This Chart gives players some Idea of how big things are compared to each other. 
WL = Wound Level

# Size:			WL: 	Examples:
1. Diminutive		1	Insects, Bugs
2. Tiny			1	Mouse, Frog, Fairy, Brownie
3. Little		2	Cat, Dragon Hatchling, Imp, Sprite
4. Runty		3	Dog, Kobold, Dragon Whelp, Red Cap, Lynx
5. Small		3	Halfling, Gnome, Goblin, Faun, Wolf, Pixie
6. Short		4	Dwarf, Elf, Pony, Hell Hound, Panther
7. Human		4	Orc, Hobgoblin, Satyr, Snake Man, Clay Golem
8. Tall 		5	Gnoll, Lizard Man, Werewolf, Brick Golem, Lion
9. Large		6	Bugbear, Angel, Dire Wolf, Stone Golem, Tiger, Chimera
10. Big 		7	Horse, Centaur, Minotaur, Unicorn, Warg, Manticore
11. Giant		10	Ogre, Mountain Troll, Young Dragon, Treant, Rhino
12. Hulking 		15	Hill Giant, Mature Dragon, Horned Demon, Elephant
13. Enormous (1)	20	Stone Giant, Adult Dragon, Sphinx, Mammoth, T. Rex
14. Huge (2)    	30	Fire Giant, Elder Dragon, Tentacle Monster, Whale, Roc
15. Immense (3)		40	Cloud Giant, Ancient Dragon, Large Hydra
16. Gigantic (4)	50	Storm Giant, Epic Dragon, Pit Fiend
17. Gargantuan (5)	100	Titan, Colossus, Legendary Dragon, Tarrasque
18. Vast (6)		200	Behemoth, Kraken, Leviathan, Kaiju, Eldrazi, Bewilderbeast


Undead, Animated Foes, Elementals, and Slimes are Immune to magics and 
attacks such as: Charm, Sleep, Read Mind, Fear, Confusion, Blind, 
Paralysis, Control, Petrification, Poison, Stun, Gaze Attacks, Hurt 
Body Parts, Feeble Mind, Forget, Illusions. 

Regular Weapons have no effect, but Magical ones do.
A Monster may be susceptible to Other specific Non-magical Substances: 
Silver, Steel, Wrought Iron, Wood, Bone, Stone, Crystals, etc. 


Optional Rule. Speeds up Combat. 
Designate some minor Foes as Minions. 
Minions come as Levels 1, 2, and 3. 
A Level 1 Minion is killed outright by any 1 Hit (Goblins and Kobolds)
A Level 2 Minion is killed outright by any 2 Hits or any 1 Light Wound (Orc)
A Level 3 Minion is killed outright by any 3 Hits or any 1 Heavy Wound (Bugbear)



-A Regular RPG Monster is downed by regular means. A Folklore type monster is more 
like solving a puzzle. The Monster will have many Immunities but also a few 
stand-out Weaknesses that can be used to take it down quickly. It will also have 
a number of quirks needed to activate a Weakness. A Folklore type monster will 
hunt the PC's down, on it's own territory, one by one, in a brutal horrific fashion, 
until the problem it poses is solved. Often the Party will itself be hunting down 
the Folklore monster. The PC's may or may not know of all of its Immunities,  
Weaknesses, activations, and actions that will lure it out into the open. 
-An Immunity gives a Monster complete protection from an Attack Type. 
-An Activated Weakness will immediately kill or disable the Monster if it hits.   
-Below is a list of 30 Attack Types. The Folklore Monster will have Immunities 
to 4 + 1D6 of them and Weaknesses to one or two.  

