-Outside the Gladreon Empire resides the Arkadian Empire, Commanded by the Bronze Elves,  
Sometimes called the Desert Elves. (They substitute for the Persian Empire).  
Arkad is Ruled by a single Warrior Priest King; Persod the Third. The Empire is composed 
of dozens of Vassal states who pay large tributes. They share a large border with the 
Gladreon Empire so the two will often be trading and skirmishing at the same time in 
different places. 
-The Main Religions of the region are the Summerian and Babylonian Pantheons. 
Djinn and Sphinx cults, like in Gyptos, are  prevalent as well. Other major cults include 
the Zorians and the Junites, both mostly observed by Humans. 
-The Zorians worship a Good Fire God who Fights a never ending war with a Being of Great Evil.
-The Junites worship a Good Earth God whose main spheres of influence include Creation and Law.    
-Humans comprise over half the population of Arkad. They are often treated with more respect 
and hospitality than by their peers in the Gladreon Empire. 
-Bronze Elves who feel the pull of Evil will often try to overcome this by throwing 
themselves into religion, often spending decades as minor Temple servants and officials in 
order to reestablish inner peace and humility. 

North of Levantis is the Rocky Region known as Hitani Minor. It is currently under the 
control of the Arkadian Empire. It is saturated with Ruins of a previous civilization known 
as the Hitani. Their broken Statues of Strange and forgotten Gods are everywhere to be found. 
The Coastal areas are studded with City States, Port Cities, Pirate Towns, and Fishing 
Villages. The interior is filled with Giants, Dragons, Orc warbands, and Amazon Tribes. 


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