Three Player Wargame.
The first player is the Japanese.
The second player is the Nationalist Chinese.
The third player is the Communist Chinese.

Use a hex map of mainland China.
Include about 20 cities on the map.
Also include mountains and rivers.

All sides start with 20 armies.
Use counters to represent armies.
The Communists start in the Northwest
The Nationalists start in the Southwest and South.
The Japanese start in the North and East.

The game ends after 9 years.
Keep track of the year (turn number).
The game starts in 1939 and ends in 1945.
The Game ends right before the Atomic bombs are dropped.
The player controlling the most cities at the end wins.

Each year is divided into 4 phases:
1. Reinforcement Phase
2. Japanese Action Phase
3. Nationalist Action Phase
4. Communist Action Phase

Each player gains a number of armies equal to:
1 Free Army + 1 Army for every 2 cities the player controls.
New Armies are placed in or adjacent to a controlled city.

During his action phase a player may move and attack with his armies.
A player gets 20 action points (AP) at the beginning of his phase.
Every time he moves an army or attacks with an army he must discard 1 AP.
An individual unit may move and attack multiple times.
Unused AP are discarded at the end of the turn.
Armies may not stack.
It costs 2 AP for an army to move into a Mountain hex.
It costs 1 AP far an army to cross a River.
All players may attack all other players.

The active player may attack an adjacent opposing army.
Both players fill their hands to 10 cards.
Players may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements.
Each card has a force value.
Players add up the Force value of all their cards.
Each player is limited to the number of cards of a certain type that he can 
Use in his hand.  See the Card limit Tables.
For instance the Nationalist player could use 8 Infantry max, but the
Japanese player could use only 4 Infantry max.
The Higher Force Total wins the battle.
An Army attacking across a river gets –1 to its Force Total.
An Army that already fought a battle this turn gets –1 to its Force Total.
An Army defending in a city or mountain gets +1 to its Force Total.
The defender wins ties.
The losing army is destroyed.
Used cards are discarded.
Unused cards may be discarded or kept in the players hand to be 
used in later battles.

Card Type:		Max:
Infantry		8	
Tanks			1	
Artillery		1	
Fighters		1	
Bombers			0	
Tactics			2
Morale			2
Strongpoint		1
Leader			1

Card Type:		Max:
Infantry		6	
Tanks			1	
Artillery		1	
Fighters		1	
Bombers			0	
Tactics			3
Morale			3
Strongpoint		1
Leader			1

Card Type:		Max:
Infantry		4	
Tanks			2	
Artillery		2	
Fighters		2	
Bombers			1	
Tactics			2
Morale			2
Strongpoint		1
Leader			1

Card Name:		#	Force	
Chinese Infantry	20	1
Infantry		20	1
Tanks			10	2
Artillery		10	2
Fighters		10	2
Flying Tigers		5	3
Bombers			5	2
Tactics			10	2
Morale			15	2
Strongpoint		10	3
Leader			5	3
# = Number of that card in the deck.

Strongpoint cards can only be used by a defending army.
The Flying Tigers count as Fighters.
Flying Tigers can only be used by the Nationalist armies against the Japanese.
Chinese Infantry count as Infantry.
Chinese Infantry can only be used by Chinese armies.

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