Solo Dice & Card game.
The player must defend and build up his Space colony.

Six sided dice are needed.
Tokens to indicate damage and power are needed.
Pen & paper to record Megacredit totals are needed.

The deck has 4 types of cards mixed in:
Events, Invaders, Defenders, and Structures.

You start with your base card in play.
The Base has the following attributes:
It can take 10 hits of Damage before being destroyed.
It has a built in laser turret: It attacks with one die every battle turn.
It generates 5 power points every turn.
A Base allows you to have two defenders.

You start with your base, zero Megacredits, and no cards.

The game ends at the end of the turn when the last card has been drawn from the deck.
If your base is ever destroyed the game ends immediately and you lose with a score = 0.

Your score is equal to your Megacredit total at the end of the game.

Each turn has 5 Phases:
1. Space Karma Phase
2. Event Phase
3. Build Phase
4. Power Phase
5. Income Phase

Draw 1 card.
If it is an Invasion or Event card it is resolved in Event Phase.
Otherwise, keep it in your hand. 
Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards.

An Invasion or Event card drawn last phase is resolved now.
For Event cards just follow the instructions on the card.
Discard the Event card after it is resolved.
For Invasion cards are resolved through Battle Rounds.
In a Battle Round the Invader attacks, and your Defenders & Laser 
Turrets attack once each.
Roll 1D6 for every level of Force an Invader or Defender has.
A roll of 1 will do one point of damage to the opposing side.
Use counters placed on the cards to record damage.
Each damage counter so placed reduces the cards Force by one point.
An Invader or Defender card reduced to 0 Force is destroyed.
Destroyed cards are discarded.
When the invaders inflict damage a random defender card will be hit first.
If there are no defender cards, Force domes will be attacked next.
Force Domes can take 3 Hits before being destroyed.
If all force domes are destroyed, Laser Turrets (Force = 1) are next.
If all Laser Turrets are destroyed, then the Base card will be attacked next.
The Base card can take 5 hits and it has a built in Laser turret that can 
make a one die attack every round.
You may play one Structure card or one Defender card from your hand.
The played card is placed face-up on the table in front of you.
Note: You cannot have more Defender cards than your structure cards allow. 
Excess are discarded.
You cannot play a structure if you canít provide it a power token this 
turn in power phase.
If you did not play a card you may remove all the damage tokens on one of your cards.

Your Base and Solar Array cards generate power points.
Other Structure cards use up Power Points.
Some structures also need the presence of other structures to be maintained.
For example: Each Colony requires one power point plus the food output of one Agrodome.
Note: One Agrodome could not support 2 Colonies.
Place a Power Token on every structure that is able to meet all of its upkeep demands.

Some structures generate income.
If such a structure has a power token on it then it is able to generate all of 
its income this turn.
Otherwise it generates no income.
Record all income generated from all structures.
At the end of this phase discard all Power tokens.

Card Name:		#	$	P	D	Notes:
Base			1	0	0	2	Generates 5 power/turn
Solar Array		7	0	0	0	Generates 5 power/turn
Agrodome		6	1	1	0	Supports Colony
Colony			4	3	1	1	Requires 1 Agrodome
Mine			8	1	1	0	Supports Refinery
Refinery		4	2	1	0	Requires 2 Mines
Factory			1	3	1	0	Requires 2 Refineries
Starport		1	5	2	1	Requires 2 Colonies
Research Labs		2	1	1	0	
Stargate		1	7	3	1	Requires 1 Lab
Command Center		1	0	1	1	Hand Size +2
Laser Turret		4	0	1	0	Force = 1
Force Dome		2	0	1	0	3 Hits
# = Number of that card in the deck
$ = Number of Megacredits generated each turn
P = Amount of Power used up per turn
D = Number of Additional Defender cards that may be in play.

