-For those GM’s that are interested, a Campaign Setting is Provided. 
-The Campaign is called The Empire of Gladreon. 
-It is Basically a Fantasy setting juxtaposed over a map of the Mediterranean
during the Roman Empire. 
-Humans are most common, but there are also large populations of Elves. 



The Great Creator Spirit of the Early Earth created all of the plants and 
animals out of the one thing he had plenty of, in excess, in the beginning, namely 
Mud. After this initial burst of divine inspiration, the excess of Magical energy 
infused in the young planet began to mutate the handful of Mud Men, Plants, and 
Beasts into a great variety of forms, many of which are still recognizable today. 
All of the Demi-humans and Humanoids in their most primitive forms, took shape in 
these Days: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, etc. Trees and Flowers, 
Birds and bees, and monsters of every sort, all made their first appearances. 

Many Creatures have alternate origins as compared to the Early Mud Beings. Dragons 
are some of the most ancient beings in the Universe. Planets are merely nurseries 
for them. They Fly through Space with the greatest of ease at speeds far greater than 
that of light, hopping from one Galactic wonder to the next, feeding on Cosmic Whales 
and other interstellar prey. The females, after mating, will settle on a young planet 
to raise their Brood. When old and fast enough the entire Pod will head back off into 

Several Planes of Existence lie in close contact to the Prime Material Plane. These 
include the Elemental planes of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. From here all sorts of 
Elemental Creatures can make their way to magically imbued planets. Many Giants, 
such as Frost or Sea Giants, are a proper 50/50 mix of the Prime Material and 
Elemental Energies. 

In some places the connections to the Spirit world are strong and the Spirits that 
manifest nearly every thing, being, and location are able to be communicated with and 
make their presence and powers known. 

Like the Elemental and Spirit Planes, there are also the planes of Fairy. Fey creatures
with all their quirks love to explore and meddle with the worlds they can reach. 

Demons and Devils will access worlds by means of Portals. When possible their intent is 
to conquer and destroy the inhabitants of vulnerable planets. This is always made easier 
when chaos Cultists, power hungry Mages, and evil Priests invite them in. 

Angels, Devas, and Cherubs will always be on the watch for Demon Invasions. They will 
do what they can to protect the innocent and stop the spread of Demon Kind. 

-Before the rise of the Pagan Pantheon Religions (Greek, Norse, Celtic, Sumerian, etc.)
in the three major Continents of the Hemisphere (Afratan, Urtos, Sybitus) religious 
practices were a primitive combination of Elemental, Spirit, and Ancestor Worship. 
-The main practitioners of this form are known as Animists. They can still be found in 
desolate and far removed Wildernesses applying their beliefs just as their ancient 
ancestors did. 

If humanoids exist on a planet, eventually some Pagan Gods will arrive as well, looking 
for worshippers. The Prayers of the faithful restore their Divine Energies. They will 
invite themselves in and set up shop. The Pagan Gods will further alter the world to 
suit the purposes by populating it with their closest servants, namely monsters and 
creatures that already embody the culture and ideals they represent. 

First came primitive Tribes, followed by Barbarian Chiefdoms. With the Domestication of 
the Horse came the Nomads. The invention of agriculture led to the first Settlements. 
The first small cities predated written history, but with the introduction of Writing 
and Pagan religion came the first Ancient Civilizations, namely the Proto-Celtic, Norse, 
Greek, Sumerian, and Egyptian peoples. Some of the earliest Cities still stand, but with 
new names, changed demographics, and different governments. 


-The Country of Gladreon is equivalent to the Roman Republic. It is peopled by Men  
and a large population of Iron Elves: A Stern Lot: Stoic Warriors, Law Makers, 
Industrious Engineers, and Noble Historians, with a streak of Hedonism, and a penchant 
for Mystery Cults and Arena spectacles.
-The Current Emperor is the Human Lord Longinus the Pious. His other Immediate family 
members include his wife Lady Longinus and their 4 Daughters. His Mother, is a famed 
Oracle who still Lives, but his Father was killed fighting an Orc Warlord over a 
Century ago (It was Foretold but he accepted this as a noble fate).  
-The Empire is split into 6 Provinces. Each maintains 1 to 3 Legions or Fleets, as
well as contingents of native troops. 

