Card and Board Skirmish Scale Game for 2 players. 
Fantasy Theme: Renaissance Warfare with Leonardo Da Vinci style Inventions. 

Italian City States at War circa 1490. 
The Fivizzano are invading the Piombino. 

The Fivizzano win if they occupy 4 of the spaces of the city. 
The Piombinos win if they destroy 20 or more Units. 

Use a 16 x 16 square grid Map. 
This is equivalent to 4 Chessboards arranged into a square. 
Each 8 x 8 section is referred to as a Quadrant. 
The 2 eastern quadrants are land. 
The 2 western quadrants are water. 
6 Squares of the NE corner of the SW Quadrant shall contain City Squares. 
This is the Port City Commune of Piombino. 
Most of the Land spaces are Flat Land with a few clumps of Forests and 
Mountains and a few solitary Hills, Villages, and Swamps. 
One Road connects the City to a Village or two and then goes off the map. 
A few Islands dot the Tyrrhenian Sea.  

Type:			Notes:
Flat Land/Islands	No rules Modifications. Water units are Prohibited. 
Water/River/Lakes	No rules Mods. Land units are Prohibited. 
Road/Bridge		Land units get Move +1 if any of their move is along the road
Settlement		Village/Town/City/Ruins: Attacks vs. Occupying Non-Fort Land Units at -1.  
Forest			Land Units get Move -1 if any of their move is thru Forest. Min of 1.
Desert			Units must stop when entering. 
Hills			Units get range +1 to their Missile Attacks.  
Mountain       		All Units and attacks are Blocked. 
Swamp			Only Infantry can move into or through. Must stop when entering. 

Unit:			Move	Hits	Range	Abr	Notes:
Infantry       		2	2	2	Inf
Engineers		2	1	1	Eng
Cavalry			4	1	1	Cav
Artillery		1	1	5	Art
War Machine		3	3	3	WM
Flying Machine		6	1	2	FM
Fortification		0	3	5	Fort	Garrison included
Small Warship		5	2	3	SW
Large Warship		4	3	4	LW
Transport		3	2	1	Tsp	Can Carry 2 Land Units
Mine Field		0	0	0	MF	Land or Sea!

Use counters to represent Units. 
Traditional Piombino Colors are Red & Yellow. 
Traditional Fivizzano Colors are White & Purple. 

Players share a common set of Damage Counters. 
Bridge Counters are also needed. 

Basic rule of thumb is one Unit per space with many exceptions: 
Land Units in Transports or carried by other Units. 
Note if a transporting unit is destroyed, the Units it carries are also destroyed. 
Up to 2 Forts can be in 1 Space. 
Up to 1 Land Unit can be stacked with Fortifications. 
A Fort must be destroyed before any Land Units stacked with it can be attacked. 
Friendly Units can move through each other. 
FM can stack with Friendly and Hostile Land & Sea Units, but not other FM. 
Attacks vs. FM are at range -1. For instance: An Engineer can only attack an 
enemy FM if it is in the same square. 
Note: Cavalry in this game are considered to be equipped with Missile weapons and 
explosives and are as versatile as Infantry & Engineers in the targets they can engage.  
Note: Forts come with integral garrisons equipped with Artillery pieces. 
Note: Ships come with fighting crews, marines, & Artillery pieces. 
FM are not improved or hampered by any terrain except Mountains. 
Mine Field: Units can enter spaces occupied by Mine Fields: 
Non-FM & Non-Engineer Units entering a Minefield lose a Hit on a roll of 7+ on 1D10.
You can be destroyed by your own mines! 
If a Fort is reduced to 2 or less hits its range is reduced to 2. 

Engineer Units are Attack +2 vs. Fortifications and Bridges. 
Engineer Units may build pontoon Bridges across rivers: this uses up a full move: 
Place a Bridge Marker on an adjacent River space. Units may move on it as if it were 
Flatland. The Pontoon Bridge is considered to have 1 Hit. 
Engineers are immune to Minefields. Instead of moving, on a roll of 6+ on 1D10 they 
can clear a Minefield they occupy: Remove the Minefield Unit. 
No other Unit can attack or remove a Mine Field. 
Repairs: Instead of Moving an engineer on a roll of 9+ on 1D10 can restore 1 lost Hit to 
a WM, Ship, or Fort it shares a space with. 

Boarding Actions: When a ship is damaged by another adjacent ship roll 1D10: (Capture Roll)
On a roll of 7+ the ship does not lose a hit but is instead captured (it changes sides).
If the Attacking ship was carrying Infantry get +1 to the roll. 
Get -1 if the defender is carrying Infantry. 
Castle Storming: When a space containing a single Fort and no other land units is 
damaged by attacking adjacent infantry roll 1D10: (Capture Roll)
On a roll of 7+ the Fort does not lose a hit but is instead captured (it changes sides).
Attacker gets +1 if a friendly Engineer unit is also adjacent to the Fort. 

