-These are mostly Wild lands. The largest feature being The Great Forest which extends
in a continuous swath throughout all the Kingdoms and Domains of the Region. It is so
extensive that whole armies, and entire migrating tribes can pass through without even 
being noticed by the permanent inhabitants. 
-Immediately North of the Central Feudal Kingdoms are large Celtic and Norse Barbarian 
Tribes. They live in the Taiga regions of the Great Forest and are separated from 
Skandar by The Jarlfjord Sea.  

-Before the arrival of the Brotherhood and Krell the Savior, Most inhabitants of the 
Central Regions worshiped the Gods of the Celtic Pantheon. Their Religious leaders are 
Pagan-Priests, Healers, Witches, Shamans, and Druids.
-In most places on the continent the Older Celtic Tribes have been absorbed by the 
Krellian Feudal Kingdoms. The main exception to this is the Large Western Islands known 
as Albion, which retain a vibrant and culturally rich group of Celtic Chiefdoms and 

-Many of these have developed into Monarchy and Renaissance style Societies. They are not 
part of the Empire, but most have strong trade and Military alliances with it. These 
Realms are primarily composed of Humans with small numbers of Demi-Humans. 

-In the past millennium several Feudal Kingdoms have developed based on a newer 
Religion called The Brotherhood, and its Ascended Leader Krell the Savior. The 
presence of the Brotherhood has given rise to the Arthurian Legends. These two 
forces have provided the Moral and Mythic basis for the Medieval style of these 
centrally located powerful Feudal Kingdoms. Its Religious Leaders include Holy 
Priests, Friars, Clerics, Paladins, and Inquisitors.

Danizod - A Northern Region of the Great Forest. 
-Notable for the presence of Norse influences and Barbarians.
-Home to several Port Cities and Raider Fleets. 
-Also present are Dwarven Trade Embassies with large Walled-in Warehouse Complexes. 
-They ply the Northern Seas in Stout Cogs and are known as the Sea Dwarves. 

Nethay - The North West Corner of the Great Forest. 
-Known for it's constant flooding and the building of Dykes, Water-mills, 
Canals, Locks, Levees, Flood plains, and rich Top Soils. 
-Industrialized with Ports, Linens, Canning, and Shipbuilding. 
-The Feudal Kingdoms there have built formidable Fleets for trade and war. 
-Ancestors were Sea Raiders and Vikings. 

Findel - The Western portion of the Great Forest. 
-Site of Camelot and the descendants of King Arthur's Court. Multiple small 
Kingdoms all showing Fealty to Lord Artain, the current Liege who sits at the 
at the head of the Round Table. 
-Lord Artain is a Scholar King steeped in History, Religion, Chivalry, 
Mythology, Politics, and Economics. He is frequently visited by the great Wizard 
Merlyn where they indulge in Feasts, Hunts, Friendly Tournaments, and long 
discussions Flavored by Honied Ale. It is hard to leave the Kings presence 
without being graced with a Fresh Quest.  
-The Celtic Roots of the Region are strongly upheld in these otherwise Feudal 
and Brotherhood controlled Lands.   
-The Fey have an incredibly strong presence here. The dimensional Barriers 
between here and the Fairy lands are exceedingly thin at best. 

Clovine - Rolling Hills. The Heart of the Great Forest, but also with lots of 
Rich Farmland.
-King Clovis is seen as an equal to the rest of the Aristocrats.
The other Nobles are very powerful and are constantly bickering amongst 
themselves. The upper classes live in a never ending state of political Intrigue. 
This often breaks out into open Warfare (Knightly Skirmishes and short Sieges) 
that actually affects the lower and middle classes vey little. Many Tournaments 
include Duels to the Death. 
-The Upper classes also abide by a very strong self imposed code of Chivalry. 
-Hidden in the Hills and towering Trees are numerous clans and tribes of the 
smaller types of Giants: Hill, Spriggan, Ettins, Fomorian, Firbolg, etc. 

Tolis - Southern Section of the Great Forest. Right above the Imperial Province of 
Gladreon. The trees are giving way to Farmland, Valleys, Scrubland, and arid Hilly 
regions of Broken Lands studded with low Flat-Topped Mountains, themselves 
festooned with Small but heavily fortified Castles. 
-Famous for their many fine Sword Smith’s and Artisan Armorers. 
-Tolis also boasts some of the Worlds most excellent Vineyards. 
-A Strong Imperial presence is felt here, especially in Trade.  
-Underworld Demon incursions are also a thing here. Exorcisms, Demon Hunting, Cult 
Activity, and Inquisitor operations are steadily on the rise.  

Pruse - decentralized trade dragons 

Lithany - hobgoblins raids plains

Ukar - Gothic undead brotherhood 

Bosh - valleys reform wars schism

Slovek - Orcs mud mishmash

Auster - Goblins hills political rebellion 

Swekia - Mercenaries mountains


-More Recently, in several independent Human Chartered Cities, there have been 
stunning advances in Philosophy, Art, Invention, and the Sciences. No new major 
Religions have arisen, but these cities have taken on a distinct Renaissance 
personality, attracting gifted artisans from everywhere and from every race. 

-More so than most Demi-Humans, Humans have the potential for great Evil. In many 
times and places in their history, they have fallen prey to worshipping Demons, 
Devils, and Gods of Chaos and Darkness. Historically this has led to the downfall 
and utter destruction of several Human Kingdoms. In most places that humans dwell 
in numbers, one can be sure to find the influence of Evil Forces. 


-Halflings find small secluded valleys to carry out their idyllic, pastoral 
lifestyles. However more adventurous types can be found throughout the Continent.
-Halflings depend on the bigger races for their protection and existence. 
They settle within their realms as far as possible from Evil Lands. Their 
settlements are small Villages and Hamlets, with their Homes built into the 
Ground, sticking out like tiny Moss-covered Hills dotted with round Windows 
and Doors. Most Halflings prefer this rural environment, but many can be 
found in Towns and Cities, flourishing in diverse occupations. 

-As far as religion goes, they take their cues from the bigger folk that 
surround them:
-Lightfoot Halflings will worship the same Gods as any nearby Elves. 
-Hairfoot Halflings will worship the same Gods as any nearby Humans.
-Stout Halflings will worship the same Gods as any nearby Dwarves.

-Halflings do have their very own, albeit small Pantheon: 
-Ergo Proudfoot: Creator of the Halfling Race. He used the leftover 
primordial clay originally used to make the Human Race. 
-Etta Proudfoot: Mother in all things to the Halfling Peoples. 
The Great Provider: Crops, Cooking, Children, and Cheer. Animals and Health. 
She is worshipped more than all the others put together. 
-Ardo Tallfellow: Protector of the Halflings: God of Slings and Stones. 
God of Trickery, Adventure, Fighting, and Thieving. Handsome and a Good Dancer.  
-Flenny Fleetfoot: God of Fishing, Carousing, Pipeweed, Music, and Long Naps. 
-Religious Leaders can include Healers, Druids, Lay Priests, and even Bards.

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