INTRODUCTION Solo Board, Dice, and Card Game. You control the Swiss Family Robinson. A Group of Pirates is attacking your Rocky Redoubt. DISCLAIMER Swiss Family Robinson is a licensed, copyrighted property. This is merely a fan site. VICTORY Drive off all of the Pirates and keep the Family Members from being captured. THE BOARD Use a Chess Board. THE PIRATES There are 16 Pirates (use pawns to represent Pirates) THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON There are 6 Family Members. 3 are full grown Men (use Knights & King) 2 are Women (use Bishops) 1 is a Child (use Rook) SETUP Place the Pirates in the back 2 Rows on one end of the Board. (One Piece per space) Place the Family Members in the back 2 Rows of the other side of the board. THE DICE Use six sided dice. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 5 Phases: 1. Pirate Move Phase 2. Family Move Phase 3. Draw Phase 4. Attack Phase 5. End Phase PIRATE MOVE PHASE Roll 1D6 for Each Pirate: 1D6 Move 1-3 None 4-5 Move 1 Space 6 Move 2 Spaces Pirates must Move Towards Family members and capture them if possible. (Pirates capture by moving into a space occupied by a Family Member) A Pirate cannot move into or thru another Pirate. FAMILY MOVE PHASE Each Family Member may move up to 1 space in any direction. The Child may move 2 spaces. DRAW PHASE Draw 2 cards from the Attack Deck. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. ATTACK PHASE Play (discard) Attack cards from your hand. Each attack card has a range in spaces. These attacks must originate from a Family Member and terminate on a Pirate. The Attacked Pirate is removed from play. Family Moves and attacks may be diagonal or Orthogonal. Pirate Moves and attacks may only be Orthogonal. END PHASE Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. ATTACK DECK CARD LIST Card Name: # Range Notes: Grapple 2 1 Men only Fisticuffs 2 1 Men only Gun as Club 2 1 Men only Point Blank Shot 2 1 Adults only Rifle Shot 4 2 Adults only Coconut Bombs 4* K Men & Child Only Exploding Rock Trap 1* 3 Any Gunpowder Traps 4* 3 Any Falling Log Trap 1* 3 Men only Collapsing Bridge Trap 1* 5 Men only Tiger Pit Trap 1* 4 Any Spiked Pit Traps 2* 4 Any Steep Climb 4 A Negate Target Pirate Move ATTACK DECK NOTATION # = Copies of this card in the deck A = Any Range K = As a Knight would move in Chess * = Remove this card from play after being used LINKS Book Outline The Book

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