Roll or Pick one or more events from the Table. 
Players are encouraged to really dive in and flesh out 
Their characters Background Story. The GM needs to 
Approve of the story.  The GM may want to change or 
Add details to better fit his campaign. 

1D100	Event:
1	Your Village was killed off by Marauders
2	Birthmark Indicates an Important Destiny
3	Born During Major Astronomical Conjunction
4	Escaped Slave
5	Witness to or Subject of a Powerful Omen
6	Raised by Gypsies
7	Family Member or Best Friend Disappeared
8	Raised by Thieves Guild to be a Pick Pocket
9	Parents are Exiled Nobility
10	Family Member or Friend Imprisoned
11	Family Member has become a Vampire
12	True Love Abducted
13	Raised by Pirates or Bandits
14	Raised by Animals or Monsters
15	Shipwreck Survivor
16	Raised by Monks in a Monastery
17	Parents Murdered by Evil Sorcerer
18	Made Discovery as Apprentice. Master Took Credit
19	Last Surviving Heir
20	Subject of Prophesy
21	Suffering from Tragedy. Drink to Forget
22	Raised by Humanoids or Demi-Humans
23	Family Curse
24	Entered this World through one way Portal
25	Mentor was a Great Master
26	Reincarnation of a Legendary Hero
27	Homeland Conquered
28	Forbidden Love
29	Haunted by Ghost
30	Found or Inherited Important Relic
31	Price on your Head
32	Father is a God. Pawn of the Gods
33	Trained to a High Degree
34	Last Members of a Dying Race
35	Cursed by a Witch
36	Raised by Fey
37	Refugee
38	Lycanthrope or Under Enchantment
39	Special Companion
40	Evil Stepmother
41	Little Brother Taken by Goblins
42	Illegitimate Birth
43	Raised by Aunt/Uncle/Grandparents
44	Orphan. Raised by Guardian/Foster Parents
45	Inherited a Mansion/Castle/Inn
46	Unusual Birthplace or Birth Circumstances
47	Identical or Fraternal Twin
48	Many Siblings
49	Received Major Blessing
50	Family Legacy: Guardians
51	Raised by Cult to be an Assassin
52	Traumatic Event
53	Guardian Angel or Fairy Godmother
54	Grandfather was a Treasure Hunter
55	Betrothed at a Young Age
56	Mysterious Benefactor
57	Secret Identity. In Hiding
58	Bound Demon in Tattoo Seal  
59	Sibling in league with Evil Spell Caster
60	Friends or Family Members are Rebels
61	Unleashed a Great Evil
62	Joined the Circus
63	Religious Experience
64	Childhood Friend became Nemesis
65	Self or Family or Cause Betrayed
66	Dormant or Manifest Magical Power
67	Family Social Class Increased/Decreased
68	Travelled Widely
69	Witness to a Crime
70	Know an Important Secret
71	Befriended a Noble
72	Accused of a Crime
73	Honorable or Dishonorable Military Service
74	Visited by Planar Entity
75	Life Changing Romantic Encounter
76	Saved Somebodies Life
77	Organized Crime, Underworld Contacts
78	Owe Someone a lot of Money
79	Marriage Proposal
80	Minor or Major Fame or Parents Famous
81	Green Thumb. Eagle Eye. Special Talent. Gifted
82	Terrible Accident
83	Disowned by Parents
84	Unusual Pet
85	Sibling Rivalry
86	Kissing Cousin. Unusual Suitors
87	Immigrant Story
88	Self or Family Blackmailed
89	Lived on the City Streets. Criminal Activity
90	Owe Allegiance a Guild Faction
91	Actually a Creature polymorphed into Human Form
92	Battle Scars
93	Unrequited Love
94	Circle of Friends
95	Possessed by a Demon 
96	Lost for a Long Time
97	Heroic Action
98	Business Experience
99	Tortured
00	Physical or Medical Condition


The player should pick one or more off the List. 

