INTRODUCTION The last epic battle in Norse mythology of Good against Evil. THE GOOD AESIR & VANIR UNIT Move Strngth Range NOTES Odin 10 5 2 Supreme Ruler; Berserk; Magic Balder 1 1 1 God of Beauty; Charm Bragi 1 1 1 God of Poetry & Song; Song of Calm Forseti 1 2 1 God of Justice; +1 when defending Frey 10 4 1 God of Sun & Fey; Aura of Light Freya 4 3 2 Goddess of Love Frigga 4 2 1 Goddess of Winds, Wife of Odin, Dragon form; Charm Heimdall 1 4 1 Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge; +1 vs Frost Giants Idun 1 1 1 Goddess of Spring; Heal Thor 4 5 2 God of Thunder, Magic Hammer, Flying Chariot Magni 1 4 1 God of Strength Modi 1 4 1 God of Courage, Berserk Sif 1 3 1 Goddess of Skill, Berserk Tyr 1 3 1 God of War & Law Uller 2 3 2 God of Hunting Vidar 1 4 1 God of Silence; Vidar's Boot Fjalar 1 2 1 Dwarven Hero; +1 when defending 2 Valkyries 4 1 1 Warrior Maidens, Ride pegasai 2 Ravens 5 1 1 Spies 10 Einheriar 1 3 1 Honored Heroes 3 Dwarves 1 2 1 Magic Weapons 3 Elves 1 1 2 Arrows THE EVIL GIANTS UNIT Move Strngth Range NOTES Loki 2 3 1 God of Mischief, Charm; Magic Fenris Wolf 2 5 1 God; Great Wolf Hel 10 4 1 Goddess of Death; Death Aura Midgard Serpent 10 5 1 God; When Killed = Pool of Poison; Circles the world Aegir 1 4 1 God of Storms & Sea; +1 in Sea terrain Surt 1 5 2 Lord of the Fire Giants, Berserk Thrym 1 3 1 Lord of the Frost Giants, Berserk Naglfar 3 4 1 Ship of the Dead; Can Carry 4 Undead Hordes 5 Frost Giants 1 4 1 6 Fire Giants 1 2 2 Arrows 4 Storm Giants 1 3 2 Lightning Bolts 7 Stone Giants 1 1 2 Throw Boulders 9 Undead Hordes 1 1 1 6 Wolves 2 1 1 TERMS Strength- Value used for attack and defense. Range- The distance in hexes an attack will reach. If greater than 1, it is considered a ranged attack. Berserk- Nongod units adjacent to the god get +1 Strength. Magic- Once on your turn pick one: +2 to Move or Strength or Range. Charm- Target adjacent unit cannot attack. Heal- Adjacent units get +1 Strength when defending. Death Aura- When activated (up to once per turn) All adjacent nonundead units recieve a Strength =2 attack. Aura of Light- All adjacent undead recieve a Strength =1 attack. Pool of Poison- The Midgard Serpent cannot be killed by a ranged attack. When killed all adjacent units recieve a Strength =5 attack. The chit represents the Serpents head. Song of Calm- When activated (up to once per turn) All adjacent units cannot attack. Vidar's Boot- Target adjacent unit cannot move TURN SEQUENCE A "round" is when each player has had a turn. THE FATES- Roll high on D6 to determine who goes first each round. Players take turns. Each turn has 2 phases: 1. MOVEMENT PHASE 2. BATTLE PHASE MOVEMENT PHASE Each unit can move once per turn, a number of spaces up to it's Move score. Only one unit per hex. There is no stacking. BATTLE PHASE Each unit can make one attack per turn against a unit in it's attack range. For each attack roll a number of D6 equal to the attackers strength. Also roll a number of D6 equal to the defenders strength. If the Attacker's Strength Total is higher, the Defender is slain. Slain units are removed from play. Attacks are not combined. THE MAP Use a hex grid. Use counters to represent units. The giants are coming from the land of Jotunheim. They are invading Asgard. Terrain features of Asgard include forests, mountains, seas, and the strongholds of the Gods. The main holding will be Valhalla, the court of Odin. SETUP The Giant forces will be lined up on one side of the map. The forces of good will be clustered around Valhalla. ODIN'S RULE (optional) If Odin & the Midgard Serpent are ever adjacent, they will automatically destroy each other. VICTORY CONDITIONS Everybody dies.

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