INTRODUCTION Spanish American War 1898. Card Game for 2 players. One player gets the American deck. The other player gets the Spanish deck. THE DECKS Each deck is composed of 32 cards. Each card has a name, type, and force value. OBJECT Players play 8 hands. If both win 4 hands, the game is a draw, and history unfolds as in the books. If The Americans win 5+ hands, then they take the hill with fewer casualties. If the Spanish win 5+ hands, the Americans suffer a military disaster & retreat. TURN SEQUENCE Each hand (Turn) has 4 phases: 1. Draw Phase 2. Reserve Phase 3. Attack Phase 4. Withdrawl Phase DRAWPHASE Each player draws up to 8 cards from their own deck. If a deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. RESERVE PHASE Each player may discard up to 2 cards and draw an equal number of new cards. The American player may discard his Observation balloon card to look at the Spaniard’s hand after the Spaniard does reserves, and before the American does. ATTACK PHASE Players may play one card, from their hand, of each of the 7 types of Cards listed in the Card Type Chart. The American player may play up to 2 Infantry Units (U). The Spanish player may play up to 2 Terrain cards (T). Some cards can eliminate others. Discard target eliminated card. Each player adds up the force values of his played un-eliminated cards. The player with the higher force value wins the hand. Tied hands remain tied. Played cards are discarded. WITHDRAWL PHASE Players may discard up to 3 cards from their hands.

CARD TYPE CHART Abbreviation Meaning U Infantry Units A Artillery L Leaders M Morale E Equipment T Terrain S Special

CARD LIST American forces Unit Name Type Force Notes Rough Riders U 5 Lieutenant Colonel Teddy Roosevelt L 5 Artillery A 2 US Regiments U 3 Infantry U 3 Dismounted cavalry U 2 Gatling Guns A 2 Sims-Dudley dynamite gun S 1 Eliminate opposing Terrain Volunteer formations U 1 Aging equipment E 1 Black powder E 1 Springfields E 1 Breech loading Krag-Jorgensen rifles E 3 Old field pieces A 1 Buffalo Soldiers U 3 General Joe Wheeler L 1 Division and brigade commanders L 2 Easily flanked T 4 Encirclement T 4 V Corps U 3 Grimes Battery A 2 71st NY U 3 Colonel Leonard Wood L 3 Former Spanish trenches T 3 Troopers U 3 General Shaftner L 3 Reform scattered units M 3 Observation balloon S 0 Look at opponents hand Jingo Press Sensationalism M 4 War Mongering M 3 Charge!!! M 3 Remember the Maine! M 3

CARD LIST Spanish Forces Unit Name Type Force Notes Companies U 2 Bravery M 3 Grim determination M 3 Battalions U 2 Artillery A 3 Leader casualties S 1 Eliminate opposing Leader Sharpshooters M 3 Trenches T 3 General Linares L 3 Well trained M 3 Mauser rifles E 4 German-made Krupp pieces A 5 Recruited Cubans U 1 Remingtons E 2 Spanish gunners under Ordo-ez A 3 Machetes E 1 Heat & humidity M 1 Malaria, Typhoid Fever, & Dysentery S 1 Eliminate opposing Unit Blockhouses T 3 Fortified positions T 3 Delaying force U 1 Bloody Ford T 3 Kettle Hill T 1 Counterattack T 3 Spanish reserve units U 2 Main Spanish line U 4 Sierra's cavalry U 2 Bustamante's Naval infantry U 2 High Ground T 5 Entrenchments T 3 Detachments U 1 Accurate Fire A 4

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