Abrasive, Addict, Aesthetic, Affectionate, Aggressive, 
Aloof, Altruist, Amoral, Anarchic, Angry, Antagonistic, Anxious, 
Apathetic, Argumentative, Arrogant, Assertive, Avaricious, 
Barbaric, Blaming, Blustering, Bold, Brave, Callous, 
Calm, Careful, Cautious, Chaste, Cheat, Cheerful, Chivalrous, 
Clean, Clever, Comforting, Compassionate, Confident, 
Conservative, Conscientious, Considerate, Courageous, 
Courteous, Cowardly, Craven, Creative, 
Cruel, Curious, Day-Dreamer, Deceitful, Dependable, 
Dependent, Depraved, Depressed, Deviant, Diabolical, 
Diplomatic, Disciplined, Disrespectful, Driven, Drunkard, Dullard, 
Earnest, Easy-Going, Egalitarian, Egotistical, 
Emotional, Emotionless, Energetic, Enthusiastic, 
Envious, Ethical, Even-Tempered, Exacting, Extrovert, 
Fanatical, Fearless, Filthy, Flighty, Flippant, Follower, 
Foolhardy, Foolish, Foppish, Forceful, Forgiving, Foul, 
Friendly, Frivolous, Fun-Loving, Generous, Gentle, Gloomy, 
Greedy, Grim, Happy, Hard-Hearted, Harsh, Hateful, 
Haughty, Hedonist, Helpful, Honest, Honorable, 
Hostile, Hot-Tempered, Humble, Humorous, 
Iconoclastic, Illogical, Imaginative, Immaculate, Immature, 
Immoral, Impatient, Impure, Inquisitive, Insane, Insecure, 
Insensitive, Intellectual, Intolerant, Introvert, Irreverent, 
Jealous, Jolly, Judgmental, Kind, Lazy, Leader, Lecherous, Liar, 
Liberal, Logical, Loving, Lustful, Malevolent, Maniacal, 
Manipulating, Martyr, Materialistic, Miserly, Mean, Modest, 
Moody, Morbid, Morose, Mysterious, Neurotic, 
Obsequious, Obsessive, Obstructive, Opinionated, 
Optimist, Organized, Overbearing, Passive, Patient, 
Peacemaker, Perfectionist, Perverted, Pessimist, Pious, 
Prankster, Pretentious, Psychopath, Punctual, Pure, 
Rash, Reliable, Reserved, Respectful, Responsible, Restrained, 
Retiring, Reverent, Romantic, Rough, Rude, Sadistic, 
Saintly, Scheming, Scrupulous, Secretive, Self-Centered, 
Self-Sufficient, Selfish, Selfless, Sensitive, Serene, Serious, 
Servile, Skeptic, Slothful, Slovenly, Sober, Sociopath, Soft, 
Solitary, Spendthrift, Stern, Studious, Suave, Superstitious, 
Suspicious, Taciturn, Tactful, Tactless, Talkative, Tardy, Tolerant, 
Thoughtless, Thrifty, Trusting, Truthful, Undisciplined, Unforgiving, 
Unfriendly, Unrefined, Unscrupulous,  Untrustworthy, Vain, 
Vengeful, Violent, Virtuous, Vivacious, Warlike, Warmhearted, 
Wastrel, Well-Mannered, Wise, Worrying, Zealot


Why you do the things you do. This needs to answer the Question: 
Why did you become an Adventurer? If what you roll does not 
work simply pick one that does. 
Similar to Personality Traits but not exactly. 
For example you may have a Friendly Personality, 
but Friendship is not your main Motivation.  

