Space crusiers- Custom Version by


I added a few systems and possibilities in your critical hits section and wanted to 
share them with you... here's my version. 

Very simple space ship combat. 

Use a hex map (large hexes) with a starfield background. 
10, 20, and 6 sided dice are needed. 
Ship figures and stands are needed. 
The Micro-Machine Star Trek line works nicely. 

Every military ship has the following basic features: 
10 Hull points 
1 Phaser 
3 Drives 
1 Shield 

In the Basic rules every ship has 5 additional systems. 
Roll 5 times on the System table to see which systems a ship has. 

1D20 System 
1       Phasers (or cargo bay if playing with fighters) 
2       Phasers 
3       Photon Torpedoes 
4-6     Drives 
7-9     Shields 
10-11   Armor 
12      Scanners 
13      Security Team 
14      Cloaking Device 
15      Elite Crew 
16      Chain guns 
17      Ion shockwave 
18      Targeting computers 
19      Jump plasma turbine       
20      choose your own from above, limitations in systems still valid 


Phasers: Range = 6. Damage = 1D6. Hits on roll of 5+. 
Phasers can be fired into a 120 degree arc in front of the ship. 

Photon Torpedoes: Range = 4. Damage = 2D6. Hits on roll of 7+. 
Torps fire in a straight line. 

Drives: Each level of drives can be used to move a ship one space forward or 
make one 60 degree turn per turn. 
For each Drive add 1 to the ships initiative roll. 

Shields: Attacks that do 4 or less points of damage are negated. 
Attacks that do 5+ damage are negated, but destroy a shield. 

Armor: Each level of armor gives the ship 10 more hull points. 

Scanners: Each scanner gives one attack per turn +1 to hit. 

Security Teams: Each security team can attack one adjacent uncloaked 
ship per turn that has no shields. 
Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the team is destroyed. 
On a roll of 5-6 the target ship is destroyed. 
Cloaking Device: A ship may decide to cloak for the turn. 
Cloaked ships cannot attack. Cloaked ships are -3 to be hit. 
A ship will only ever have 1 Cloaking Device. Reroll duplicate rolls. 

Elite Crew: For each elite crew add 1 to the ships initiative roll. 
Each elite crew allows the ship to attempt to evade 1 attack per turn. 
The target attack is evaded on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6. 

Chain guns: may fire twice at a range of one hex or less. 
7 or better hit each shot 1d6 damage each. 120 degree 

Ion shockwave: range one hex, 360 degree arch blast count one hex circle. 
Disable each ship 1d6 on a six for the rest of this turn
and next turn. that damaged ship may not move or fire. 

Missiles: range 3 or less.  2d6 damage 360 degree field of fire. roll 7+ 

Target computer: +1 from each weapons to damage. reroll duplicate rolls 

Jump Plasma Turbine: 1 use, may move 5 hex. Roll 1d6=6 critical hit self 

Each side should have an equal number of figures. 
Or each side should have an equal number of construction points 
if using the advanced rules. 

Each turn has 4 phases: 
1 Cloak Phase 
2 Initiative Phase 
3 Move Phase 
4 Attack Phase 

Ships with cloaking devices may cloak. 

Each ship rolls 1D10. 
This is the ships initiative number. 

The ship with the lowest initiative moves first. 
The next lowest moves next and so on. 
Reroll tied initiatives. 
Only 1 ship per hex. 

The ship with the highest initiative attacks first 
The next highest attacks next and so on. 
For each attack roll 1D10. This is the To hit roll. 
Phasers hit on a roll of 5 or more. 
Torpedoes and Missles hit on a roll of 7 or more. 
Scanners & cloaking modify the To hit roll. 
Security teams may also attack. 
If an attack hits, a ship may try to evade if it has an
elite crew. Security teams may be evaded. 
If an attack hits, and it is not evaded, roll for damage. 
Shields will absorb damage. 
Too much and the shields blow (are destroyed). 
If the ship has no shields, each point of damage destroys one hull point. 
If a ship has negative hull points, every phaser hit it takes 
requires 1 roll on the Critical Damage Table. 
Torpedo + missile hits require 2 rolls. 

1D10 Effect 
1   1 Weapon system destroyed (reroll if none left) 
2   1 Drive destroyed (reroll if none left) 
3   Warp Core 
4   Life Support 
5   Super Structure 
6   Targeting Computer hit all weapons fire at negative one. 
7   maneuvering thruster damage may choose a turn OR fly straight a turn 
8   weapons internal damage -1 damage and -1 range all weapons 
9   malfunctions roll 1d6 before each movement/weapon fire on a 6 fail. 
10  laugh it off it only took out the ships restroom! 
If the Warp Core is hit twice the ship explodes. 
If Life Support is hit twice the entire crew is killed. 
If the Super Structure is hit twice the ship breaks apart. 

Ship Name: 5 Additional systems 
The Courageous: Shields, Torps, Security, Drives x2 
The Victorious: Scanners, Armor x2, Shield, Elite Crew 
The Noblesse: Elite Crew, Shield, Torps, Drives, Scanners 
The Atlantea: Phasers, Drives, Shields x2, Cloak 

The basic military hull is worth 2 construction points. 
Each additional system is 1 construction point. 
Small ships have 0-3 additional systems. 
Corvettes, escorts, gunships, raiders 
Medium Ships have 4-6 additional systems. 
Destroyers, frigates, cruisers 
Large ships have 7-10+ additional systems. 
Battle Ships, capitol ships, dreadnaughts, carriers 

The basic commercial hull is worth 2 construction points. 
10 Hull points 
2 Drives 
3 Non military systems 
Non military systems include: Cargo bays, Science Labs, 
Mining equipment, Passenger accommodations, etc. 

The basic Space station hull is worth 2 construction points. 
Space stations have no drives 
20 Hull points 
4 Non military systems. 
All weapons mounted on Space stations fire out of any arc. 

The basic fighter hull costs 2 construction points. 
They have 1 hull point. Any roll on the critical damage table will destroy them. 
They have 5 drives, 1 phaser, 1 elite crew 
Up to 5 fighters can be carried by a ship for every cargo bay the ship has. 
Fighters can have a maximum of 3 additional systems 

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