A great number of Plants and Mushrooms have Medicinal or Physiological Properties. 
When Found roll on the Medicinal Table to see what use a particular specimen has. 
These can be applied as Salves, Teas, Pastes, Chewed, etc. These must be found 
growing wild. Some gifted gardeners can grow these in special Groves and 

1D40	Property:
1	Spell Component
2	Alchemical Component
3	Dye or Ink Component
4	Stimulant (Negate Weakness, Fatigue)
5	Healing (Remove 1D6 Wound Counters)
6	Activating (Negate Unconsciousness, Sleep) 
7	Poison (Mild)
8	Poison (Moderate)
9	Poison (Strong) 
10	Antidote (Negate Poison)
11	Cure (Negate Disease) 
12	Anti-Emetic (Negate Nausea, Vomiting) 
13	Hallucinogenic (Produce Visions)
14	Sedating (Produce Sleep)
15	Paralyzation (Cause or Negate) 
16	Increase Strength (Strength +2)
17	Calming 
18	Cure Ailments (Digestive, Respiratory, Blood, etc.) 
19	Breathe Water
20	Mutation
21	Seed (Grow Instant Treant) or Spore (Instant Fungus Monster)
22	Increase Speed (Like Haste Spell)
23	Increase Alertness (Alertness +4)
24	Laughing
25	Resurrection
26	Cold Resistance
27	Telepathic Powers (Like Spell)
28	Polymorph
29	Partial Transformation (Wings, Tail, Claws, etc.)
30	Regeneration
31	Remove all Fatigue
32	Wolfsbane: Repel Wolves
33	Garlic: Repel Vampires
34	Stop Bleeding
35	Remove Hurt condition
36	Enhance Sight
37	Enhance Hearing
38	Enhance sense of Smell
39	See, Talk to Spirits
40	Remove Scars, Burns


1D6	Property:
1	Calming (For 1D2 Hours)
2	Increase Speed (Like Haste Spell for 1 Combat)
3	Increase Alertness (Alertness +4 for 1D2 Hours)
4	Laughing (For 3D20 Minutes. Also produces Hunger)
5	Hallucinogenic (Produce Visions for 1D3 Hours)
6	Increase Strength (Strength +2 for 1 Combat)


Most Poisons start working in 1D6 Rounds. 
Poisons remain in the system 1D3 Days. 
Individuals that survive Lethal Poisons get the Sick Penalty. 

1D10	Poison Effect:		Notes:
1.	Paralysis		Immobilized
2.	Lethal Weak		Save vs Death at a +2 Bonus
3.	Lethal Moderate		Save vs Death
4.	Lethal Strong		Save vs Death at a -2 Penalty
5.	Lethal Potent		Save vs Death at a -4 Penalty
6.	Unhealing Wound 	From Coated Weapon. Wound Markers remain
7.	Weakness		Strength, Toughness, and Move -2
8.	Hallucinations		Confusion Penalty
9.	Blood Poison		Roll 1D3 times on the Disease Table
10.	Sleep			1D6 Hours. 


These include anything an Alchemist, Sorcerer or Witch might Make or Have. 
Not all are strictly Potions. There are also Salves, Oils, Powders, etc. 
They take a 1D4 weeks or more to Make. Some of the ingredients are very hard to find. 

