Wargame of the American West circa 1840-1900.
Players are rival Land Barons trying to gain complete control of the same territory.

Control all Settlements on the Board.
Players are eliminated if their Baron is killed.

Six siders are needed.
Use Monopoly money.

First each player declares which Ranch they want to control.
The are 4 Ranches:
The OK Corral, The Lazy B, The Graham Ranch, and The Johnson Ranch.
There is a location counter for each ranch.
Each ranch has a location counter of a unique color.
Each player has a set of Control Markers of the same color as their Ranch.
Players will have to make a map.
Use a Hex map.
Designate 30 random spots on the map to be “Settlement Spaces”.
Each player places their Ranch on a different Settlement space.
Ranches should be placed far apart.
For each remaining Settlement space draw one random Settlement counter.
Settlement counters are of a different color than the control markers.
Each player starts with a Baron Unit Counter and 2 Regulator Unit Counters.
These are located, stacked, on your Ranch

Type:			Number		Base Revenue
Farms			10		10
Coal Mine		6		20
Gold Mine		4		30
Town			6		10
Trading Post		4		10

Each Turn has 6 Phases:
1. Revenue Phase
2. Pay Phase
3. Recruit Phase
4. Build Phase
5. Raid Phase
6. Control Phase

Collect Revenue from each settlement you control.
Revenue is in ‘Dollars’.
Ranches have a revenue of 20 Dollars per turn.

Pay each of your units 2 Dollars. 
Discard unpaid units on a roll of 4+ on 1D6.
Baron units do not have to be paid.

Draw N + 1 random Recruit counters from the Recruit Pile.
N = Number of Players.
Players bid on each these Counters separately with their Dollars.
Players bid secretly and then simultaneously reveal all their bids.
If you loose a bid you keep your money.
If you win, you pay your bid to the bank, and gain control of the Counter.
In case of a tie, no one wins, and the counter remains to be bid on again.
Only one player at a time can control a Governor Counter.
If a Governor Counter is drawn, discard all other Governor Counters.
Only one player at a time can control a Government Contracts (GC) Counter.
If a GC is drawn, discard all other GC’s.

In this phase you deploy Counters you just won in Recruit Phase.
Place Units on Trading Posts or Towns you Control.
At a cost of 10 Dollars you may automatically recruit a Regulator Unit.
A player can recruit a max of one Regulator per turn.
A player places a Cowboy unit on his Ranch.
Town Improvement Counters are placed on a Town you control.
A Town can only have one of each type of Improvement.
Trading Post Improvement Counters are placed on Posts you control.
A Post can only have one of each type of Improvement.
Farm Improvement Counters are placed on a Farm you control.
A Farm can only have one Improvement. 
Mine Improvement Counters are placed on a Mine you control.
If you cannot deploy a unit you must discard it. 
Place your control Markers under your units to show ownership.

G = Governor
C = Government Contract
T = Town Improvement
P = Trading Post Improvement
F = Farm Improvement
M = Mine Improvement
U = Units

Counter Name		#	Type	Rev	Shoot	Notes
Governor		8	G	1D6x10	-	
Govt Contracts		6	C	40	-
Railway Station		4	T	10	-	
Saloon 			4	T	10	-	
Bank			4	T	10	-	
Gambling Hall		4	T	10	-	
Trappers		2	P	10	-	
Horse Traders		2	P	10	-
Cotton Mill		2	F	10	-
Gin Mill		2	F	10	-
Mother lode		2	M	10	-
Cowboys			4	U	-	15	
Indian Braves		4	U	-	15	Red
Mexican Bandidos	4	U	-	15	Outlaws 
Outlaw Gang		4	U	-	20	Outlaws 
Lawmen Posse		4	U	-	15	Law
Lynch Mob		2	U	-	10	Law
Gunslinger		4	U	-	30	Outlaws 
Local Sheriff		2	U	-	20	Law
Federal Marshall	2	U	-	30	Law
Confederate Rebels	2	U	-	25	South
Union Veterans  	2	U	-	25	North
Texas Rangers		2	U	-	25	Law
Mountain Men		2	U	-	15	White
# = Number of that Counter in pile.

Players bid to determine turn order for moving and attacking.
In case of ties roll high on 1D6.
Units can move up to 3 spaces.
There is no stacking Limit.
Red units cannot stack with White units.
Outlaws cannot stack with Law units.
North units will not stack with South units
When opposing units occupy the same space they will fight.
Each side adds up their Shoot Value. 
The side with the highest Value gets the Fight Advantage.
In case of a tie roll high on 1D6.
Roll 1D6:
1-2	The side with the fight advantage loses one unit
3-5	The side without the fight advantage loses one unit
6	The side without the fight advantage retreats to an empty adjacent space
Keep rolling until one side is eliminated or retreats.
Baron Units are the last to be killed.
Baron units have a Shoot value of 30.
Regulator units have a Shoot value of 20.

Place a control marker counter on any settlement occupied by your units.
Remove any enemy markers first. 
A settlement can only have one control marker on it.

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