Each player controls a party of Heroes traveling through 
The Northern Core of Ravenloft, the Demi-Plane of Dread.

Ravenloft is a copyrighted property.
This is merely a fan site.

The Board is a track of 90 spaces.
The start & end spaces are Mist spaces.
The other spaces are Domain spaces.
There are 11 Domains. 
Each Domain is 8 spaces long.

The Boglands
Forest of Shadows
The Jagged Coast
The Mistlands
Mountains of Mystery
The Vale of Tears 

The first player whose party (pawn) reaches the end space wins.
You lose if all of your Heroes are killed.

Each player’s party is represented by a pawn of a unique color.

Pawns start the game in the Start space.
Each player is dealt 5 Power cards.
The creepiest player goes first.

Each party starts with 6 Heroes.
Roll on the Hero table to determine each Heroes Identity:

1D20	Hero Type:	Fight	Holy	Magic	Scout	Notes:
1	Paladin		2	1	-	-	Darklords get +2 vs you
2	Priest		-	3	-	-
3	Cleric		1	1	-	-	+1 vs Undead
4	Monk		1	1	-	1
5	Knight		3	-	-	-
6	Wizard 		-	-	3	-
7	Illusionist	-	-	1	1	+1 vs Men
8	Bard		-	1	1	1
9	Ranger		1	-	-	1	+1 vs Locations
10	Elf		1	-	1	1
11	Thief		1	-	-	2
12	Druid		-	1	-	1	+1 vs Locations		
13	Avenger		3	-	-	-
14	Gypsy		-	-	-	3
15	Arcanist	-	1	2	-	
16	Elementalist	1	-	2	-
17	Anchorite	1	2	-	-	
18+	Pick One

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 phases:
Aid Phase
Travel Phase
Encounter Phase
Resolution Phase

Draw 1 card from the power deck.
Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

Roll 1D6 and move that many spaces forward.

Every Domain has an encounter Table.
Roll once on the Encounter Table of the Domain your party is in.
This is the Encounter roll.

Resolve the randomly determined encounter.
Every encounter requires a challenge roll.
There are 4 types of Challenge rolls: 
Fight, Holy, Magic, and Scout.
Each Encounter has a Difficulty level from 1 to 3.
(Note each hero also has a level in each type or trait)
Roll 1D6 for the Encounter & add the Difficulty Level.
This is the Challenge Total.
Roll 1D6 and add the levels of your Heroes in the indicated trait.
This is the Hero Total.
Players may play Power cards to modify the Totals.
If the Hero Total is equal or greater than the Challenge Total, the Heroes win.
Winning Heroes draw 1 card, and may move next turn.
If the party loses, one of two things will happen depending on the 
Challenge description: 1 random party member is killed, or 
The party may not move next turn.
In the case of Quest challenges, if the party wins, they move forward 
1d6 spaces, if they loose they must move back to the first space of the Domain.

D = Darklord Encounter
E = Event Encounter
C = Creature Encounter
M = Magic Test
F = Fight Test
H = Holy Test
S = Scout Test
L = Lose 1 Hero
X = Miss next move


Lamordia – Renaissance 
1D10	Encounter:				Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Fight Adam the Flesh Golem 		D	M2	L	Undead
2	Blizzard 				E	M2	X	Location
3	Isle of Agony				E	S1	X	Location
4	Investigate Dr. Victor Mordenheim	E	H1	X	Men
5	Deformed Beasts				C	F1	L	
6	Chased by Angry Mob			C	H2	X	Men
7	Flesh Golems				C	F1	L	Undead
8	Chase Adam				D	S3	X	Undead
9	Experimental Surgery			E	M1	L	Men
10	Hope for Redemption			Q	H3	Q	Men	

Dementlieu – Renaissance 
1D10	Encounter:				Type	Test	Fail 	Notes
1	Dominic d’Honaire the Mesmerist		D	H3	X	Men
2	Pistol Duel				C	F1	L	Men
3	Locked up in Sanatorium			E	S1	X	Men
4	Coastal Sea Spawn			C	F1	L	
5	Gentry Intrigue				E	M1	X	Men
6	Romantic Entanglement			E	H2	X	
7	Low Class Rogues			C	S1	L	Men
8	Decadence				E	H1	X	Men
9	Plots within Plots			D	M1	X	Men
10	Thwart Insidious Plot			Q	S3	Q	Men

The Boglands – Necropolis – Chivalric 
1D6	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Glennis the Green Hag		D	F2	L		
2	Expose Plot for Revenge		Q	M2	Q	
3	Poisonous Creatures		C	F1	L	
4	The Great Salt Swamp		E	S2	X	Location
5	Stagnus Lake			E	S2	X	Location
6	Help Refugees			Q	H1	Q	

The Forest of Shadows – Necropolis – Chivalric 
1D10	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Death (The Grim Reaper)		D	H3	L	Undead
2	Armies of the Dead		C	F2	L	Undead
3	Ruins of Castle Avernus		Q	F3	Q	Location
4	Werewolves			C	F2	L		
5	Stone Circle			E	H2	X	Location	
6	Giant Spiders			C	F1	L	
7	Doomsday Device			E	M3	L	
8	Unholy Order of the Grave	C	H2	L	Undead
9	Zombies				C	H1	L	Undead
10	Halfling Wererat Thieves	C	F2	L	

The Jagged Coast – Necropolis – Dark Ages 
1D6	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Damon Skragg the Ghoul Lord	C	H1	L	Undead
2	Look for Treasure Caches	Q	S3	Q	Location
3	Smugglers			C	F1	L	Men
4	Strange Whirlpool		E	M2	X	Location	
5	Underwater Dwellers		C	F2	L	
6	Ghast Pirates			C	F2	L	Undead