1D30 	Item:				Notes:
1. 	Potion of Healing		Heal all Wounds
2. 	Potion of Giant Strength	Strength +5 for 1 Combat
3. 	Elixir of Longevity		Increase Lifespan by 10%
4. 	Fairy Dust			1D6 Uses. Fly. Medium Speed for 1 Hour
5. 	Acid Vial			1D6 Vials. Damage +2 (Splash 1D2 Adj Targets)
6. 	Restoration Salve		1D3 Uses. Regrow Lost Limb
7. 	Love Potion			Love at First Sight
8. 	Polymorph Juice Potion		Form taken per GM
9. 	Potion of Water Breathing	Lasts 2D6 Hours
10. 	Oil of Slipperiness		Covers Floor. Save or Fall Down
11. 	Potion of Speed			One Combat. Double Speed & Attacks
12. 	Magic Mead			Same as Vision Spell. See Truth.
13. 	Stoneskin Cream			1D3 Uses. Same as Stoneskin Spell
14. 	Blinding Powder			1D4 Uses. Short Range. Foe Blinded 2D6 Rounds
15. 	Potion of Stone to Flesh	Reverse Petrification
16. 	Potion of Dilution		Pour on Slime. It must Save or Die
17. 	Pesticide Spray			Spray on Insect(s) They must Save or Die
18. 	Potion of Invisibility		Stealth +5 for 1 Combat or 2 Hours
19. 	Flask of Fire Water     	Save vs Fire +8 for 1 Combat or 15 minutes
20. 	Can of Cold Brew        	Save vs Cold +8 for 1 Combat or 15 minutes
21.	Potion of Invulnerability	Defense +5
22. 	Potion of Gaseous Form		Good for infiltrations and escapes
23. 	Potion of Growth		Giant Size. Strength +4 and Toughness +3
24.	Potion of Shrinking		Tiny Size. 
25. 	Potion of Heroism		Get +3 to all Rolls for 1 Combat
26. 	Antidote Serum			Negate Poison
27.	Wine of Slumber			Those who partake will fall asleep in 1D6 Minutes
28. 	Potion of Telepathy		Like the Spell
29.	Cursed Fruit			Those who take a Bite are Cursed
30.	Lightning in a Bottle		Medium Range. Damage +5 to 1D3 Adj Foes)


Rune Stones are Single Use. When used they Shatter. They take a week to Make.
They are usually Smooth Stones of a size that fits comfortably in the Hand.  
The way they are used varies: Some function exactly like Spells. 
Some are used as Thrown Weapons. They affect 1D6 Adj Foes next to where they Land. 
You can think of them as Bombs or Grenades. Short Range.  
Some can be used as Traps. These are Proximity Traps that go off when someone gets 
within HTH Range. They affect 1D6 Adj Foes. They will not go off on the Spell Caster. 
Trap Runes can be carved into much Larger Standing Stones or Stone Walls. 

1. Healing Rune (Like Heal Spell)
2. Energy Rune (Thrown or Trap. Explodes for Damage +3 and Stun) 
3. Fire Rune (Thrown or Trap. Damage +2 and Burn)
4. Ice Rune (Thrown or Trap. Explodes for Damage +3 and Chill)
5. Lightning Rune (Thrown or Trap. Explodes for Damage +3 and Shock)
6. Light Rune (Like Light or Flash Spell) 
7. Fear Rune (Like Fear Spell) 
8. Teleport Rune (Like Teleport Spell)
9. Shield Rune (Like Shield Spell)
10. Counter Spell Rune (Like Counter Spell) 


The Create Fetish Spell is a starting Spell of the Shaman Class. 
This Spell produces Primitive Magic Items that often deteriorate over time or use. 
Fragile Items can be used 10 times before they become defunct. 
Delicate Items last 3 Months before they lose their Powers. 
Many Fetishes can be made in a day, others may require weeks to carve. 
Some require particular components: The Voodoo Doll is custom made for its 
Victim and requires Hair, Skin, or Body Fluids from the Target to make.   

