INTRODUCTION Two Player Card Game. Based on the Book “Redwall” by Brian Jacques THE PLAYERS One Player represents Matthias the Mouse and The Defenders of Redwall Abbey. The other Player represents Cluny the Scourge and his Army of Rats. DISCLAIMER Redwall is a copyrighted, licensed property. This is merely a fan site. VICTORY Whichever player wins the Final Battle wins the game. The Final Battle is hand #13. If the Cluny player wins 3 hands in a row, the next hand is Automatically the Final Battle. SETUP Each player draws 7 cards from his deck. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 5 Phases: Adventure Phase Strategy Phase Battle Phase Quest Phase End Phase ADVENTURE PHASE Each player fills their hand to 7 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. STRATEGY PHASE Players may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements. BATTLE PHASE Players play a meld from their hands: A Redwaller Meld may contain: 1 Character card 1 Trait card 1 Object card 1 Follower card 1 Defense card 1 Event card A Cluny Meld may contain: 1 Character card 1 Hostage card 1 Quest card 1 Follower card 1 Siege card 1 Event card Each card has a Force Value The player with the highest total Force wins the hand. QUEST PHASE If the Redwall player won the hand, he may put an Object card from the Meld face up in front of him. These Object cards are known as Found Objects. Discard all other Meld cards from last Phase. END PHASE Players must discard down to 2 cards. FINAL BATTLE This hand is played like a regular hand except that the Redwall Player gets a Force Bonus = Number of Found Objects he has. The Redwall player wins ties. CARD LIST NOMENCLATURE C = Character F = Follower S = Siege D = Defense H = Hostage T = Trait Q = Quest O = Object V = Event REDWALLER CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Matthias C 10 Constance the Badger C 9 Basil Stag Hare C 8 Cornflower C 7 Jes the Squirrel C 6 Foremole C 5 Warbeak the Sparrow C 4 Methuselah C 3 Father Mortimer C 2 Friar Hugo C 1 Martins Sword O 10 Martins Armor O 9 Martins Shield O 8 Martins Belt O 7 Warriors Colors O 6 Owl Necklace O 5 Abbey Bells O 4 Grand Tapestry O 3 Martins Scabbard O 2 Candied Nuts O 1 Shrew Union Rebels F 10 Mole Miners F 9 Swarm of Sparrows F 8 Otters F 7 Mouse Soldiers F 6 Mouse Archers F 5 Circus Performers F 4 Lookouts F 3 Guides F 2 Redwallers F 1 Warrior Spirit T 10 Courage T 9 Resourcefulness T 8 Knowledge T 7 Strength T 6 Revenge T 5 Headstrong T 4 Stealth T 3 Protector T 2 Honor T 1 Abbey Walls D 10 Battle Plans Strategy D 9 Boiling Porridge D 8 Reinforcements Counterattack D 7 Ramparts D 6 Shore Up Defenses D 5 Double the Guard D 4 Drop Stones D 3 Catapult D 2 Big Crossbow D 1 Cluny’s Nightmares V 10 Impersonate Cluny V 9 Rescue V 8 Secret Mission V 7 I Am That Is V 6 Sortie V 5 Voice of Martin V 4 Hornets Nest V 3 Put Out Fire V 2 Foraging Party V 1 CLUNY THE SCOURGE CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Cluny The Scourge C 10 Captain Darkclaw C 9 Captain Mangefur C 8 Killconey the Ferret C 7 Shadow the Sneak C 6 Captain Cheese Thief C 5 Captain Scragg C 4 Captain Fangburn C 3 Captain Frogblood C 2 Rat Lieutenant C 1 Traitor Takes Hostage H 10 Prisoners H 9 Kidnap Innocents H 8 Damsel in Distress H 7 Capture H 6 Waylay Travellers H 5 Trapped H 4 Surrounded H 3 Find Weakness H 2 Steal Standard H 1 Traitor Opens Gate S 10 Starve Them Out S 9 Psychological Warfare S 8 Batter & Burn S 7 Dig Tunnel S 6 Infiltrate Listening Tunnels S 5 Siege Tower S 4 Spies Sneak Inside S 3 Night Attack S 2 Scale Walls S 1 Spy V 10 Ruse V 9 Diversionary Attack V 8 Disguise V 7 Split Forces V 6 Surprise Attack V 5 Cause Terror V 4 Theft V 3 Plunder V 2 Start Storeroom Fire V 1 Rat Horde F 10 Weasels F 9 Savage Rats F 8 Ferrets F 7 Fierce Rats F 6 Rat Bandits F 5 Vermin F 4 Impressed Troops F 3 Sniveling Cowards F 2 Blundering Fools F 1 Asmodeus in his Lair Q 10 Sparrow King Q 8 Raging River Q 6 Underground Labyrinth Q 7 Cat in the Forest Q 6 Riddle Q 5 Chickenhound the Fox Q 4 Sella the Vixen Q 3 Captain Snow the Owl Q 2 Squire Julian the Cat Q 1 LINKS Redwall Abbey

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