10 sided Dice are needed. 

These give advantages that last the duration of the entire battle. 

These cards mostly give short duration benefits. 
These cards are discarded when played. 

The Attackers have: 
8 Flying Machines
6 War Machines
8 Infantry
4 Cavalry
6 Artillery
4 Engineers
6 Small ships
2 Large Ships
2 Transports
1 Roll on the Leader Table
6 Rolls on the Invention Table
Units start in the bottom half of the Southern Quadrants. 

The 6 city spaces each hold 1 Fortification.
They also have: 
4 More Forts occupying Villages and/or Islands. 
4 Infantry
3 Artillery
2 Cavalry
1 Engineer
2 War Machines
6 Flying Machines
6 Small Ships
6 Mine Fields (Land & Sea in any combination)
1 Roll on the Leader Table
4 Rolls on the Invention Table
Units start scattered in the Northern Quadrants

Players take turns. Each turn has 4 Phases: 
1. Draw Phase
2. Move Phase
3. Attack Phase
4. End Phase

Draw 2 Tactics Cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Each of your Units may be Moved once. 
A Unit can move up to a number of spaces equal to its Move Rating. 

Each of your units may make 1 Attack vs. a target within its range. 
When attacking roll 1D10: (Attack Roll)
On a roll of 7 or higher the attack is successful and the target loses 1 Hit. 
Use counters to keep track of lost hits. 
A Unit with zero hits is destroyed. 

Max Hand size is 5 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

Adj = Adjacent
Ship = Refers to Warships and Transports
Land Units = Does not include Forts

1D100 Invention:       		Notes:
01-02 Submersibles		Small Ships get Attack +1
03-04 Hot Air Balloons		FM get Attack +1
05-06 Propellers       		FM & Ships get Move +1
07-08 Fire Bombs		FM get Attack +1
09-10 Rockets			Artillery & Ships & FM get Range +1
11-12 Greek Fire		Ships get +1 Attack
13-14 Torpedoes			Ships get +1 Range vs. other Ships
15-16 Giant Bladed Crane       	Warships get +1 Attack vs. other Adj Ships
17-18 Rotating Turrets		War Machines get +1 Attack
19-20 Organ Guns		Artillery & WM get +1 Attack vs. Inf & Cav
21-22 Fire Throwers		WM & Ships get +1 Attack
23-24 War Wagons       		WM can transport 1 Land Unit Each
25-26 Treads			War Machines get Move +1
27-28 Steam Power		WM & Ships get Move +1
29-30 Ornithopters		FM get Move +1
31-32 Repeating Crossbows	Infantry get 1 extra Attack per turn
33-34 Helicopters		FM get Move +1
35-36 Mine Sweeper		Small Warship has Engineer Abilities
37-38 Steam Cannons		Artillery get Attack +1
39-40 Mighty Mortar		Artillery get Attack +2 vs. Forts
41-42 Great Bombard		Artillery get Range +1
43-44 Breech Loading Guns	Artillery get 1 extra attack per turn
45-46 Giant Ballistae		Ships get Range +1
47-48 Scythed Chariot		WM gets Attack +1 vs. Adj Inf & Cav
49-50 Indirect Canister Shot	Artillery get Attack +1 vs Adj Target
51-52 Mobile Shield Walls	Infantry get Hits +1
53-54 Giant Trebuchet		Art & Forts get Range +1
55-56 Mechanical Soldiers	Infantry get +1 Hits
57-58 Armored Ships		Ships get +1 Hits
59-60 Mine Layer		Each of your Small Ships carry 1 MF
61-62 Armored Cars		WM get +1 Hits
63-64 Enfilading Angles		Forts get Attack +1
65-66 Mobile Siege Towers	WM get Range +1
67-68 Battering Rams		WM get Attack +2 vs. Forts
69-70 Baroque Earthworks       	Forts get +1 Hits 
71-72 Grenades			Infantry get Attack +1
73-74 Muskets			Infantry get Range +1
75-76 Demolitions		Engineers get Attack +1
77-78 Reiter Cavalry		Cavalry get Attack +1
79-80 Poison Smoke Bombs       	Art & Engineers get Attack +1 vs Forts
81-82 Fire Kites		Engineers get Range +1
83-84 Mounted Arquebusiers	Cavalry get Range +1
85-86 Border Horse		Cavalry get Move +1
87-88 Paddle Wheels		Ships get Move +1
89-90 Parachutes       		FM can transport 1 Infantry each 
91-92 Double Hull		Ships get +1 Hits
93-94 Diver Suits		Sabotage: Opponent starts with one less Ship
95-96 Remote Control Guns	WM get 1 extra attack per turn
97-98 Unicycle Troops		Infantry get Move +1
99-00 Infernal Contraption	WM get Attack +1

Minelayer: The ship may lay the MF Unit into any sea space they moved out this turn. 
This does not count as an attack. 
Mine Sweeper: The Ship functions as if it were an Engineer (on Water Only). A ship 
with an Engineer Unit aboard can clear mines exactly as if the ship itself were an engineer. 
Parachutes: The Infantry can be dropped directly onto enemy units. If so roll an 
unmodified 1D10: on 1-7 the Parachute troops are killed. On 8+ the enemy unit(s) are 
destroyed... or in the case of a Fort or Ship are captured!

