Card game for 2 players. 
Simulation of the Spanish Civil War 1936-9. 
One player is the Nationalists (Rebels). 
The other player is the Republicans (Loyalists). 

You win if you reduce your opponent to zero Territory Tokens or Morale Tokens. 

Players share a deck.
Some cards can be used by only one Player.   
Card Types include: 
Units, Leaders, Air Power, Strategy, Defense, Offense

Each player starts the game with 5 Territory Tokens (TT). 

Each player starts the game with 10 Morale Tokens (MT). 

Players take turns. 
The current player is referred to as the active player.
The other player is the Defender. 
The Nationalist Forces go first. 
Each turn is divided into 4 Phases: 
1. Recruit Phase
2. Event Phase
3. Attack Phase
4. Logistics Phase

Both players fill their hands to 8 cards. 
(If a deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it)
Next, players may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacement cards. 

Event cards are played in this Phase.
Players take turns, the active player first. 
Event cards are discarded when played. 

Players simultaneously reveal the cards they want to play.
A player may play some, none, or all of his cards. 
Each card has a Force value. 
The player with the highest Force total wins the hand. 
If a player uses a Leader card and his opponent does not, he gets +5 to his total. 
If a player uses an Air Power card and his opponent does not, he gets +4 to his total.
If a player uses a Strategy card and his opponent does not, he gets +3 to his total. 
The active player may play Offensive cards (not Defense). 
The defender may play Defense cards (not Offensive). 
The loser loses one Morale Token (removed from play)
If the Active player won, he may take a TT from the defender. 
All played cards are discarded.

Players must discard down to 3 or fewer cards. 

N = Nationalists
R = Republicans
B = Both Players
U = Units
L = Leader
A = Airpower
E = Event
S = Strategy
O = Offensive
D = Defense

Card:				Type	Use	Force	Notes
General Francisco Franco	L	N	5	
General Emilio Mola		L	N	3	
Italian Corps			U	N	2	Blue and Black Shirts
Italian Armored Troops		U	N	4	Light Tanks/Mini Tanks	
Portuguese Aid			E	N	-	Salazar; Draw 2 cards	
Unified Leadership		L	N	3	
French Monarchists		U	N	1	And Irish Catholics
Non-Intervention Policy		E 	N	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards
Stalin’s Purges			E	N	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards
Condor Legion			A	N	4	Luftwaffe 
Regular Army Officers		L	N	3	
Fascist Italian Aid		E	N	-	Mussolini; Draw 2 cards
Nazi German Aid			E	N	-	Hitler; Draw 2 cards
Army of Africa			U	N	5	
Republican Government Flees	E 	N	-	Opponent loses 1 Morale Token	
Loyalist Internal Civil Wars	E 	N	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards	
Catholic Support       		E	N	-	Draw 2 cards	
Spanish Foreign Legion		U	N	4	
Assault Guard			U	N	3	Rural Police Paramilitaries	
Navarrese Carlists		U	N	3	
Fascist Falangists		L	N	2	
Fifth Column			O	N	2	
Poor Republican Leadership	E	N	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards
Italian Air Force       	A	N	2	
Airlift				E	N	-	Draw 2 Cards
Stuka Dive Bombers		A	N	3	
International Brigades		U	R	4	
Mixed Brigades			U	R	3	
Gold Reserves			E	R	-	Draw 2 Cards
Soviet Air Power       		A	R	3	
Soviet Armor			U	R	5	T-26 Tanks
Soviet Military Aid		E	N	-	Draw 2 cards	
Civil Guard			U	R	2	Urban Police Paramilitaries
Organized Trade Unions		L	R	2	
Workers Militias       		U	R	1	
Revolutionary Army		U	R	3	
Intellectuals			E	R	-	Draw 5 Cards and keep 1	
Revolutionary Groups		L	R	2	
Popular Uprising       		E	R	-	Gain 1 Morale Token
Defense of Madrid       	D	R	5	
Anarchist Guerillas		U	R	2	
Garibaldi Battalion		U	R	2	
Communist Brigades		U	R	2	Trotskyists
Basque Forces			U	R	2	
Political Commissars		L	R	1	
Mexican Aid			E	R	-	Draw 2 cards
General Vicente Rojo		L	R	2	
Loyalist Aircraft       	A	R	2	
Leftist Propaganda		E	R	-	Draw 2 cards
Women’s Brigades       		U	R	1	
General Jose Miaja		L	R	2	
Major Siege			O	B	4	
Vanguard       			O	B	3	
Spear-Head			O	B	2	
Sever Communications		O	B	3	
Complete Surprise       	O	B	5	
Broad Offensive			O	B	3
River Crossing			O	B	2	
Mountains			D	B	4	
Counter-Attack			D	B	3	
Humiliating Repulse		D	B	5	
Garrison       			D	B	2
Strong Position			D	B	4	
Fighting Withdrawal		D	B	1	
Vicious Stalemate       	D	B	2	
Savage Fighting			S	B	2	
Artillery Support       	S	B	4	
Bad Weather			S	B	2	
Desperate Battle       		S	B	3	
Ground Attack Missions		A	B	2	
Aerial Bombardment		A	B	1	
Foreign Zone of Control		E	B	-	Draw 2 Cards
Atrocities & Massacres		E	B	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards
Executions & Assassinations	E	B	-	Opponent discard random 2 cards

Spanish Civil War

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