Board Game for 2-6+ players. 
Railroad Building Theme. 
Each player takes the role of 1 Railroad Company. 

The game ends when one of the following happens: 
1. All Cities on the map are built to. 
2. Any player uses up all of his Rail Markers. 
At this point the player with the most Victory Points wins. 
Players keep their VP hidden until the end. 

This is a Hex Map. 
There are several Terrain Types/Features: 
Sea spaces: Blue Waves. Adjacent Land spaces are referred to as Coastal. 
Mountain spaces: Orange Angles 
Forest spaces: Green filled in Triangles
Plains: Open/Blank Spaces
Town Spaces: Open Circles. May be in Forests & Mountains
City Spaces: Solid Circles
Starting Cities: Solid circle surrounded by an open Circle. In the Corners. 
Rivers: Blue Lines on the Hex edges/sides
The individual Hexes on the map must be large enough to allow the 
easy un-stacked placement of up to 3 RM on each Hexside and 
6 markers (4 RM, 1 SM, 1 DM) in the Interior while allowing the 
terrain features to still be visible. 

Use Tokens to keep track of Victory Points (VP). 
Players share a common set. 

Each player has a set of 50 Rail Markers (RM) of a unique color. 

Each player has 5 Station Markers (SM) the same color as their RM. 
You may build a SM in a city you are connected to. 
That city earns you 1 extra MB per turn. 
A city may have a max of 1 Station. 

Use poker chips to keep track of Money Bags (MB). 

Use Tickets to keep track of Train Levels. 
This is an abstract measure of the number of trains you have as well as how 
technologically advanced they are and the efficiency with which they are run. 
You may not build to cities and towns that are farther from your starting 
city than is your Train Level. 

These represent revenue losses due to changes in transportation and 
businesses models. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Each player picks one of the Railroads on the Railroad Company List. 
Roll high on dice to determine order for picking railroads. 
Each player places one of their RM in one of the Starting Cities.
Roll high on dice to determine order for picking Starting Cities. 
All cities must be occupied before players start doubling up. 
Each player gets two secret random DM. 
Each player starts with a Train Level of 1. 
Each player starts with 5 MB and 10 VP. 
Finally players roll high on dice to determine Turn Order.  

Company Name:		Special Ability:
Red Runner		Has 10 extra RM	
White Wonder		Crossing Rivers cost 2 less
Blacks Tracks		Entering Towns and Cities costs 1 less
Grey Goose Express 	Entering Mountains costs 2 less
Blue Lightning		Start with Train Level = 2 & pay 1 less in Upkeep Phase
Green Machines		Stations cost only 2 MB each
Yellow Fellow Lines	No penalty for buying a third or fourth RM in a turn
Purple Pusher		When buying your stocks players get 1 extra VP per stock 
Silver Streak		May start game in any city on the Map
Golden Boy		Get +1 to Event Rolls
Indigo Engines		Starts game with 2 extra DM
Pink Puffer		When building does not pay for RM already present
VP = Victory Points
MB = Money Bags
DM = Development Marker

These are placed on appropriate Towns or Cities. 
A Town or City with a DM earns 1 extra MB per turn. 
A Town or City may have a max of 1 DM placed on them. 
A player may place one of his DM whenever he likes. 
Starting cities may not have a DM . 

Name:		Placement:
Port		Coastal City next to a River
Mine		Mountain Town
Fishing		Coastal Town
Lumber		Forest Town
Factory		City with River on 4 Sides
Cattle		City next to a Plains
Shipyard       	Coastal City next to a Forest
Cannery		Coastal City
Coal		Town next to 3 or more Mountains
Dairy		Town next to a Plains and a Forest
Mill		City next to a Plains and a River
Lighthouse	Coastal Town with Sea on 2 or more sides
Military Base	Town next to River, Forest, & Mountain
University	City next to 3 or more Towns
Brewery		Town with River on 2 or more sides
Quarry		Town next to a Mountain
Corn		Town next to a Plains
Oil		Town next to a Mountain and a Plains
Cotton		Town next to a River and a Plains
Capital		Any non-coastal City

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 7 Phases: 
1. Build Phase
2. Income Phase
3. Event Phase
4. Upkeep Phase
5. Dividend Phase
6. Upgrade Phase
7. End Phase

A player pays for and places rail markers (RM) in this Phase. 
A Hex has six sides and one Interior region. 
RM are placed both on Hex Sides and the interior of Hexes. 
In order for a railroad to connect from 1 hex to an adjacent hex you 
must build a RM on the hex side shared by both. 
To build on a Hexside/Border you must have a RM already built in the 
interior of one of the 2 connecting Hexes. 
To have a link to a town or city inside a Hex, you must build a 
RM in the interior of that hex. 
All RM you build must be continuously connecting from interior to 
hex side to interior to hex side and so on beginning from your Start City. 
A Max of 3 RM may be built on a Hexside. 
If it is a River Hexside it is a max of 2 RM. 
A Hexside of a Mountain space may contain a max of 2 RM. 
The Interior of a Hex may contain a max of 4 RM. 
The Interior may contain a max 3 if it is a Town and/or Forest and/or Coastal. 
The Interior may contain a max of 2 RM if it is a Mountain. 
The player must pay MB for the RM he builds according to the 
Building Cost Charts. 
You may also build 1 Station in a city you are connected to (interior RM) that 
does not already have a station. This costs 5 MB. 
The third RM you build in a turn costs +1 MB.
The fourth RM you build in a turn costs +2 MB.
The max number of RM you can build in a turn is 4.  

