Space Cruisers Material by Geo Gibson (

Here's that extra stuff I'd done for Space Cruisers. It's mostly been 
used in solo games, so I can't say it's been extensively playtested :) 
Some of the modifications have been left out, either because they 
aren't in any kind of usable form yet or else because they only make 
sense in scenarios. 

Extra "Space Cruisers" rules

These are the extra rules I've been using for some solo games. I use 
miniatures on a hexless surface (two sections of posterboard that 
have a starfield painted on them); each hex is assumed to be 1 inch 
on the table. Two inches might work better if you have the space.

Fighters: Fighters are fielded in squadrons (usually 2-5 fighters); 
each squadron moves as a unit and rolls one initiative die. Hits are 
always assigned to any damaged fighters first. Fighters do not have 
to move between turnings (see below). 

Movement (additional): Ships cannot usually turn twice; some 
forward movement must occur in between. A ship may turn twice 
(without a move in between), but the second facing change costs 2". 
Fighters ignore this rule.

Extra Systems

Enhanced Battle computer: allows Critical rolls to be modified by 
plus or minus one. A ship with an EBC only suffers -2 when 
targetting a Cloaked Ship. 

Tractor Beams (all Military ships have one): Range is 3". A ship can 
use its tractor beam to latch onto another vessel (same size or 
smaller) to tow it. Towed ships remain within 3" of the other vessel; 
the towing ship loses 1" of movement while the beam is engaged. 
Ships with operable drives cannot be towed unwillingly. Stations 
cannot be towed and fighters cannnot possess tractors. If a second 
tractor is added, a ship can tow a vessel one size larger at a cost of 
1 extra inch of movement (a small vessel with 2 tractors could tow a 
medium vessel at -2" to its move, or a large vessel if it had three 
tractors, though it would then be at -3" movement). These usually 
have a 120 degree rear arc.


Sometimes a Captain will destroy his/her/its own ship rather than 
allow it to fall into enemy hands (or tentacles, etc.). Self-Destruction 
is announced during the Cloaking phase and replaces the ship's 
Movement Phase (on its initiative). Normally, a ship will self-destruct 
on a 10 or less on a d10 (automatic success). For each Critical it 
has taken the roll is at a penalty of 2 (so a ship that has taken 3 
criticals will only self-destruct on a 4 or less). 

If the die roll is made, the ship is utterly destroyed. Nearby vessels 
may take damage as well. This is equal to 1d6 for each two of the 
following systems the vessel had intact when it exploded: Weapons, 
Fighter Bays, Drives. This damage is rolled (seperately) against 
each vessel within 1"; for every further inch the damage drops by a 
die. A self-destructing fighter does no damage to anyone else, as 
the explosion is too small.

Damage Control Parties

All ships and stations (but not fighters) have crew that can attempt to 
repair ship damage. Each vessel has 1 roll per Size Category (small 
ships 1, medium ships 2, large ships 3) per turn. This roll is made 
after the Cloaking Phase and before Initiative. Shields and criticals 
can be repaired; hull points can be repaired between games. The 
specific damage that is to be repaired must be declared before the 
die is rolled (repairs Shields or Drives or Phasers, etc.). Repairs are 
rolled on 1d6 as follows: for shields 5-6, for Criticals, destroyed 
drives or weapons systems 6. 

The following is used for my pseudo-campaign, where a day or two 
may pass between battles and I want damage to carry over. Assume 
each Damage Control party not otherwise occupied can repair d3 
hull points per day, though never more than half the original hull 
points of the vessel (without access to a shipyard, repair dock, etc.). 
Access to a friendly base adds +1 to chances of success and 
number of hull points repaired. Larger bases (or repair docks, etc.) 
probably repair ships faster. Note that since a space station is 
usually a base, it always gets the +1 bonus.

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