1. Voodoo Doll (Long Range. Save or Damage +1 to specific Target)  Fragile
2. Stone Idol (Becomes Stone Golem for 1 Combat) Fragile
3. Guardian Totem (Becomes Wood Golem for 1 Combat) Fragile
4. Medicine Bag (Gain 1 Power Point per Day) Delicate
5. Divination Bones (Like Spell. Once per Day) Fragile
6. Poison Pot (2D6 Doses of Poison. Coat Weapons)
7. Astral Root (1D4 Doses. Like Astral Travel Spell)
8. Frog Fetish (Single use. Medium Range. Target Becomes Frog. Permanent)
9. Bad JuJu (Single use. Like the Raise Dead Spell)
10. Wolf Mask (Wearer becomes a wolf for as long as they want) Fragile 
11. Peace Pipe (Like Calm Spell. Once per Day) Fragile
12. Feathered Cape (Like Fly Spell. Up to 3x/Day) Fragile
13. Shrunken Head (Answers 1 Question per Day) Fragile
14. Mummified Bear Claws (Strength +1) Delicate
15. Spirit Root (2D3 Doses. See Invisible or Spirits for 1 Hour) 
16. Monkey Paw (Taunt +5) Delicate
17. Coup Stick (Tactics +1) Delicate
18. Snake Moccasins (Stealth +5) Delicate
19. Dream Catcher (Single Use. Cure Madness or Posession)
20. Turtle Charm (Defense +1) Delicate


These are the products of Dwarven Brewmasters. 
1 Drink = 1 Dose. 
Small Keg = 10 Doses, Large Keg = 20 doses, Barrel = 40 Doses
It takes a Week to Brew a Batch of Magic Beer. 
A Brewmaster in Town with lots of Equipment can brew up to 5 Batches at a time. 

1. Berserkers Brew (Berserker for 3 Hours. 1 Batch = 1 Barrel) 
2. Mages Mead (Gain 1 Power Point. 1 Batch = 1 Small Keg)
3. Fire Breathing Brew (Short Range. Fire. Attack +1. Burn. 1 Attack per Drink. 1 Small Keg) 
4. Liquid Courage (Get +1 to all Rolls for 2 Hours. 1 Batch = 1 Large Keg)
5. Revival Ale (Like Resurrection Spell. 1 Batch = 1D2 Drinks) 
6. Dwarven Stout (Strength and Toughness +2 for 1 Hour. 1 Batch = 1 Small Keg) 


These are items Fabricated by Inventors, Alchemists, and Artificers.
Bombs are created by a variety of means. Any of the following combination of 
Skills and Spells may have been employed: Gun Powder, Invention Skill, 
Potion Brewing, Alchemy, Create Magic Item, and Technology Skill. 
Those on the List are considered to be Grenade Size and can be 
Thrown out to Medium Range where they will affect 1D6 Adj Foes next to 
the point of Detonation. Larger Bombs must be launched by 
Catapults or be placed and then Remotely Detonated. Remote Activation is 
Accomplished by Fuses, Being Struck by a Fire type Attack (Flaming Arrow), 
Wires attached to Plungers, or lighting Trails of Gunpowder. Larger Bombs 
will affect up to 2D6 Adj Foes. A Small Keg Size Bomb will do 
Damage +1, A Large Keg Damage +2, A Barrel Damage +3, Anything Bigger 
Will do Damage +4 and affect 4D6 Adj Foes. Character must Save to 
Avoid Damage. They take 2D4 Days to Make. 

1D12	Type:		Notes:
1. 	Explosive	Damage +1 (Gun Powder)
2. 	Smoke		No Damage. Provides Cover. Colors for Signaling (Alchemy)
3. 	Concussion	No Damage. Save or be Knocked Out or Stunned (Technology)
4. 	Incendiary	Fire Damage. Burn (Alchemy)
5. 	Crawling	Has Tiny legs. Will Scuttle towards the Target (Invention)
6. 	Glider		When Thrown Wings Open up. Triple Range. (Invention) 
7. 	Shrapnel	Saves vs Shrapnel are at -2. (Gun Powder)
8. 	Stink Bomb	No Damage. Save at -2 or be Nauseated (Alchemy)
9.	Vortex Bomb	Save or Get sucked into the Void. Instant Death (Magic Item) 
10.	Nude Bomb	No Damage. Lose everything you are Wearing (Magic Item)
11.	Poison Gas	Lingers for 2D4 Turns. Fills Small Room (Potion Spell)
12.	Gas Grenade	Potion Like Effect. Fills Small Room (Potion Spell)


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