-Far North of the Borders of the Empire, especially in the mountainous regions, on 
the Icy Sub-continent of Skandar are the Kingdoms of the Dwarves. 
-Over the Centuries the Dwarves  have carved entire Cities into the Mountains. 
This mining and digging has resulted in great wealth. Every Dwarven City is a major 
source of Iron, Gold, and Gems. Their Craftsmen are unrivaled in forging objects of 
great beauty and power. 
-These Kingdoms, however, are always under threat from the Evil Inhabitants of the 
Underworld. Many a Kingdom has fallen to invasion from below. Some of these have 
been reclaimed, but many still remain the desecrated abodes of Orcs, Dragons, and 
things even more sinister. 
-Those Dwarves who, in their greed, have gone too far down into the underworld have 
been transformed into degenerate forms such as the Dour Duergar, the Magically insane 
Derro, and the Elemental Azaer as described in the Bestiary. 
-There are a Dozen Large Northern Dwarf Kingdoms, and Scores of Smaller ones. Dwarves 
do not share their homes with Elves or Humans, but they will occasionally reside near 
Gnomes. They dislike Elves, finding them arrogant, and worse. 
-Dwarves will Ally with Humans and other Demi-humans when Evil spreads across the land. 
-Dwarves will trade with peaceful humans who live near the Mountains. Human Foodstuffs, 
Cloth, Fabrics, and Wood in exchange for Base Ores, Gems, Gold, and Crafted Items. 


The Northern Regions are dominated by the Norse Pantheon, worshipped by Dwarves and Men.  
The Norse Gods appear as Dwarves to their Dwarven Worshippers. the main religious 
advocates of Humans are Priests, Bards, and Druids. For Dwarves the Myths are taught by
Bards, Sages, and Rune Masters.

-Men in landlocked Northern locations are primarily Barbarians. Those in coastal 
regions are akin to Viking Sea Raiders. The Northern Barbarians are not to be 
underestimated. Their Hordes number in the tens of thousands, and their Fighting Skills 
are Legendary. They live and die by the sword. They Raid the Humanoids surrounding them 
with great ferocity. Tribes of Barbarians stretch all the way from the Eastern edge of 
Skandar to the Western Ice Fields, The Frozen Wastes of Sibexia, Down into the Lands of 
Rus and Slav, and even into the Great Forest itself. In the Plains regions they are 
notable horsemen and charioteers. 
-There are also groups of Humans who worship the Finnish Pantheon. These more peaceful 
tribes are composed of Ice fishers, Seal hunters, and Reindeer herders. They are found 
scattered in the Western regions of Skandar. They will attempt trade before war. An 
occasional Celtic Tribe can also be found in the far north, a testament to the great 
range of Celtic culture when it was at it's height.  
-As if the weather were not terrible enough, there are many other Dangers that make their 
home in the Far North. White Dragons and Frost Giants are amongst the larger threats. 
-Beasts, Undead, and Fey run amok in the northern Forests and Marshes. Tribes of Orcs and 
Gnolls make large areas of Skandar their hunting grounds. 
-In the Arctic Regions Polar Krakens and Devil Whales push icebergs out of the 
way to get at their favorite meals of Giant Squids and Great White Sharks. 
-The Ice King, a powerful Ice Mage and Necromancer has been collecting the bodies of 
Barbarians and underworld humanoids for decades. He has amassed a great army of undead 
and is almost ready to release them upon the heart of the Empire. The Empire has foreseen
this with Divination Magics, and an entire Legion has stood at the edge of the Great 
Forest ready for many years waiting to repel them. 
-The Ice Queen (Yes, they are Married) lives in an Ice Palace farther North than her 
husband. She guards her Domain with Ice Elementals, Ice Giants, Snow Goblins, and Winter 
Wolves. It is thought she controls a Portal to the Elemental Plane of Ice and plans to 
use it to power a great Spell that will cover the Earth in a never ending Winter. 


-Gnomes with a natural bent occupy Hilly Regions and Forest Grottos. Urbanized 
Gnomes set up Ghettos in the Larger Cities. Like Halflings, their settlements 
are on the small side, rarely larger than small Towns, or underground Keeps. 
-Like Dwarves, Gnomes will settle underground. Like Elves they have distant 
Fey origins. Like men, they are highly adaptable and inventive, and like 
halflings they know how to have a good time. 

-Gnomes are not interested in Religion. The only being they come close to 
worshipping is an Ascended Gnome Prankster that goes by the title Old Norn. 
-Old Norn will show up to protect a Gnomish community in need, or to pull off a 
particularly clever Prank. He is Immortal and has over 100 levels in Skills 
and Magic. He has a Home in the far North; Part of a snow-bound Gnomish village. 
From there he entertains the other inhabitants with Illusions, Pyrotechnics, 
Inventions, and Magical Toys he makes in his giant workshop. The Town 
(Norn's Village) is periodically attacked by Snow Goblins, but they are 
easily driven off by Norn and the local Militia. 


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