Solitaire board and card game with a fantasy conquest theme

Draw a map of a continent with 12 connected regions.
Name them if you like. 
Each region must be large enough to hold one stack of cards.

There are two decks:
The Foe deck and the Ally deck.
The Foe deck has 44 cards.

11 of the 12 regions are dealt 4 cards each.
These stacks of 4 cards are called ‘Hordes’. 
Horde cards are face up.
Place a pawn in the empty space.
The pawn represents your army.

Each turn has 4 Phases:
Raise Army Phase
Reinforcement Phase
March Phase
Conquest Phase

Draw 3 cards from the Ally deck.

You may draw one card from the Ally deck.
You may repeat this phase.

You may move your pawn one or more regions.
You must end your move adjacent to a region with a horde.

You may destroy one Horde in region that is adjacent to your pawn.
Your army must have a higher Force total than the target Horde.
Each card has a Force value.
A Horde gets +1 if it has two cards of the same type.
A Horde gets +2 if it has three cards of the same type.
A Horde gets +3 if it has four cards of the same type.
Discard the destroyed Horde.
Discard all your Ally cards.

If you destroy all the Hordes you win.
Defeating all the Hordes scores 10 points.
Every card left in your Ally deck scores an additional point.

If you are unable to destroy all the Hordes you lose.

G = Giants
H = Humanoids
U = Undead
D = Dragon
# = Number of that card in the deck

Card Name 			Force	Type	#	
Hill Giant			1	G	2	
Stone Giant			2	G	2
Ice Giant			3	G	2
Fire Giant			4	G	2
Cloud Giant			5	G	1
Storm Giant			6	G	1	
Titan				7	G	1	
Kobold Mob			1	H	2
Goblin Warparty			2	H	2
Orc Warband			3	H	2
Hobgoblin Riders		4	H	2
Gnoll Raiders			5	H	1
Bugbear Ambushers		6	H	1
Ogre Tribe			7	H	1
Skeletons			1	U	2
Zombies				2	U	2
Ghouls				3	U	2
Ghasts				4	U	2
Wights				5	U	1
Wraiths				6	U	1
Vampire				7	U	1
Fire Drake			1	D	2
Wyvern				2	D	2
White Dragon			3	D	2
Green Dragon			4	D	2
Black Dragon			5	D	1
Blue Dragon			6	D	1
Red Dragon			7	D	1

E = Elves
D = Dwarves
M = Men
H = Holy Men

Card Name 			Force	Type	#	Notes
Elf Scouts			1	E	2
Elf Hunters			2	E	2
Elf Warriors			3	E	2
Elf Archers			4	E	2	+1 vs Humanoids
Elf Lancers			5	E	1	+1 vs Humanoids
Elf Lord			6	E	1	Other Elves get +1
Elf Mage			7	E	1	
Dwarf Clans			1	D	2
Dwarf Crossbows			2	D	2
Dwarf Warhammers		3	D	2
Dwarf Siege Engines		4	D	2
Dwarf Rune Master		5	D	1	Other Dwarves get +1
Dwarf Giant Slayer		6	D	1	+2 vs Giants
Dwarf Lord			7	D	1	+1 vs Giants
Spearmen			1	M	2
Swordsmen			2	M	2
Longbowmen			3	M	2
Halberdiers			4	M	2
Knights				5	M	1	+1 vs Dragons
Wizard				6	M	1	Other Men get +1
Hero				7	M	1	+2 vs Dragons
Monks				1	H	2
Zealots				2	H	2
Crusaders			3	H	2
Clerics				4	H	2
High Priest			5	H	1	Other Holy Men get +1
Paladin 			6	H	1	+1 vs Undead
Saint				7	H	1	+2 vs Undead

1) Does the player's army have any force value?
---Yes of course. 
An army of a Monk(Force = 1), a Hero(Force = 7) and Elf Warriors(Force = 3) would
have a total force = 11 (13 vs a Horde with 1 or more Dragons)
2) Can you use all of the allies in your hand in a given battle?
---You have to use all of them.
3) The first phase allows you to draw 3 allies, the next phase 
allows you to draw 1 and then another 1.  If you can always draw 
5 allies what is the purpose of having 2 phases?
---You can draw as many as you like. The 2 phases was supposedly 
to avoid confusion (Oh well)
4) You lose if you don't defeat all the Hordes.  That implies 
that you only go through the ally deck once.  Correct?
---Absolutely correct.
5) There is a point bonus for conserving allies.  Is there any 
standard to evaluate the quality of victory?  That is, if you 
get only the bare 10 points it's a marginal victory, if you have 
15 points it's a great victory, if you have 20 points it's a 
spectacular victory, etc.  By the same token, is there any 
standard to evaluate the quality of defeat?  That is, if you 
have only 1 region left unconquered it's a temporary defeat, if 
you have 3 left unconquered it's a campaign defeat, if you have 
5 left unconquered it's a catastrophic defeat, etc.
---Sounds good to me.

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