Board game for 2-6+ players. 
Theme: America Post Civil War; Age of Steel; Gilded Age Economic Empire Building

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The player with the most Legacy points at the end of the game wins. 

The game ends when the Legacy Deck is Empty. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

This deck contains cards representing acts of Philanthropy that 
Contribute to your Legacy. 
Each card has a Legacy Point Value. 
Legacy cards you buy go to your Legacy Pile. 

This deck contains cards that represent various Events that will 
Enrich or impoverish you. 
Most Business Cards are discarded after being played; Others ago to your Legacy Pile. 

The basic form of currency in this game is the $1 Million dollar Note. 

Where the Money is. 
One player is the Banker. 
The Banker makes Change and prevents thefts. 

Each player gets a set of control markers of a unique color. 

Each player gets one unique pawn (figure) to represent themselves on the board. 

The Board is a Square Track divided up into spaces. 
Each side has 11 spaces including the corners: 
Space	Description:
1	*Start Space (Corner)
2	Railroads (Great)
3	Railroads (Great)
4	Railroads (Great)
5	Lumber (Minor)
6	*Business
7	Shipping (Major)
8	Shipping (Major)
9	Sugar (Minor)
10	Tobacco (Minor)
11	*Legacy (Corner)
12	Steel (Great)
13	Steel (Great)
14	Steel (Great)
15	Coke (Minor)
16	*Business 
17	Mining (Major)
18	Mining (Major)
19	Gold (Minor)
20	Silver (Minor)
21	*Legacy (Corner)	
22	Banking (Great)
23	Banking (Great)
24	Banking (Great)
25	Machinery (Minor)
26	*Business
27	Utilities (Major)
28	Utilities (Major)
29	Textiles (Minor)
30	Meat Packing (Minor)
31	*Legacy (Corner)
32	Oil (Great)
33	Oil (Great)
34	Oil (Great)
35	Coal (Minor)
36	*Business
37	Real Estate (Major)
38	Real Estate (Major)
39	Merchandising (Minor) 
40	Retail (Minor)

There are 6 types of spaces on the Boards: 
The Start Space 
Legacy Spaces 
Business Spaces
Great Industry Spaces 
Major Industry Spaces 
Minor Industry Spaces

If you have a Control Marker on an Industry space, that Space is one of your Investments. 
If you own all the Control Markers on an Industry space, you have a Trust. 
If you have Trusts on both spaces of a Major Industry, you have a Monopoly. 
If you have Trusts on both spaces of a Great Industry, you have a Great Monopoly. 

Each player starts with $10 Million Dollars. 
Each Player selects his Pawn and his Control Tokens
All Pawns begin on the Start space. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 2 Phases: 
Revenue Phase
Speculation Phase

Gain $1 Million for each Control Marker you have on the Board. 
Gain $1 Million for each Trust you control. 
Gain $3 Million for each Monopoly you control. 
Gain $5 Million for each Great Monopoly you control. 

Choose 1, 2, or 3 Dice: Roll that many dice.  
Get a Total and move your Pawn clockwise that many spaces. 

If you land on an opponent’s pawn steal $1 Million from him and 
Immediately move forward another 1D6 spaces.

If you land on an Industry Space you may pay $1 Million to: 
Option 1 = Put 1 of your Control Markers (CM) on it or you may pay $2 Million for 
Option 2 = Put 1 of your CM’s on it and remove 1 CM of an Opponent’s.  
Option 3 = Do Nothing
All Money paid goes to the Bank. 
Note that a single space may have multiple Control Markers. 
You may repeat Option 2 multiple times. 

If you land on or go past the Start Space gain $1 Million or 
draw 1 card from the Legacy Deck. 
If you land on a Legacy Space draw 1 card from the Legacy Deck. 

If you land on a Legacy Space draw & reveal 1 card from the Legacy Deck. 
When you draw a card from the Legacy Deck, you must either buy it or 
Put it on the bottom of the Legacy deck. 
The cost of a Legacy card is equal to its Legacy Value in Millions.
Place the Legacy card you bought into your Legacy pile. 

If you land on a Business Space draw & Reveal 1 card from the Business Deck. 
If the Business deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Before going Bankrupt you must sell off your Control Markers to the 
Bank for 1$ Million per Marker. 
Sold Markers are removed from the board. 
If you ever run out of money, you are out of the game: 
Shuffle your Legacy cards back into the Legacy deck. 
You may reenter the game on a later turn just as if you were starting a new game. 