1D10	Leader:			Notes: 
1	Wondrous Inventor	Start with 2 extra Inventions
2	Great General		Max Hand Size +2
3	Drill Master		All of your Infantry get Attack +1
4	Famous Admiral		All of your Warships get Move +1
5	Gun Enthusiast		All your Artillery get Attack +1
6	Flight Pioneer		All your FM get Move +1
7	Renowned Builder       	All your Forts get Hits +1
8	Mercenary Captain	Start with 2 extra Infantry
9	Unrivaled Equestrian	All your Cavalry get Attack +1
10	Mechanical Genius	All your WM get Move +1

C#  Name:		Notes: 
01 Dive Bomb		FM gets Attack +3 vs. Non-FM in same space
02 Boiling Oil		Fort gets Attack +3 vs. Adj Non-FM
03 Mud			Negate Move of Target Land Unit
04 Fog			Negate Move
05 Breakdown		Target WM cannot Move or Attack this turn
06 Explosion		Target Art that just attacked is destroyed
07 Powder Kegs		Inf & Engineers get Attack +3 vs. Adj Land Unit
08 Pike Formation	Negate Attack on Inf by adj Inf or Cav
09 Stone Balls		Art gets Attack +3
10 Smoke Screen		Negate Attack
11 Retreat		Negate Attack vs. Cav
12 Out Flank		Unit gets 1 extra Move
13 Forced March		1 or 2 Inf Units gets Move +1
14 Air Currents		FM gets Move +3
15 Dogfight		FM gets Attack +3 vs. FM
16 Lost Orders		Negate Move
17 Fate Intervenes	Negate Tactics Card
18 Confusion		Move Enemy Unit
19 Breakthrough		Non-Fort Non-artillery Unit gets Attack +3  
20 Rally		Cav or Inf Unit gets back 1 Lost Hit
21 Reinforcements	Gain 1 Unit. Starts at edge of Map
22 Pinned Down		Negate Move of Non-FM Unit Attacked by you last turn
23 Charge		Cav or WM gets Attack +3 vs Adj Target
24 Bombardment		Art gets Attack +3
25 Iron Tipped Rams	Ship gets Attack +3 vs. Adj Ship 
26 Secret Weapon       	Roll once on the Invention Table
27 Decoys		Negate attack on non-Fort Unit
28 Hidden Movement	Switch 2 of your Units within 5 spaces of each other
29 High Ground		Unit gets +1 Range
30 Observation Balloon	Steal one random Tactics card from Opponents Hand
31 Spy Glass		Opponent must discard 2 Random Tactics Cards
32 Calculations        	Draw 2 Tactics Cards
33 Negotiate Surrender	Adjacent Damaged Unit is destroyed
34 Scaling Ladders	Infantry get attack +3 vs. Fort
35 Reserve Move		1-3 Units get extra Move but they cannot attack
36 Exploding Warheads	Art or Ship gets Attack +2
37 Men-at-Arms		Cav get Attack +3 vs Non-Fort, Non-WM Adj Land Unit
38 Stink Pots		Engineers or Art get Attack +2 
39 Caltrops		Put MF counter on Space adj to your unit 
40 Signal Flares       	Unit gets 1 extra Move

Each Tactics card is numbered so players can use numbered counters 
instead of making up a cardset. 

Each City State gets its own unique advantages: 
VENICE- (The Arsenal) 1 extra Transport, 1 extra Small Ship, 1 extra Large Ship
MILAN- (Famous Armorers) Inf & Cav get Hits +1
ROME- (Swiss Pikemen) 2 extra Inf. All Inf get Attack +1
FLORENCE- (Home of the Renaissance) 2 extra rolls on the Invention Table
FERRARA- (Grand Palaces) 2 extra Forts. Forts get Hits +1
MANTUA- (School of Princes) 2 extra rolls on the Leader Table
RIMINI- (Scoundrels) Draw 1 extra Tactics card every other turn 
URBINO- (Chivalry) 2 extra Cavalry. Cav get Attack +1
FIVIZZANO- (Court Archers) Inf get Attack +1 & Range +1
PIOMBINO- (Industrial Port) 2 extra Units of any type
GENOA- (Maritime Republic) 1 extra Transport, 1 extra Small Ship. All Ships Move +1
SIENA- (Engineering) 1 extra WM, 1 extra Engineer, 1 extra roll on Invention Table

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