-The Egyptian Lands are populated by Men and the Copper Elves: Known for their Decadent Mages, 
Necromancers, and Priests of great power. they use their Slaves to build great pyramids and 
Temple Complexes filled with Statues and Monoliths of Power. 
-The current Leaders of Gyptos are the Pharaonic Dynasty of the Ra-Patra, headed by the 
Pharaoh Antekan Ra-Patra, a powerful Human Mage of Necromancy and Desert Power.   
-The Gyptos make extensive use of Servants and Slaves from other races, including Arkadian 
Humans, Chained up Undead Skeletons, but mostly Humanoids such as Sand Goblins, Jackal-Men, 
and Lizard Men, who are set to work building Pyramids, Palaces, Temple Complexes, and other 
Monolithic Architecture. Note: Skeletons disintegrate after a few hard years in the hot sun.  

-Most Gyptos worship the Gods of the Egyptian Pantheon in Massive Temples.  
-There are also the not so secret Cults devoted to the worship of Djinn or Sphinxes. 
-The Sphinx will have lavish Observatories and Libraries. 
-The Djinn will have intricately carved Mosques with towering Minarets. 
-These places of worship are often occupied or visited by the said entities themselves. 
-To gain Favor, worshippers of the Sphinx must solve Riddles and Puzzles and those of the 
Djinn must impress with the finest of Storytelling. 
-Djinn Cultists hope the Djinn favor them with Wish magic. This is popular with Rogues 
and Fighters hoping to find a shortcut to fame and fortune.  
-Followers of the Sphinx hope to learn more of the mysteries of the Universe. This is 
popular with Mages, Sages, and Priestly types. 

-Over the millennium, Gyptos Spell Casters have become obsessed with the concept of Death. 
Some will start to dabble in Necromancy and wind up converting themselves into some sort 
of Undead creature: Lich, Mummy, Vampire, or Ghoul, at which point they retire from all 
connections they had with the living world, hiding themselves in Tombs, Mausoleums, 
Underworld Catacombs, and Pyramid Crypts. Some actively hunt the living and are themselves
then hunted down and killed. With the use of Control Undead Spells some of these lost 
souls are spared to be used as Guards and Soldiers. 
-Other devote themselves to the priesthood. Some place their souls into Statues to find 
peace within the Stone. Still others polymorph themselves into fish, birds, reptiles, and 
other animals, to live out the remainder of their lives wild, naked, and free. 
-Those who worship Djinn or Sphinx may polymorph themselves into such beings, however, they 
are almost never accepted as equals by other creatures of this type. 

-Gyptos contributes huge amounts of wheat to sustain the Legions of the Empire. They also 
contribute large numbers of Infantry, led by Fearsome Stave wielding Jackal Men and 
Nimble Light Charioteer Archers. They also employ mercenary Light Cavalry from the many 
desert Nomad Tribes. Their Fleets are composed of large, oared, artillery-laden, War Barges. 
-Except for the all important river deltas, large portions of Gyptos are composed entirely 
of desert. The shifting sands hide the massive ruins of earlier ages. 
-Treasure hunters will find much to pick from. The ruins are filled with Undead and Demon 
Cults. Many make full contact with the Underworld. Above ground, adventurers will have to 
contend with Heat, Thirst, and Sand Storms. Sand Giants, Nomads, Scorpion Men, Serpent 
People, and Giant Scorpions prowl the Dunes, looking for their next victims. 

-A Province of the Empire. 
-This refers to the Desert Lands just north of Gyptos. It contains about 20 small to 
medium size cities, Two of which are on a large Island called Syprez. 
-They have the Middle Ocean on one side, and the Arkadian Empire on the other. 
-These lands are Holy. Gladreon Temples, Djinn Mosques, Krellian Churches, and Junite 
Synagogues dot the landscape at Holy sites found nowhere else. This land is considered to 
be the birthplace of the Junites, The Djinn Worshippers, and even the Brotherhood. 
-The area is populated by small tribes and Kingdoms of Desert Elves and Humans. There is 
even a Clan of Desert Dwarves in the Region. Gladreon keeps 2 Legions in the area to 
counter any moves made by the Arkadians. 
-Levantis provides a Combined Crusader Army equivalent to a Legion, However they are 
more interested in crusading against Underworld threats than fighting the Cataphracts and 
Heavy Chariots of the Arkadians. 

-A much ignored Province of the Empire. 
-The westernmost part of the Continent of Urotan is the Land known as Spanika. 
-At its Southern Edge are the Red Cliffs of Gax. The wild central lands are hilly and rocky 
and overrun with all manner of Humanoids and Giantkind: Goblins, Ogres, Hill Giants, Orcs, 
and Lizard Folk. 
-The North is occupied by several Feudal Human Kingdoms (Casteon, Leonis, Portus, etc.) and 
Celtic Tribes. The Far South is held by a Desert Elf Kingdom of Djinn Worshipers known as 
Moortan. The Moortani are known for their splendid Architecture and Equestrian skills. 
-The Empire is content to let the current inhabitants of Spanika deal with the central 
Humanoid and Giant Threats. In time of War, however, the Empire will heavily recruit 
mercenary forces from this area, including Skirmishers, Light and Heavy Cavalry. 

-A Desolate Province of the Empire. 
-Across the straights of Gax and leading all the way to Gyptos, the desert stretches all the 
way to the edge of the Sea. This rugged coastal Land is comprised of a series of minor Ports, 
Fishing villages, Colonies, Trading Outposts, Hidden Pirate Dens, and Sea-side Towns. 
-One of the more interesting locations is the Ruins of the City of Carthune. It was here that 
the Demon Lord Korash met his fate 500 years ago. The City is still full of mindless Demons 
and Chaos Abominations. Carthune was a Rich Port City and it is widely believed great 
treasures and relics can still be found there by anyone brave enough to come close.
-Afratan Mercenaries come to the Empire usually by way of Gyptos.   

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