01. Cold (Ice, Freeze)
02. Fire (Heat, Burn)
03. Earth magic (Petrification)
04. Air magic
05. Water magic (Drowning) 
06. Lightning (Shock)
07. Acid (Corrosive, Dissolve)
08. Poison 
09. Normal Weapons
10. Blunt Attacks (Stun, Dizzy, Dazed) 
11. Impaling Attacks (Pierce, Bleed)
12. Slashing Attacks (Cut, Lost Limb)
13. Mind Magic (Mental Blasts, Forget, Feeble Mind)
14. Light Attacks (Radiant Energy)
15. Energy Attacks (Plasma, Disintegration, Magic Missile)
16. Darkness Attacks (Shadow)
17. Fear (Horror, Panic)
18. Chaos magic (Corruption, Mutation) 
19. Death magic 
20. Drain Attacks (Wither, Weakness)
21. Illusions (Glamour)
22. Curses
23. Control (Charm, Lure, Possession, Hypnotism)
24. Paralysis (Hold, Pain, Torment)
25. Sleep (Unconsciousness, Knockout, Skull-Crack)
26. Entanglement (Grapple, Web, Net)
27. Force magic (Telekinetic Attacks) 
28. Confusion (Madness)
29. Polymorph (Transformation, Shrink)
30. Temporal magic (Slow, Age) 

The GM may roll on this table instead of the Attack Type Table to determine a monster weakness. 

1D6	Weakness:	Notes: 
1	Weak Point	Soft Underbelly, Open Maw, Blow Hole, Large Eyes
2	Unsteady	Unbalance a Foe by striking it a certain way. 
3	Weak Moments	Creature has moments of Weakness where it can be Stunned
4	Favored Terrain	Knock Foe off its Favored Terrain. Knock off of Wall or Ceiling 
5	Obvious Attack	Characters can see the Attack Coming
6	Blind Spot	Foe cannot see you at certain Angles

1. Damage a particular organ, limb, location of Monster’s Body
2. Change the Environment (Colder, Hotter, Wetter, Darker, etc.)
3. Special Weapon (Silver. Iron, Wood, Bone)
4. Cover Weapon or Monster with special Oils, Substances
5. Monster must inhale a specific Smell (Garlic, Wolfsbane)
6. Monster must eat a particular Item (Rotting Meat, etc.)
7. Monster must hear a particular sound (Song, Note, Bell)
8. Monster must be exposed to a particular Gas 
9. Cast a particular Spell, Ritual on Monster or special Target
10. Monster must see or think it is seeing something in Particular
11. Monster must have a particular Condition (Burn, Freeze, Prone)
12. Another Monster must be defeated first, or other Event accomplished

1 Food (Rations, Wine, Candy, Specific Prey Items)
2 Blood offering (Smell, Trail, Spill) 
3 Noise (Battle, Curses, Challenges)
4 Cries, whimpering of a Sacrifice (Animal, Slave, Child) 
5 Gold (Treasure, Coin, Gem)
6 Magic (Item, Relic, Aura, Enchantment, Spell)
7 Violate Proximity (To something protected)
8 Recite Particular Song, Poem, Password
9 Breaking of a Curse
10 Finish a Ritual left Undone
11 Musical Instrument (Gong, Bell, Drum)
12 Presence of particular Individual (Ghost, Person)
13 Personal Item (Heirloom, Ring, Journal, Lock of Hair, etc.)
14 Read (Rune on Doorway, Note, Letter, Passage in Book)
15 Bring Something Holy, Unholy, Religious
16 Enunciate the Full Proper Name and Title of the Monster
17 Bring and place a single perfect Rose, Sweep the Floor, Take the Urn
18 Libation, Cover object, Fill vessel with particular Potion
19 Unlock Box, Remove Dagger from Corpse, Light the Hearth (Candle, Lantern)
20 Look to the Ceiling, Under the Bed, in the Dresser, in the Cracked Mirror


Exposure to Chaos Magic will cause Mutations in Living Creatures. 
Mutations are very hard to Conceal. Individuals with 3 or more Mutations are 
Considered to be Abominations and become Bestial, Murderous, and Insane.  