Difficulty:			MB Cost: 	Notes:
Base Cost			1		-
River (Crossing)       		+2		-
Mountain (Into or Out of)	+1		-
From Coastal to Coastal		+1		-
Station (Into or Out of)       	+1		Paid to Owner
For Every RM already present	+1		-

Difficulty:			MB Cost: 	Notes:
Base Cost			1		(Plains)
Town				+1		-
City				+2		-
Forest				+1		-
Coastal				+1		-
Mountain       			+2		-
Station				+1		Paid to Owner
For Every RM already present	+1		-

Gain Money Bags (MB) from towns and Cities you are connected to. 
To be connected you must have a RM in the interior of the Hex 
containing that city or town. 
A City earns 2 MB
A Town earns 1 MB
A Development marker earns 1 extra MB
A Station you own earns 1 extra MB
For every additional starting City you connect to 
(not including your own) earn an extra 2 MB. 
Gain 1 less MB for each Obsolescence Token you have. 
(On their first turn of the game each player will make 2 MB from being 
connected to their Start city)

Roll once on the Event Table: 

1D6	Event:			Notes:
1	Lost Contracts		Gain 1 Obsolescence Token 
2	Trucks & Roads		Gain 1 Obsolescence Token
3	Train Wreck		Roll 2D6: If < your Train Level lose 1D6 VP
4	Mail			Gain 1 VP
5	Passengers		Gain 1 VP and 1 MB
6+	Freight			Gain 1 MB
Notes: Add +2 to your rolls for the first 3 Turns of the game. 

Pay MB equal to your Train Level for maintenance and overhead. 
Lose 3 VP for every MB you do not pay. 
VP levels can be negative!  

You may buy Victory Points in this Phase. 
The first 1D6 MB you spend earn 3 VP each. (First Dividends Roll)
The next 1D6 MB you spend earn 2 VP each.  (Second Dividends Roll)
After that every MB you spend earns 1 VP each. 

You may upgrade your Train Level by one and one only. 
This costs MB equal to twice the level you are buying. 
For example: you are at level 3 and you want to go to 
level 4. That would cost you 8 MB. (2 X 4)

Check for end Game conditions. 

You may build up to 2 RM on a Hexside or in an interior to 
prevent other players from accessing the hex. 

You may borrow MB in Income Phase. 
For each MB you borrow lose 3 VP. 
You may borrow up to 2D6 MB on your turn. (Loan Availability Roll)

You may buy stocks in Income Phase. 
Pay an opponent MB. 
For every MB you pay an opponent gain 2 VP. 
You may buy up to 2D6 Stocks on your turn. (Investment Roll)

In Upgrade Phase you may pay 5 MB to draw 1 random unused DM. 

Gain VP equal to your Train Level x 7 (multiplied by seven). 
Gain 2 VP for every town or city you are the only player with a 
connection to. 
Cash in: 1 VP costs 2 MB. 

Each player picks one Tycoon at the begining of the Game. 
High Die roll picks first. 

Tycoon Name:		Special Ability:
Boss Hawg		Earn 1 VP each time you connect to a Town 
City Slicker Sid       	Earn 1 VP each time you connect to a City
Pick Axe Pete		Earn 1 VP each time you connect to a Mountain or Forest
Uncle Moneybags		Starts game with 7 extra MB
Fast Eddy		May buy up to 2 Train Levels per turn
Daddy Rawhide		Earn 1 VP each time you connect to a DM
Bob the Builder		May build 2 extra Stations
Philanthropic Phil	Gets +1 to Dividends Rolls
Bill the Bastard       	Per Shutout Rule may build up to 3 RM
Lester the Investor	Gets +2 to Investment Rolls
Boris the Banker       	Earn 1 VP each time a player takes a loan
Mike the Mechanic	Earn 1 VP each time another player goes up a Train Level
Rob the Robber Baron	Steal 1 VP from 1 target player on each of your turns
Dealer Dan 		May pay 3 MB to get rid of a Obsolescence Token
Note: "Connections" refer to the first RM you build in the interior of a Hex

You may pay 25 MB to start an extra Railroad. 
It may start in any city without a station that is not the 
starting space of one of your other railroads. 
Pick one of the remaining companies from the railroad company list. 
Run it as if there were an extra player joining in the game. 
Keep its money and VP separate. (Combine your VP at end of game) 
Do not gain the 2 DM you normally get at start. 
It does get the starting 5 MB and 10 VP
These extra railroads can have a max of 4 Stations and 40 RM.
If playing with Tycoons, you do not get an extra Tycoon; Your original and 
only Tycoon special ability applies to all the companies you own.
(If you have Uncle Monebags the new company starts with an extra 7 MB)   

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