-The lower classes wear simple Togas, Cotton or Woolen, and Leather sandals. The upper 
classes wear fine clothing: Velvet Togas dyed Purple or Red, Embroidered with Gold 
fringes and tassels, Laurel Leaf Crowns, and Rich Jewelry. 
-In the Lower Classes both Men and Elves take on the roles of Free Servants, Workers, 
Soldiers, Skilled Craftsmen, Innkeepers, Millers, Bakers, Butchers, Street Performers, 
Tutors, Mercenaries, Free Gladiators, Courtesans, and Imperial Agents. 
-Weaker Humanoid Slaves such as Goblins and kobolds do Farming, Construction, Herding 
Rag Picking, Rat Catching, Street cleaning, food tasting, and other Menial Tasks.  
-Strong Humanoid Slaves such as Orcs and Gnolls, and captive Monsters, Beasts, and Giants 
are reserved for the Arenas. The Gladreons have a Blood thirsty side and the Arenas 
help satisfy this Craving. Slaughters involving captured Drow are especially favored. 
-The Gladreons speak a language called Antiquin. this is the official Language of 
the Empire. It is precise and technical, well suited to such fields as Law, Economics,  
Government, and Engineering. It is accepted as the Common Tongue of the Empire. 

-The Gladreons long ago adopted the Greek Pantheon. Since their language is 
different from that of the Grecos Peoples, the names of the Gods are different as well.
They are linguistically referred to as the Gladric and Grecos Pantheons. 
-The Planets and the Months of the year are conveniently named after the Gods. 
-The Empire is Rife with underground Cults. These are shared by Elves and Humans alike. 
Some are Demon Worshippers. Others are imports from foreign Lands. The most popular is 
the Cult of Mithar the Gleaming God, a Good Warrior Deity, but not sanctioned by the 
State. Druidism and Witchcraft are also popular amongst some of the poorer Inhabitants, 
while Vampire Cults can be found amongst the rich and powerful.  

-There are of course, those serious individuals (Some Senators) that encourage the 
pursuit of Philosophy, Law, and Religion instead, but they are mostly ignored. 
-The bulk of Gladreons prefer to spend their time at Feasts (with Vomitorium's), Sports, 
Circuses, Passion Plays, Cult Gatherings, Orgies, Torture Sessions, Brothels, Drug Dens, 
Arena Combats, Chariot Races, Victory Parades, Hunting Trips, Gambling, Brothels, Slave
Auctions, Public Tortures, and Executions, and Festivities of any kind where they can 
overindulge in wine and witness the sufferings and degradations of others first hand. 
-Should they tire of these diversions, some look for activities involving much more personal 
Risk, such as Politics, Adventuring, Soldiering, becoming Imperial Agents, or even entering 
the Hippodrome as a Charioteer or the Arena as a Gladiator. 



Barely larger than a Sea. Bad storms are relatively rare. The Midoc is Safe for frail rowed 
vessels such as biremes and triremes. Often joked about as a Gladreon Lake. To the Far west 
are the Straights of Gax which leads to the Western Ocean, home of the Western Islands.

The Middle Sea connects to Attic Sea which separates Gladreon from Grecos. It is a narrow, 
shallow Sea. 

The Midoc also connects to the Ageis Sea, which in turn connects to the isles and city States 
of Grecos.  


-The Greek Lands are East of Gladreon are populated by Men and Golden Elves: They are Lovers 
of Poetry, Mythology, Dance, Wine, Music, Philosophy, and Heroics. 
-The basic unit of Government in the Region is the Independent City State. 
-Popular garb includes simple white Togas, Sandals, and Jewelry. 
-In Sports and a number of other public activities they prefer nudity. 
-The Region is Coastal, Rocky, and mostly unsettled Wilderness. Monsters of a Greek flavor are 
very Common. Most City States will have Centaurs, Satyrs, Fauns, and Nymphs living just outside 
the walls. Temples to Dionysus will often have all of these congregating openly to 
indulge in Wine and Frolicking. 

-Both the Golden Elves and the Humans worship the many Gods of the Greek Pantheon. It is 
interesting to note that the Gods will appear before Elves as Elvish beings, and before Men 
as Human Beings. Every race perceives a God as one of their own. 
-The Gods themselves very much enjoy visiting their worshippers in various disguises. The 
evidence of this is the many Demi-Gods that can be found also walking the Earth. 
-Each City state will have its own Patron God. The Gods offer protection and Aid in return 
for Prayers, Libations, and Sacrifices. 

-In times of War the inhabitants of Grecos will be the first to join the fight, fielding 
Armies and Navies composed of Arthenion Fleets, Spartos Hoplites, Corithon Phalanxes, 
Centaur Cavalry, and the occasional Charmed Monster, led by Heroes, Enchanters, and Demi-Gods. 
-The main exports of Grecos are Fish, Olive Oil, Wine, and Pottery. The Inhabitants of Grecos 
are famed Sailors and Mariners. Their Fishing, Trade, and War Fleets are second to none. 
-Amongst their secret weapons include Greek Fire and Large Mirrors that concentrate 
light into beams of energy that on a sunny day can burn through ships. 