1D100	Motivation: 
1	Practicality, Common Sense
2	Social Climbing, Socializing
3	Creation, Craftsmanship, Artistry
4	Find Fame, Bards Tale, Notoriety 
5	Purity, Uncorrupted, Self-Control, Virtue
6	Competition, Struggle, Conflict
7	Responsibility, Seriousness
8	Romantic Love. Looking for Love
9	Knowledge, Lore
10	Teaching, Sharing
11	Community Involvement
12	Performance, Storytelling
13	Freedom
14	Travel, Exploration, Exotic Locations
15	New Experiences, Adventure
16	Curiosity, Mystery, Strangeness
17	Domination, Control, Political Authority
18	Desire, Lust, Passion
19	Anarchy, Chaos, Disruption
20	Law and Order
21	Greed, Treasure, Fortune, Profit
22	Work, Dream Job
23	Family Ties
24	Friendship, Comradeship 
25	Revenge, Vengeance
26	Extremist, Fanaticism
27	Being the Best, Ambition, Something to Prove
28	Simple Life, Comforts, Normalcy
29	Safety, Security
30	Food, Gluttony, Eating
31	Collecting, Gotta Catch em All
32	Raw Power, Magical Power, Acquisition
33	Self-Importance, Ego, Pride
34	Self Degradation
35	Amusement, Humor, Comedy
36	Defending, Protecting, Savior
37	Destruction, Murder, Killing
38	Honor, Family Honor, Chivalry
39	Cunning, Ingenuity
40	Stealing, Thievery, Making a Score
41	Gossip, Drama, Unpredictability 
42	Rebellion, Social or Political Change
43	Hatred, Contempt
44	Disgust, Horror, Macabre, Dark Secrets 
45	Rank, Social Class
46	Affinity for Nature, Animals
47	Mastery
48	Wisdom, Insight, Find the Truth
49	Morals, Ethics, Advocacy
50	Beauty, Perfection
51	Pranks, Trickery
52	Unresolved Past Event, Clear Your Name
53	Faith, Religious Belief
54	Response to Mockery
55	Hedonism, Pleasure
56	Noble Goal, Personal Growth
57	Survival, Escape, Danger
58	Find Someone or Something
59	Service, Undying Loyalty 
60	Heroics, Boldness, Courage, Audacity
61	Looking for a Purpose in Life
62	Correct an Early Mistake
63	Inferiority Complex
64	Acknowledgement from Parent, Rival
65	Wants to Fulfill a Destiny
66	Compulsion to Help Everybody
67	Protecting the Weak and Innocent
68	Find the Best Mate, Marriage Possible
69	Pay off or Settle a Debt, Repay a Kind Act
70	Conquest, Rulership, Leadership
71	Envy, Resentment
72	Demotivation, Disinterest, Apathy, Sloth
73	Create or Destroy a Dystopia
74	Embodiment of an Abstract Concept
75	Destroy Enemies, Triumph
76	Gambling, Addiction, Dependency, Insanity
77	Prudence, Forethought, Plans, Precautions
78	Clan, People, Place, Homeland
79	Justice Shall Prevail
80	Spread Joy, Cheer, Happiness
81	Guilt, Survivors Guilt, To Not Fail Again
82	Discovery, For Science
83	Evil for its own Sake. Playground of Evil
84	Freudian Excuse, Fulfil Hidden Desires
85	Glory Seeker, Glory Hound
86	Looking for a Cure, Heal, Help People
87	Hidden Agenda, Intrigue
88	Home Sweet Home
89	Rationality, Logic
90	Humble Goal
91	For Self: Immortality, Beauty, Strength
92	New Start, Start Over
93	Wants to be Special
94	Excitement, Adrenaline, Danger
95	Prove your Masculinity
96	Bring Someone Back. Regain something Lost
97	Fear, Anger, Rage, Wrath
98	Oath, Promise, Vow, Resolution
99	Boredom, Ennui 
00	Want a Specific Artifact, Relic

Pick 5 Motivations from those listed above for your Character. 
Fulfilling all Character Motivations gets you a Reward- get 1 Destiny point.
Fulfilment can either be by satisfying the Motivation or Eliminating it, 
whichever is more appropriate. You may save up Destiny Points.   
Use up a Destiny Point to pick the result of 1 Diceroll.
After you earn a Destiny Point pick 5 new Motivations.  


The Character may worship some, none, or all of the Gods. 
Most characters will be assumed to be of the Good (Lawful) Alignment. 
Players should ask the GM what Gods he is making available.  
Worship may range from a token affinity to Priestly devotion. 


