by Brian Peterson

Simulates the siege of the Alamo in 1836.
This is a variation of Lloyd Krasner's Alamo Game.
Originally published on Warp Spawn 12/26/2000. 
Variation written by Brian Peterson.

Traveling Frontiers

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Card game (no dice required).
For 1 (Solo) or 2 players.
Average playing time: 30 minutes.
Ages: 8 and up.
The Texians and Mexicans have their own unique decks.

The doubler card is a special card. 
During an attack it has a force value of 0.
It doubles the Force value of every other card in a player's hand.
If discarded the doubler card has a Force value of 5.

Draw Phase
Bombardment Phase
Discard Phase
Mexican Attack Phase
Texian Fire Phase
Mexican Reinforcement Phase

If any player is out of cards both sides draw 4 cards from their
respective decks.
Otherwise each player draws 1 card.

Players may elect to play & discard 1 or more Artillery cards.
For each Artillery card randomly select & discard a card from 
the opponents hand.
Continue until the sum of discarded Forces is greater than or 
equal to the the Artillery Force.
If your opponent is out of cards begin discarding from the top 
card of their deck.
Continue the bombardment phase as long as players desire to use

The Mexican player is limited to 8 cards in hand, select & 
discard excess cards.
The Texian player is limited to 7 cards in hand, select & shuffle 
excess cards into deck.

If the Mexican player elects not to attack the turn is over.
All Mexican attacks in this phase require a Leader card. 
The Mexican player may attack with any number of non-Reserve 
Troops, up to 2 Reserve Troops, and only 1 of each of the following 
card types: Leader, Artillery, Tactics, and Equipment.
The Mexican attack is limited to 7 cards unless an equipment card 
is used as the 8th card.
The Texian player may defend with any number of troops, up 
to 2 artillery cards, 2 equipment cards, and only 1 of each of the 
following card types: Leader, Tactics, Morale, and Defense.
All Troop cards get a bonus of +1 Force if they are played with 
their matching Leader.
Add Force values on each side, multiply by 2 if a doubler card is
The winner is the side with the highest total.
If tied both sides discard all battle cards and end turn.
The Victory total is determined by subtracting the loser's 
Force total from the winner's. 
The winner selects survivors with a combined Force less than or 
equal to the Victory total. 
Discard all other battle cards from both sides.
The loser must also discard from their hand or draw & discard from 
the top of their deck a combined Force equal to or greater than 
the Victory total. 
Doubler cards are considered to be Force 5 for this purpose.

If the Texians did not lose the battle this turn skip this phase.
If the Texian player has fewer cards than Mexican battle 
survivors, draw to match.
The Texian player may elect to counter-attack all survivors 
with cards in hand.
The Mexican player may supplement survivors with cards in hand.
A leader is not required in this phase.
All other combat rules apply (see Mexican Attack Phase). 

If the Mexicans either won the battle or the Texian Fire Phase end turn.
If no battle was fought or there are no survivors end turn.
Same as Texian Fire Phase, except replace the word Texian with 
Mexican and vise-versa.
Goto to Texian Fire Phase and repeat until instructed to end turn.

Texian player goes to draw and there are no cards left in their deck.

Mexican player goes to draw and there are no cards left in their deck. 

1 General Cos 			3 		1st Column, Leader
5 Aldama Battalion 		2 		1st Column, Troops
3 San Luis Companies 		2 		1st Column, Troops 
1 Colonel Duque 		1 		2nd Column, Leader
1 General Castrillion 		1 		2nd Column, Leader
5 Toluca Battallion 		2 		2nd Column, Troops
2 San Luis Companies 		2 		2nd Column, Troops
1 Colonel Romero 		1 		3rd Column, Leader
5 Matamoros Companies 		2		3rd Column, Troops
5 Jiminez Fusiliers 		2 		3rd Column, Troops
1 Colonel Juan Morales 		1 		4th Column, Leader
3 Light Companies 		1 		4th Column, Troops
1 Santa Anna 			5 		Reserves, Leader
5 Zapadores Battalion 		3 		Reserves, Troops
5 Grenadier Companies 		3 		Reserves, Troops
5 Mexican Batteries 		3 		Artillery
1 Battery at 250 yards 		5 		Artillery
1 Mexican Sharpshooters 	1 		Artillery
1 Scaling Ladders 		1 		Equipment
1 Muskets 			1 		Equipment
1 Carbines 			1 		Equipment
6 Breach 			x2(5) 		Tactics; Doubler
1 Encirclement 			3 		Tactics

1 William B. Travis 		4 		Leader, Texian Cavalry 
1 Davy Crockett 		5 		Leader, Tennessee Volunteers 
1 James Bowie 			3 		Leader, Texian Volunteers 
1 James Bonham 			1 		Leader
1 Captain Baugh 		1 		Leader
1 Lt. George Kimball 		1 		Leader, Gonzales Ranging Co. 
1 Captain Dickinson 		1 		Leader, Artillery
5 Texian Volunteers 		2 		Troops
2 Gonzales Ranging Co. 		3 		Troops
3 Texian Cavalry 		3 		Troops
1 New Orleans Greys 		3 		Troops 
1 Alabama Red Rovers 		3 		Troops
1 Volunteer, ex-US Army 	3 		Troops
1 San Antonio Greys 		3 		Troops 
1 Mobile Greys 			3 		Troops 
2 Tennessee Volunteers 		3 		Troops
1 "Victory or Death" 		4 		Morale
1 "Never Surrender" 		4 		Morale
1 Waiting for Fannin 		4 		Morale
1 "Post of Honor" 		4 		Morale
1 Line in the Dust 		4 		Morale
1 McGregors Bagpipes 		1 		Morale
1 Stockade 			1 		Defense
1 Long Barracks 		1 		Defense
1 Low Barracks 			1 		Defense
1 Trenches 			1 		Defense
1 Earthwork Ramparts 		1 		Defense
3 12 Foot High Wall 		2 		Defense 
1 Mission Church 		1 		Defense
1 Hospital 			1 		Defense 
3 Kentucky Rifles 		2 		Equipment 
2 Grapeshot 			2 		Equipment
1 Blunderbusses 		1 		Equipment
1 Raid 				4 		Tactics 
5 Texian Fire 			x2(5) 		Tactics; Doubler
1 18-pdr. Cannon 		3 		Artillery
2 Lunette Artillery 		2 		Artillery
2 Chapel Artillery 		2 		Artillery
2 Cannons 			2 		Artillery

You'll find that Remember the Alamo makes an excellent solo game.
You play the Texians.
Whenever the Mexicans have a Leader and can play a full set of 
7 or 8 cards they attack.
Whenever the Mexicans have an Artillery card & exceed 8 cards use 
it in bombardment phase.
Use common sense when playing the Mexicans.
When selecting a card from a player, shuffle the cards and 
pick the top card on the stack.

This makes the game more suitable for solo play while enhancing 
the 2 player game. I've made significant changes to the artillery 
system, the force numbering system, Mexican leadership requirements, 
and added two extra phases Texian Fire & Mexican Reinforcements which 
really help keep the game balanced so that one player doesn't run away 
the game.

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