-The large Island of Cretos sits close to Gyptos. It is ruled by King Midiac, a sorcerer who 
can turn his Foes into statues of Gold. Needless to say, Cretos is a rich land. It is also 
known for having a large population of Minotaurs with their Labyrinthine Lairs. A small 
population of Brutish, primitive Humans called the Cretans make their home in the Hills. 
-The Island of Theras. An Island ring surrounding a Giant Active Volcano. This can blow at 
any time, but the Salamander inhabitants have not fled as of yet. 
-The Island of Cyclos. Inhabited by a tribe of Cyclops. They are Sheep herders and Man-eaters. 
For sport they throw boulders at passing ships, but they rarely hit. A great Artifact known 
as the Golden Fleece is said to be hidden on the island, luring Heroes to their Doom. 
-The Straights of Hartoon, home to a Clan of Sea Sirens, famous for wrecking ships and 
devouring their crews. 


-250 Years Ago there was a great invasion of the Overworld by the Denizens of the 
Underworld. It was led by the Demon Overlord Korash the Conquerer. 
-The Overworlders were on the Verge of Defeat, but were Rallied by The Kingdom of 
Gladreon. The Underworlders were driven back and the Overworlders were Victorious. 
Korash himself was slain by a mighty ritual unsummoning spell cast by a Circle of 
Gladreon Enchanters who gave their lives to empower the Spell. As Tribute, many 
surviving Good Kingdoms declared Gladrien their Overlord and thus began the 
Gladreon Empire. 
-The Empire encompasses most of the lands surrounding the Middle Sea. There are Six 
Provinces: Gladreon, Grecos, Gyptos, Levantis, Spanika, and Northern Afratan

-The Empire taxes its members and maintains 7 Legions, 2 Naval Fleets and 1
Airship Fleet for its protection. A Legion has about 10,000 Troops. 
-Each Legion is composed of 85% Soldiers and 15% Auxiliary Troops. The Empire also 
Recruits Hero Types called Imperial Agents to go on special Missions.

-Player Characters in this Campaign can be Imperial Agents. They are granted great 
Independence to pursue Investigations and Mission goals however they want. 
-Missions of Imperial Agents include: Investigating suspected Cults, Escorting 
Diplomats and Inquisitors, Monster Hunting, Pursuing Fugitives, Recovering Relics, 
Rescuing Captives, Clearing-Out Dungeon Sites, Quelling Rebellions, Hunting Bandits 
and Pirates, Breaking up Assassins Guilds, etc. 
-Agents are usually assigned to a particular Legion or Province. Some larger Cities 
contain Imperial Academies. There are 3 Main Academies found in the Capitol cities of 
Gladreous (Gladreon), Athenos (Grecos), and Gizan (Gyptos). 
-These Impressive Fortified Structures contain Armories, Training Grounds, Libraries, 
Workshops, Laboratories, Government Offices, Classrooms, Dormitories, Officer 
Residences, Hospitals, and large numbers of support personnel. 


-Some possible Starting Scenarios for PC's who are not Imperial Agents include:
-New Agents: Characters are straight out of the Academy and are trying to pass the 
trials to become Agents. They are not agents yet. They are randomly assigned bunks 
together. The 7 Trials will last 7 Weeks. Trials test Magic Ability, Fighting Ability, 
Leadership, Stealth, Strategy, Diplomacy, Investigation, and Survival Skills. 
-Characters are Champions of a Feudal or Dwarven Kingdom with its own concerns.
They may be a Band of Knights or Dwarven Defenders off to deal with a Major Foe.  
-Characters are Rogue types pursuing semi-criminal activities in the inner coastal 
cities. They may be Pirates, Thieves, Scoundrels, Thugs, and other unsavory types.
-Characters are a mixed bag of surviving Refugees from a Humanoid Raid. They were 
not previously adventuring types, but they lost almost everything in the Raid, Now, 
They have a Map, some found equipment, and are looking for adventure and revenge.  
-Characters were once Imperial Agents or soldiers, but have long since retired. 
Some are gnarled veterans. Others did little of interest during their careers. 
Now they are out on their own, trying to make their own fortunes, without the 
Empire's interference, as independent adventurers and mercenaries. They may have 
skills/abilities greater than the typical starting Character. 


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