These are living Friends and Relatives you still see on a regular basis and 
Who depend on you in some way. You may be especially close. They may 
Need financial Support. They may need Supervision or Protection. They 
May be worried about you or expect you home for dinner. You are 
Wanted and needed. You have both support and obligations. 
Pick freely off this List and/or Roll 1D6 – 2 Times on the Table to 
determine what dependents you have: 

1D30	Dependents
1	Parents
2	Mother
3	Father
4	Sibling(s)
5	Brother(s)
6	Sister(s)
7	Husband or Wife
8	Children
9	Grandparent(s)
10	Aunt and/or Uncle
11	Cousin(s)
12	Girlfriend/Boyfriend
13	Childhood Friend(s)
14	Drinking Buddies
15	Orphan(s) or Prostitutes
16	Villager(s) or Tribe
17	Substitute Family
18	Partner(s)
19	Pet or Monster Friend
20	Mentor
21-25	Small Family
26-30	Large Extended Family


What Family and/or Clan you belong to. This will also determine 
other things like Social Class, Dependents, and Background Story. 
a powerful family can mean that in addition to wealth and other 
Resources, you have obligations and enemies as well. In real life 
you can't pick your family, but in RPG's you can, so have fun with 
it and be creative. 


Every culture type will have its own set of Social Class Designations. 
The Profession a player has chosen will limit his choices. 
Once players start adventuring their social class will 
often change dramatically according to their fortunes. 
Adventurers are often considered outsiders and will be rejected by 
parts of the existing social order. 
Players are with the GM's permission free to choose any 
starting Social class they like. The GM may have players pick a 
result or simply roll on the Class Table: 

1D8	Social Class (Medieval): 
1	Slave or Escaped Slave: Humanoids, Beggars
2	Lower Criminal Class: Rogue, Pirate, Gypsy
3	Lower Working Class: Peasant, Servant, Musician, Mercenary, Soldier
4	Middle Monied Class: Craftsman, Merchant, Miller, Inn Keeper
4	Middle Learned Class: Scholar, Mage, Priest
6	Minor Nobility: Knight, Gentry, Official, Courtesan
7	Major Nobility: Count, Baron, Senator, Guild Master
8	Greater Nobility: Duke, Admiral, General, Royalty, Imperial


Starting Characters get only what the GM gives them per their Class Description.   
Different worlds will have very different class systems and measures of wealth. 
In general most Adventurers can expect to start things off with only the clothes 
on their back, a couple of weapons, and a handful of Coins in a pouch. 
The player may be a Landowner. His Estates will have value and will generate 
incomes. Only some of a Characters wealth may exist in liquid form: Gold Coins and 
equivalents. Servants and slaves have value. Magic Items are certainly of 
great rarity and value. 


This is highly variable. It will be limited to a time and place. 
It may be good or bad. It will incur a Charisma Bonus or Penalty. 
It is possible for a Character to have multiple Reputations in 
different locales. For some professions, like entertainers, 
reputation, or Fame, is extremely important. Many men spend 
a great deal of time, money, and effort cultivating their 


Use the table below to quickly determine a relationship between 
two characters or groups. This can be used for starting 
relationships between PC's. 

1D60	Relationship:
1	Mutual Trust
2	Strangers
3	Acquaintances
4	Long Time Friends
5	Distant Relatives
6	Close Relatives
7	Friendly
8	Distrustful
9	Mutual Respect
10	Romantic Interest
11	Business Like
12	Professional
13	Annoyance
14	Disgust
15	Drinking Buddies
16	Argumentative
17	Brotherly
18	Protective
19	Bullying
20	Nagging
21	Impatience
22	Codependent
23	Envious
24	Domineering
25	Passive Aggressive
26	Take for Granted
27	Polite
28	Conversational
29	Comradery
30	Avoidant
31	Exasperated
32	Intimidated
33	Idolized
34	Forgiving
35	Just Tolerable
36	Helpful
37	Teasing
38	Advisory
39	Questioning
40	Preaching
41	Didactic
42	Best Behavior
43	Timid
44	Spiteful
45	Honorable
46	Flippant
47	Arrogant
48	Bitchy
49	Commiserating 
50	Complaining
51	Secretive
52	Withdrawn
53	Allegiance
54	Blood Debt
55	Comedic
56	Mean
57	Stubborn
58	Shared Passion
59	Low Opinion
60	Congenial


The Characters Alignment will usually match that of his Gods. 
There is one Primary Axis: 
Good (Law) - Evil (Chaos)
Alignment on any Axis can change depending on the Characters actions. 
The Primary Axis is necessary for many purposes, however other 
Secondary Axes can Flesh out a Characters Personality. 

