Card game for 2+ players. 
Easter Island Theme. 
Players control rival tribes trying to build the most and biggest Moai. 

The player with the most Moai points at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends when the players have gone through the deck 3 times. 
The player who draws the last card may finish his turn. 

Use tokens to keep track of Moai Points

Players share a common deck. 
There are 7 suites of cards: 
Suite:		Type:
Food		Resource
Wood		Resource
People		Resource
Stone		Resource
Raids		Event
Huri Moai	Event
Disasters	Event
Resource cards have number values between 1 and 12. 

Cards in the Erosion pile are out of the game. 
As play proceeds, cards will wind up in the Erosion pile. 
The Erosion pile is not the same as the discard pile. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Players cut the deck. 
The player who cuts to the highest numbered resource card goes first.
Recut if tied. Play proceeds clockwise.   
Each player is dealt 6 cards. 

Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Rapa Nui Phase
2. Conflict Phase
3. Moai Phase
4. Deforestation Phase
5. Decline Phase

Draw 4 cards and put them in your hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may play one Event card. 
Target one opposing player. 
If you play a Raid card, steal 1 random card from his hand and put it in yours. 
If you play a Huri Moai card, your opponent loses 2 Moai Points. (Minimum zero)
If you play a Disaster card, your opponent must discard 2 random cards. 
You may not play an Event card on your first 2 turns. 
Event cards, when played are sent to the discard pile. 

You may play a Moai Meld. 
A Moai meld must contain 1 card from each of the 
4 Resource Suites (Food, Wood, People, and Stone). 
Gain Moai Tokens equal to value of the lowest numbered card in the Meld. 

If you just played a Moai Meld, automatically send the Wood card to the Erosion Pile. 
If the value of the Food card is greater than the wood card, send the Food card to the 
Erosion pile, otherwise send it to the discard pile. 
If the value of the People card is greater than the Food card, send the People card to the 
Erosion pile, otherwise send it to the discard pile. 
If the value of the Stone card is greater than the People card, send the Stone card to the 
Erosion pile, otherwise send it to the discard pile. 

Max hand is 10 cards. Discard excess cards. 
After the deck has gone through once, max hand size becomes 8 cards. 
After the deck has gone through twice, max hand size becomes 6 cards. 

F = Food		
W = Wood		
P = People		
S = Stone		
R = Raids		
H = Huri Moai	
D = Disasters	
NV = Numerical Value of the Resource card
# = Copies of that card in the deck 

Card Name:		#	Type	NV
Islanders		2	P	1
Islanders		2	P	2
Islanders		2	P	3
Rapa Nui		2	P	4
Rapa Nui		2	P	5
Rapa Nui		2	P	6
Villagers		2	P	7
Villagers		2	P	8
Villagers		2	P	9
Tribe			2	P	10
Tribe			2	P	11
Tribe			2	P	12
Cannibalism		2	F	1
Dogs			2	F	2
Rats			2	F	3
Chickens       		2	F	4
Fish			2	F	5
Shellfish		2	F	6
Yams			2	F	7
Bananas			2	F	8
Coconut Palms		2	F	9
Nesting Seabirds       	2	F	10
Fishing Canoes		2	F	11
Sea Turtles		2	F	12
Palm Trees		2	W	1
Palm Trees		2	W	2
Toromiro Trees		2	W	3
Toromiro Trees		2	W	4
Stand			2	W	5
Stand			2	W	6
Grove			2	W	7
Grove			2	W	8
Woodlands		2	W	9
Woodlands		2	W	10
Forest			2	W	11
Forest			2	W	12
Carvers			2	S	1
Craftsmen		2	S	2
Rano Raraku		2	S	3
Tuff Volcanic Ash	2	S	4
Quarries       		2	S	5
Trachyte       		2	S	6
Scoria Pukao		2	S	7
Basalt Tools		2	S	8
Obsidian Eyes		2	S	9
Ahu Platforms		2	S	10
Monoliths		2	S	11
Stone Giants		2	S	12
Raid 			8	R	-
Huri Moai		4	H	-
Rebellion		1	D	-
Erosion			1	D	-
Fire			1	D	-
Disease			1	D	-
Famine			1	D	-
Civil War		1	D	-
Deforestation		1	D	-
Extinction		1	D	-
Drought			1	D	-
Climate Change		1	D	-
Clan War		1	D	-
Collapse       		1	D	-

In a meld, you may combine 2 or more cards of the same suite, to get a higher number in that suite. 
If the suite needs to be eroded, put the higer value card in the erosion pile, and discard the 
smaller card(s). 


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