand Off, etc. While Grabbed, the Foe cannot move, but the 
Attacker can drag the Foe around at half speed, if the Foe is same size or smaller. The 
Attacker gets Attack +3 to his Next attack. The grabbed Foe gets +1 to his next Attack vs 
Attacker. A Monster that successfully grabs a Foe will maintain the Hold and will then 
next turn make an attack of a type that would be a logical next step to its attack 
sequence, such as Bite, Swallow, Squeeze, Sting, or a further mauling (Claws, Talons)

Many of the Brawl Attacks are either impossible or very unlikely while you are prone 
(or your Opponent) at the GM's discretion. If this is the case, 50% no attack is 
possible. 50% substitute the Random Brawl Roll for a Basic Kick or Basic Grab. 


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