There are multiple possible Secondary Axes: 
Realist - Imaginative (How you deal with Information)
Rational - Passionate (How you make Decisions)
Extravert - Introvert (How you are Focused)
Judgmental - Flexible (How you Live your Life)
Disciplined - Wild (Your Degree of Self-Control)
Super Ego - Ego (Do you care more about yourself or Others) 


A Starting Character picks 1 Advantage. 
These are similar to Skills, but harder to come by. 
You are usually born with them, but occasionally you 
can acquire them later in life. Purchase like Skills. 

Ambidextrous – No penalty for Off-Hand Actions. 
Animal Magnetism – Get +1 when dealing with Animals. 
Animal Reflexes - Get +1 to Dodge.  
Animal Senses – Get +2 to Alertness.
Angelic - Get +2 when dealing with Angels and Devas. Faint Halo
Bravery - Get +4 to Saves vs Fear. 
City Dweller - Get +1 to all rolls while in Cities. 
Common Sense – Get Wisdom. 
Danger Sense – Get +1 to Search for Traps.
Deftness - Get +1 to Saving Throws.
Demonic - Get +2 when dealing with Devils and Demons. Tiny Horns
Desert Dweller - Get +1 to all rolls in Desert Environments.
Devious - Get +1 to Guile and Intrigue.
Direction Sense – Navigation and Mazes +1.
Divine Blessing – Get Luck. 
Djinn Blood - Get +2 when dealing with Djinn. Bluish tinge to Skin  
Double Jointed - Get +2 to Escape Artist Skill. 
Eagle Eye – See Things Far Away. Far things appear Long Range etc. 
Endurance - Fatigue effects are halved. 
Fey Blood - Get +2 when dealing with Fey. Big Eyes
Giant Blood - Size +1. Get +2 when dealing with Giants.
Good Aim - Get +1 to Ranged Attacks. 
Good Looking - Get +1 to Appearance.  
Great Physique - Get +1 to Strength. 
Green Thumb – Gardening and Farming and Herbalism +2. 
Infravision – See Heat Signatures Underground. Light Sensitive Above.  
Instinct – Get +1 to Defense. 
Inner Calm - Get +4 to Save vs Anger and Frustration. 
Iron Mind - Get +2 to Save vs Mind Control, Confusion, and Madness.
Language Prodigy – Start game knowing an extra 3 Languages. 
Magic Prodigy – Total Magic Lists Knowable +1.  
Magic Resistance – Get +1 to save vs Spells and Spell Like Effects. 
Magic Sense – Can always Detect Magic. 
Math Prodigy – Math +4. 
Mental Clock – Time Things Perfectly. Get +1 to Attacks. 
Music Prodigy – Musician +2. Know 1D3 extra Instruments 
Night Vision – No penalties when Outside at Night. 
Perfect Memory – Memory +3.  
Peripheral Vision – Negate Backstab and Flank Attack bonuses vs you. 
Pugilist – Get +1 to Brawl. 
Resist Poison +4 Save. 
Resist Disease +4 Save.
Resist Cold +4 Save.
Resist Hunger +4 Save.
Resist Paralysis +4 Save.
Sea Legs - Get +1 to all rolls while on a Boat or Ship. 
See Illusions +4 to Detect.
See Invisible +4 to Detect.
Spell Power - Get PP +1. 
Spirit Sight - Always See Spirits (I see Dead People). 
Situational Awareness - Get +4 to Save vs Confusion. 
Quick Healing – Get +1 to Daily Healing Roll. 
Unshakeable - Get +4 to Self Morale. 
Well Traveled - Get +2 to Geography and History. 


Each player Character starts with 1 Disadvantage. 
A player might acquire them along the way. Trying to find a 
Cure might be the reason for a quest. 