Card Name:		Force	Notes:
Space Rangers		2	Discard at end of turn to look at next 1D6 cards in deck
Astro Guard		2
Space Marines		3
Space Navy		4
Battle Station		4
Space Knights		3
Star Fighters		3
Space Hero		5	Can only take 1 Hit
Star Force		3	
Space Patrol		2	
Space Scouts		2	Discard at end of turn to look at next 1D6 cards in deck
Space Troopers		3	
Alien Artifact		5	Play & use only if you have a Lab

Card Name:		Force	
Alien Predators		3
Imperial Stormtroopers	4
Berserker Robots	6
Alien Invaders		3
Corporate Mercenaries	3
Cyborg Collective	6
Little Green Men	4
Alien Brainsuckers	5
Mutant Space Zombies	3
Cylon Raiders		4
Space Pirates		3
The Warstar		6
Alien Parasites		4
Dalek Exterminators	5
Space Monster		5
Romulan Warbirds	4
Vampiric Space Beavers	3
Starmada		6
Time Warp Fugitives	3
World Eater		7

Card Name:		Notes:
Solar Flare		Randomly distribute 2 points of damage to your defenders
Reinforcements		Take 1 defender from your discard & put it in your hand
Lost in Space		Discard 1 random Defender
Supernova		Discard your hand
Lab Explosion		Discard 1 Lab
Core Instabilities	Discard 1 Mine
Terraform		All Agrodomes income +2 for rest of game
Black Hole		Discard 1 random Defender
Emergency Repairs	Discard all Damage counters
Seismic Events		Generate no income this turn
Intergalactic War	Discard 1 random Defender
Sabotage 		Discard one random structure*
Dilithium Crystals	Gain 10 Megacredits per Mine
Space Traders		Gain 3 Megacredits per Structure
Planet Bombs		Discard one random structure*
Meteor Swarm		Discard one random structure*
Space Virus		Discard 1 Defender or Colony
Discovery		Gain 50 Megacredits if you have a Lab
Merchant from Venus	Gain 20 Megacredits per Colony
Cosmic Con Artist	Lose half of your Megacredits
Interstellar Tax Men	Lose 2 Megacredits per Structure
Repairs			Take 1 structure from your discard & put it in your hand
* If Base is hit, it takes 1 Damage counter.

at the Space Hole Support Page
Thanks Zak!

By C. Gerard Luft
Babylon 5  for spacehole. 
Uses the same rules as spacehole, only the names of some cards have changed. 
The player tries to operate b5 while defending against invaders. 

Card Name:			#	$	P	D	Notes:
Hull				1	0	0	2	Generates 5 power/turn
Fusion reactor			7	0	0	0	Generates 5 power/turn
Garden				6	1	1	0	supports b5
Living quarters			4	3	1	1	requires 1 garden
Loading bay			8	1	1	0	supports refinery 
Factory				1	3	1	0	requires 2 refineries
Landing bay			1	5	2	1	requires 2 living quarters
Research lab			2	1	1	0
Hyperspace jumpgate		1	7	3	1	requires 1 lab
Command and control		1	0	1	1 	+2 hand size
Ppg turret			4	0	1	0	Force = 1
Hull armor			2	0	1	0	3 Hits	 

Card Name:			Force	Notes:
Ranger Observers		2	Discard to look at 1d6 cards in deck 
Security 			2	
Marines 			3		
Jeffrey Sinclair		4 	Ranger Commander
Michael Garibaldi		4	Security Chief
Ranger Strike Team		3
Star Fury Fighters		3
Co Capt John Sheridan		5	can only take 1 hit
Susan Ivanova			2 	xo lt cmd
Ranger Marcus Cole		2	discard to see 1d6 cards
White Star			3
Alien Artifact			5	only if lab present 

Card Name:			Force   
Centauri agents			3
Minbari colonial fleet		4
Minbari expeditionary fleet	6
Minbari agents			3
Narn agents			3
Narn expeditionary fleet	6
Psi corp telepathic military	4
Narn battle fleet		5
Secret police			3
Narn colonial fleet		4
Drazi sunhawk			3
Vorlon cruiser			6
Centauri colonial fleet		4
Centauri battle fleet		5
Minbari battle fleet		5
Space pirates			4
Night watch			3
Centauri expeditionary fleet	6
Rouge soul hunter		3
Shadow ship			7  

same as in spacehole.

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