The Mistlands – Necropolis – Dark Ages 
1D8	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Elf Ghost Mistwalker		D	M2	L	Undead
2	The Church of Ezra		E	H1	X	Men
3	Sinkholes of Silence		E	M1	X	Location
4	Pockets of Mist			E	S2	X	Location
5	Goblins				C	F1	L	
6	Dark Elves			C	F2	L	
7	Find Mysterious Tower		Q	S3	Q	Location
8	Obsession			E	H2	X	

The Mountains of Misery – Necropolis – Dark Ages 
1D10	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Silvertress the Dwarf Vampire 	D	H2	L	Undead
2	Dark Elves			C	F2	L	
3	Broken Ones			C	F2	L	
4	Darklings			C	F1	L	
5	Tremors				E	S1	X	Location
6	Volcanic Activity		E	S2	X	Location
7	Jagged Foothills		E	S1	X	Location
8	Goblins				C	F1	L	
9	Aid Gnome Miners		Q	M	X	
10	Karganate Secret Society	C	H2	L	Men 

The Vale of Tears – Necropolis – Dark Ages 
1D6	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Yako the Vassalich		D	H2	L	Undead
2	Lycanthropes			C	F2	L	Undead
3	Flooding			E	M1	X	Location
4	Maggot Golem			C	F2	L	
5	Giant Flesh Golems		C	F2	L	
6	Protect the Halfling Village	Q	S2	Q	

Falkovnia – Medieval 
1D12	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Vlad Drakov the Impaler		D	H3	L	Men
2	Dead Forest			E	S1	X	Location
3	Executions			E	M2	L	Men
4	Beggars				C	F1	X	Men
5	Torture				E	S2	X	Men
6	Ruthless Soldiers		C	F2	X	Men
7	Militia Brutality		C	F1	X	Men
8	Military Tribunal		E	H2	X	Men
9	Impalements			E	M2	L	Men 
10	Border Patrols			C	F2	L	Men
11	Help Rebels			Q	S3	Q	Men
12	Defend the Innocent		Q	F3	Q	Men

Keening – Ruins 
1D6	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Tristessa the Banshee		D	H3	L	Undead
2	Zombies				C	F2	L	Undead 
3	Mount Lament			E	S2	X	Location
4	Wall of Wind			E	M2	X	
5	Faerie Fire			E	M1	X	
6	Darkness			E	M1	X	

Tepest – Early Medieval
1D12	Encounter:			Type	Test	Fail	Notes
1	Laveeda the Annis		D	M2	L	
2	Leticia the Sea Hag		D	H3	L	
3	Lorinda the Greenhag		D	S1	L	
4	Goblins (Little Beasties) 	C	F1	L	Men
5	The Shadow Rift			E	S2	X	
6	Superstitious Witch Hunt	E	H2	L	
7	Blackroot the Evil Treant	C	F2	L	
8	Violent Storm			E	F3	X	Location
9	Terrible Curse			E	M1	X	
10	Force Cage & Mindblank		E	M2	X	
11	Rescue Children			Q	S3	Q	
12	Prove Innocence			Q	H3	Q	

A = Aid: Use to increase your chances of winning an Encounter.
F = Foe: Use against opposing player to make their Encounter tougher
X = Special

Card Name 			Type	Notes:
Matchlock pistol		A	Fight +2 
Rapier				A	Fight +2 
Fear				F	Creature gets +1
Revulsion			F	Creature or Darklord gets +1
Horror				F	Creature gets +2
Madness				F	Creature or Darklord gets +2
Closed Border			F	Darklord gets +3
Holy Water			A	+2 vs undead
Turn Undead			A	+2 vs undead
Find Weakness			A	+2 vs Darklord
Know Vulnerabilities		A	+1 vs Creature or Darklord
Holy Symbol 			A	+2 vs undead
Holy Word			A 	+2 vs Holy Encounter (Needs Holy Hero)
Good Secret Society		A	+1 vs any Encounter
Vistani Gypsies			X	Opponent must discard 3 random cards
Carnival			X	Opponent misses his next turn
The Fraternity of Shadows	X	Draw 3 cards
Dark Secrets			X	Cause Encounter Roll to be rerolled
Split up			F	Event Encounter gets +2
Something Sinister		F	Any Encounter gets +1
Macabre & Supernatural		F	Magic Encounter gets +2
Sinkhole of Evil		F	Undead gets +2
Corruption			F	Holy Test gets +2
Terror				F	Fight Test gets +2
Faith Magic			A	+2 vs Holy Encounter (Needs Holy Hero)
Healing	Herbs			X	Put killed Hero back in play (Needs Scout Hero)
Resurrection			X	Put killed Hero back in play (Needs Holy Hero)
Reincarnation			X	Put killed Hero back in play (Needs Magic Hero)
Summoning			A	Magic +2 (Need Magic Hero)
Enchantment			F	Magic Test gets +2
Divination			X	Look at next 7 cards in deck
Necromancy			A	Holy +2 (Need Magic Hero)
Smite				A	Fight +2 (Need Fight Hero)
Stealth				A	Scout +2 (Need Scout Hero)
Backstab			A	Fight +2 (Need Scout Hero)
Courage				A	Holy +2 (Need Fight Hero)
Find Companion			X	Gain 1 Random Hero
Henchman			X	Gain 1 Random Hero
Magic Potion			A	+1 to any Encounter
Magic Ring			A	+1 to any Encounter

Secrets of the Kargatane
Mordent Cartographic Society
The Lonesome Road
Campaign Summary
Ravenloft II
3rd Edition
The Darksite

I have a copy of the 2nd Edition Ravenloft Book.
These are only the Northern Core. 
I would like to do all the other Domains as well.


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