Accident Prone (1 in 6 chance to Fumble on regular Failures)
Albino (Easily Recognizable. -1 Appearance Penalty) 
Animal Aversion (Animals Dislike you. No Animal Skills)
Appetite for Conquest
Appetite for Destruction
Asthmatic (Fatigue in Half the Time) 
Blindness (Bad Sight. Combat Penalties)
Branded (Marked as a Criminal; Get -4 to Social Interactions with Lawful Characters)
Color Blind (Alertness or Search penalty in some Rare cases)
Control Freak (Need to Dominate)
Cowardice (-4 Morale Penalty. -4 to Save vs Fear) 
Major Curse (Hard to Break)
Deafness (Bad Hearing. Combat Penalties)
Deathwish (Survivors Guilt)
Disfigurement (Appearance Penalty. Hard to Hide)
Distrust Magic (Avoids Spell Casters and Using Relics)
Distrust Dwarves (Avoids any Dealings with them)
Distrust Elves (Avoids any Dealings with them) 
Distrusted (People Dislike you. -2 Penalty to Social Interactions)
Drug Addiction (Opioids, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Depressants) 
Dull (-1 Defense Penalty) 
Flighty (Frequently changes their mind) 
Foppish (Wears Expensive Clothing)
Forgetfulness (Names, Items, Tasks) 
Foreigner (Misunderstood and Disliked by Many. Social Interactions -1)
Gambling Addiction (Will Gamble every opportunity possible)
Gigantism (Size +1. Some Disfigurement) 
Glutton (Overeats. Needs double Rations)
Greed (Acquisition of Gold is the Top Priority)
Hedonist (Need for Pleasure) 
Hemophilia (All your Wounds get the Bleed Effect)
Inferiority Complex (Need to Overcompensate)
Lame (-2 Movement, -1 Combat Penalties) 
Madness (Major Delusions, Will come under GM’s Control at times) 
Midget (Size -1. Some Disfigurement)
Miserly (Will spend as little money as possible)
Mutant (One Mutation) 
Mute (Cannot Speak at All. Communication Difficulties)
Multiple Personalities (Extra 1D6. Each with their own Delusions)
Need for Glory (Giant Ego. Makes bad Choices)
Night Blind (-1 Penalty to Actions in Darkness) 
Nocturnal (Up all night, Sleeps all Day) 
Nymphomaniac (Sexual Appetite hard to satisfy)  
Obese (Overweight. -1 to Social Interactions, Swift -1) 
Obsession (Usually for Magical Power) 
One Arm (Or One Hand. Penalizes, Limits some Activities)
One Eye (-1 Alertness, -1 Social Interactions) 
Paranoia (Everyone is out to get you) 
Perversion (Sexual Deviant) 
Phobia of Animals (No Riding, Animal Skills) 
Phobia of the Dark (Fail to Act. Run Away)
Phobia of Heights (Incapable of Action. Might Fall) 
Phobia of Monsters (Flee, Scream, Attack Wildly) 
Phobia of Magic (Cannot Cast Spells or use Items) 
Phobia of Tight Spaces (Must get Away, Panicky) 
Phobia of Water (No Swimming, or Aquatic Skills)
Physical Weakness (-1 Strength) 
Psychopath (Unrepentant Murderer, Torturer)
Pyromania (Wants to see the World Burn) 
Seizures (GM determines Frequency, Severity, Duration)
Skin Condition (-1 Penalty to all actions)   
Sociopath (Breaks Taboos, Social Contracts, Social Norms)
Superstitious (In Numerous situations you may fail to act) 
Rashness (Will Act before Thinking or Planning) 
Repulsive (Bad Personal Hygiene. -1 Social Interactions)
Sickly (-1 Toughness) 
Slow (Swift -1) 
Stupid (-2 to Lore Skill Rolls)
Stuttering (Communication Difficulties, -1 Social Interactions) 
Taciturn (Speaks very Little. -1 Social Interactions) 
Tone Deaf (No Musical, Singing Skills)
Tremors (Shaky Hands. -1 Penalty to Trade Skill Rolls) 
Tourette's (Constantly Cursing, -2 Social Interactions, -4 Stealth)  
Uncoordinated (-1 Penalty to Combat Rolls)
Weakness to Alcohol (Constantly getting Drunk) 
Weakness to Men/Women (Sexual Desire. When Tempted Save at -4) 

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