1D20	Mutation: 
1	Claws, Talons (Attack and Damage +2)
2.	Bite, Maw, Tusks (Attack and Damage +3)
3. 	Horns, Spines, Spikes (Attack and Damage +1)
4.	Tail, Tentacles, Extra Limb(s)(Extra Attack)
5.	Long Legs (Swift +4)
6.	Extra Eyes, Bug Eyes, Eye Stalks, Second Head (Lookout +4) 
7.	Acid Attack, Spit Acid (Short Range. Damage +1)
8.	Fangs, Stingers (Attack becomes Poisonous)
9. 	Spider Legs (Climb +5)
10.	Bat Wings, Insect Wings (Medium Flyer)
11.	Gills and Fins (Swim +5 and Water Breathing)
12.	Shell, Carapace, Scales, Rubbery Hide (Toughness +3)
13.	Psychic Blast (Like Spell 3x/Day) 
14.	Webs (Like Spell 3x/Day) 
15.	Bulging Muscles (Strength+3)
16.	Uncanny Dodge (Dodge +3)
17.	Flesh Molding (Unit can Regenerate)
18+	Repulsive Cosmetic Change (Intimidation +5) 


-Effects that can be used as Special Abilities can be found everywhere Within the Rules. 
-For Example: Spells, Combat Conditions, Skills, Monster Rules, Item Descriptions,
Trap Effects, Folk Monster Immunities, etc. 
-This List Explores ideas for abilities not found in other Sections. 

Ability - Notes:
Acid Blood – Wounds will splatter. Resulting in Close Range Attack. Attack +1. Burn
Assault - If Monster attacks in HTH and Kills it may immediately move forward 1 Space. 
Bane – Monster has Attack and Damage +1 vs a particular Foe Type (Giant, Plant, etc.) 
Blood like Glue: Impaling and cutting weapons will get stuck inside. Get -4 to remove. 
Blood Thirsty - After killing a Foe, this Monster will stop to feed. 1D4 Minutes. 
Bolster - Allies get +1 Armor. A Creature can only benefit from one of these at a time. 
Copy - Gain One Skill or Trait of adjacent Ally or Foe. 
Deathblow – If killed get one extra final Attack next turn. 
Defender - Allies get +1 Defense. A Creature can only benefit from one of these at a time.
Demolish – If you are Size 13+ Destroy Structures with a Single Blow. 
Disruption Attack – Target becomes gaseous. Will reform in 1D3 Minutes. 
Drag to Hell - Cause Hole to open up in. Victim Dragged in by Monster or some other Means.
Enrage - Allies get +1 Damage. A Creature can only benefit from one of these at a time.
Expulsion – Target Foe Teleported away (Medium to Far Range) from Monster
Fade Away – Target becomes Insubstantial and Invisible for 3D20 Minutes. 
Flanker – Get extra Damage +1 if Flank Attack Hits. 
Gore – Foe hit by Horns or Tusks thrown up over the back of the Monster. Knockdown. Dam +1. 
Heaviness – Foe gets Triple Encumbrance penalty. Medium Range. 
Horror - Foes are Paralyzed. All in Medium Range. (Fear Effect)
Jump – Jump Accurately a distance of up to 20 Spaces as your move.  
Low Swing - If you are Size 11+ Swing Tree or Tail across floor. Attack +3 and Damage -2
Momentum - Allies get +2 Swift. A Creature can only benefit from one of these at a time.
Multi-Disarm – Monster will use Multiple limbs/Attacks to Disarm Opponent. 
Nullify – Target Combat Bonus of Foe becomes Zero. Short Range. 
Panic – Foes get Defense -3. All in Medium Range. (Fear Effect)
Protected – Get Armor +1 if you have at least 1 Adjacent Ally. 
Rampage - If Monster attacks in HTH and Kills it may immediately attack again. 
Sap – Foe becomes Fatigued 50% or Exhausted 50%. Medium Range. 
Scare - Foes must Flee. All in Medium Range. (Fear Effect)
Self-Disrupting – If down to 1 or 2 Wounds Monster will become gaseous for 1D4 Hours. 
Skirmish – Monster can move one extra time on his Round. 
Swap – Exchange positions with Target Ally or Foe. Medium Range. 
Terrify - Foes must Rout. All in Medium Range. (Fear Effect)
Trample - Blunt HTH vs Foes 4 SL smaller. Attack -2 and Dam +2 for entire length of Move. 
Wail – Sound Attack. Damage -1 to all in Medium Range. 
Warp Strike – Monster can Teleport Short Range and then make an HTH Attack. 


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