INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 players. Players are rival 15-18th century Warships trying to sink each other. OBJECT Destroy your opponents ship by reducing any one of his stats to zero. SHIP STATS Each ship has three stats: 1. Hull 2. Rigging 3. Crew Each stat has a starting value of 7 points. Cannon attacks will reduce these starting values. If the Hull stat goes to zero the ship will sink. If the Rigging stat goes to zero the ship can no longer move. If the Crew stat goes to zero, then all aboard have perished. DECK The Deck has 56 cards. Players share a common deck. There are 7 types of cards. The deck contains 8 cards of each type. CARD TYPE LIST North Wind South Wind East Wind West Wind Cannon Balls Chain Shot Grape Shot TURN SEQUENCE Play is simultaneous. Each turn has 5 phases: 1. Load Phase 2. Reload Phase 3. Sail Phase 4. Fire Phase 5. Retire Phase LOAD PHASE Each player is dealt enough cards to fill their hand up to 7 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and deal from it.. RELOAD PHASE Each player may discard up to 4 of his cards. Players are dealt replacement cards. SAIL PHASE Players simultaneously reveal none, one, or more Wind cards. The wind cards revealed may not include opposites. North and South are opposites. East and West are opposites. For example, you can play a South and a West card together. You may play more than one of the same Wind card. For example, you can play 2 North cards and 3 East cards. The player with the most Wind cards is said to be the Advantaged player. The player with fewer Wind cards is said to be the Disadvantaged player. If tied, both players are said to be Equals. Discard all played cards. FIRE PHASE The Advantaged player may attack. The Disadvantaged player may not attack. If Equals, both players may attack. An attacker may reveal attack cards of only one type. For example, a player may reveal one or more Cannon Ball cards, but cannot also reveal Chain and Grape Shot. Each Cannon Ball card will reduce the opponents Hull Stat by one. Each Chain Shot card will reduce the opponents Rigging Stat by one. Each Grape Shot card will reduce the opponents Crew Stat by one. Discard all played cards. RETIRE PHASE Players may discard up to 3 cards. CARDSET AVAILABLE Much Thanks to Alcrespi Click Here

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