Board & card game for 2 players.
Abstract simulation of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877.
(Russia’s fifth war against Turkey (The Ottoman Empire) in the 19th Century) 
One player is the Turks, the other is the Russians. 

Destroy all opposing units.

Use an 8x8 chessboard.

Use chits or miniatures to represent units.
Each figure (unit) represents an army of 20,000 men. 
Each player starts with 12 units. 
Each unit has 3 Hits. 

Each player places one unit on each square of his back two rows.
Units may not stack. 

Players share a common deck. 
The deck contains one of each listed card.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 phases:
1. Orders Phase
2. Move Phase
3. Attack Phase
4. Recruit Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max hand size = 5 cards.
Discard excess cards.

Get one free move (one unit one space). For additional moves:
Play (discard) a Move card to move one of your units one space.
Moves can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
Instead of moving just one unit in any direction, you have the 
option of moving up to three units forward the indicated number of 
spaces using a single move card.
A unit can move only once per turn.

Play (discard) an Attack card to have a unit attack an adjacent unit.
Attacks can be diagonal or orthogonal. 
The enemy unit that is the target of the attack takes one point of damage. 
A unit reduced to zero hits is destroyed and removed from the map. 
Your opponent may play Defense cards to negate your attack.

Players may play a Recruit card to gain back one lost unit.
The unit starts in an empty space in that players back row. 

Use = Which player can use the card
T = Turkish Player only
R = Russian Player only
# = Number of this card in the deck
M = Move
A = Attack
D = Defense: Negate Attack card played by opponent
Q = Negate Attack (of Range = 1) card played by opponent and destroy attacker
V = Destroy Attacker (of Range = 1) card. (does not negate attack)
N = Negate Move card played by opponent
K = Recruit a replacement unit
P = Unit recovers one lost hit
E = Play after doing damage to do 1 extra point of damage
X = Opponent must discard 2 cards
Z = Draw 2 cards

Card Name:			Use	Type		
Tsar Alexander II		T	N	
Slavic Nationalism		R	K	
Russian Plan			R	Z	
Sultan Abdul Hamid II		T	Z	
Battle Hardened Army		T	D	
Heavily Fortified Province	T	D	
Turkish Fortress	        T	D
Cossacks & Uhlans		R	A
Hussars & Dragoons		R	A
Diversionary Offensive		R	X		
Precarious Finances		T	X	
Asia Minor Reinforcements	T	K	
Protect the Flanks		-	D	
Travel by Rail			R	M			
Turkish Irregulars		T	K			
Factional High Command		R	X	
Well Managed Deployment		-	M
Reconnaissance			-	X
Seize the Passes  		-	A
Balkan Mountains	        T	D
Imperial Guard & Grenadiers	R	K
Romanians & Bulgarians		R	K
Cross the Danube	        R	M
Gourko’s Raid			R	A
Headlong Advance  		-	M
Threaten LOC			-	N
Active Turkish Defense		T	D
Heavy Fire			-	E			
Field, Horse & Mountain Guns	-	A
Entrenched Infantry		-	D
Forced March			-	M
Dug In 				-	D
Bad Roads			-	N
Assemble the Forces		-	M
Large Redoubts			T	D
Catastrophic Losses		-	E
Strengthen Position		-	P
Light Opposition	        -	A
Long Range Bombardment		-	A
Deep Narrow Trenches		T	D
Attack in Close Order		-	A
Shoulder to Shoulder		-	Q
Headlong Assault	        -	A
Cut to Pieces			-	Q
Fire Superiority	        -	A
Skirmish Screen			-	A
Bayonet Charge			-	A
Overrun				-	A
Counter Attack			-	A
Replacement Draft		R	K
Mobilization			R	K
Summon Reinforcements		R	K
Great Power Intervention	T	D
First Reserve			T	K
Second Reserve			T	K
Conscription			T	K	
Epic Defensive Battle		-	Q
Pasha Intrigue			R	X	
Arrive by Sea			-	M
Uncoordinated Attacks		-	Q
Waves of Infantry		-	A	
Fanatical Bravery		-	A
Fight to the Last Man		R	D
Determined Defense		-	D
Legendary Stubbornness		R	D
Desperate Attacks		-	A
Great Assault			-	A
Siege Guns			R	A
Krupp Guns			-	A
Earthworks			-	D
Damaged Prestige	        -	X
Strategic Position		-	D
Reserves Exploit Success  	-	E
Attack in Open Formation  	-	A
Pursue Routing Troops		-	E
Slaughter Attackers		-	Q
Disastrous Assault		-	Q
Set-Piece Attack	        -	A
Harassing Fire			-	N
Hail of Fire			-	E
Ammunition Stockpile		-	E
Repeating Rifles	        -	E
Attackers Disorganized		-	D
Attack Strongest Point		-	Q
Formal Siege			R	A
Siege Mortars			T	A
Surprise Attack			-	A
Press Home the Attack		-	E
Beaten Back			-	D
Second Line Entrenchments	R	Q
Exact a Heavy Toll		-	E
Ferocious Assault		-	A
Atrocities			-	E
Take no Prisoners		-	E
Minor Clash			-	D
Break Through			-	M
Occupation			-	M
Drive				-	M
Columns				-	M
Epic March			R	M
Appalling Weather		-	N
Winter Campaign			-	N
Rapid March			-	M
Snow Drifts			-	N
Hitch Ride with Cavalry		R	M
Natural Defenses  		T	N
Parallel Routes			R	M
Menaced by Reserves		-	N
Little Progress			-	N
Encirclement			-	A
Terrific Fight			-	V
Heavy Opposition	        -	V
Storm the Redoubts		-	A
Thirst for Glory  		-	A
Take Captives			-	E
Rearguard Action	        -	D
Ensuing Clash			-	A
March on Constantinople		R	M
Advancing Army			-	M
Bold Offensive			-	A
Inconclusive Battle		-	V
Telegraph			R	Z
Divide their Forces		-	M
Classic Pincer Movement		R	A
Night Assault			R	A
Well Planned Assault		R	A
Rifle Battalions	        -	A
Feint Attacks			R	X
Draw off Reserves		R	X	
Cholera				-	X
Typhoid				-	X
Officer Casualties		T	X	
Military Reorganization		T	X
Collect Stragglers		-	P
Reinforce Garrisons		-	P
Siege of Plevna			R	A
Prepared for War  		T	Z

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