*Risky Venture: Roll two dice. Subtract the second from the first. 
This may be a negative number. Gain (or lose) that much in Millions. 
*Bad Legacy: Add this card to your Legacy Pile. Gain Millions 
Equal to its value, however, its value counts against your Legacy. 
* Business Legacy: Put this card in your Legacy Pile. Its Value adds to your Legacy
* Innovation: Add this card to your Legacy Pile. Gain Millions 
Equal to its value, plus, its value adds to your Legacy. 
* Demand: Place a Control Marker on one of your Trusts.
* Production:  Place a Control Marker on one of your non-Trust Investments.
* Scandal: Add this card to your Legacy Pile. Its value counts against your Legacy. 
* Costly Scandal: Add this card to your Legacy Pile. Lose Millions 
Equal to its value, Plus its value counts against your Legacy. 
* Monopolize: Replace an Opponents CM with one of your own. 
* Business Plan: Move your Pawn to any target Space.

Card Name:			Notes:
Income Tax			All Players pay 10% of their Money to the Bank. 
Estate Tax			Pay 10% of your Money to the Bank
Taxes				All Players lose 1D6 Million
Speculation			Risky Venture
Depression			No one collects revenue on their next 2 Turns
Market Panic			No one collects revenue on their next 2 Turns
Price Fixing			Bad Legacy = 9
Self Made Man			Gain 2 extra Speculation Phases
Collusion			Monopolize & Bad Legacy = 3
War Profiteering		Bad Legacy = 9
Gilded Age			Gain 1D6 Million
Manipulate Stock Prices		Bad Legacy = 7
Unfair Business Practices	Bad Legacy = 8
Captain of Industry		Business Legacy = 6
Tycoon				Business Legacy = 7
Magnate				Business Legacy = 5
Industrialist			Business Legacy = 4
Mogul				Bad Legacy = 4
Robber Baron			Bad Legacy = 5
Welfare Capitalism		Innovation = 6
Mass Production			Innovation = 5
Global Vision			Innovation = 7
Consumerism			Demand
Expansion			Demand
Homestead Act			Demand
Immigrant Labor			Demand
Growing Middle Class		Demand
Franchising			Innovation = 5
Intimidation & Brute Force	Bad Legacy = 4
Deception & Dishonesty		Bad Legacy = 5
Criticism			Scandal = 5
Profit Sharing			Innovation = 6
Minimum Wage			Business Legacy = 5
Shorter Work Day		Business Legacy = 4
Improve Standard of Living	Business Legacy = 3
Bribe Officials			Bad Legacy = 6
Pay off Judges			Bad Legacy = 7
Buy Politicians			Bad Legacy = 8
Purchase Congressmen		Bad Legacy = 7
Influence Peddling		Bad Legacy = 4
Wrong Guess			Lose 1D6 Million
Corner the Market		Monopolize
Labor Unions			Lose 1D6 Million
Shrewd Dealing			Monopolize
Controversy			Scandal = 6
Investigation			Scandal = 5
Misanthropy			Scandal = 4
General Strike			Lose 1D6 Million
Labor Confrontations		Costly Scandal = 4
Gospel of Wealth		Gain 1D6 Million
The American Dream		Business Legacy = 4
Rags to Riches			Business Legacy = 5
Theory of the Leisure Class	Scandal = 3
Exploitation			Bad Legacy = 5
Cunning				Business Plan
Wits & Energy			Business Plan
Ruthlessness			Business Plan
Scheme				Business Plan
Prospecting			Risky Venture
Entrepreneur			Innovation = 2
Conspiracy			Bad Legacy = 4
Overproduction			Target Opponent loses 1D6 Million
Raise Capital			Gain 1D6 Million
Mechanization			Production
Applied Technology		Production
Mergers				Monopolize
Patents				Production
Increased Trade			Demand
Boom Times			Demand x2
Distribution Problems		Target Opponent loses 1D6 Million
New Manufacturing Processes	Production
Invention			Production
Government Contracts		Demand & Bad Legacy = 4
Massive Fraud			Bad Legacy = 10
Child Labor			Bad Legacy = 5
Sweatshops			Bad Legacy = 4
Dog-eat-dog			Monopolize
Discovery			Production
Black Friday			All Players pay you $2 Million
Black Gold			Go to an Oil Space
Age of Steel			Go to a Steel Space
Iron Horse			Go to a Railroad Space
Miner 49er			Go to any Ore Space
Kick-Backs			Bad Legacy = 5
Extravagance			Scandal = 2
Mass Marketing			Demand
Laissez faire			Gain 1D6 Million
Favorable Legislation		Gain 1D6 Million
Excessive Wealth		Target Opponent gets Scandal = 4
Massacre Strikers		Scandal = 5
Factory Fire			Costly Scandal = 2
Trouble in the West		Lose 1D6 Million 
Financial Battle		Monopolize x2
Modernization			Production
Industrial Revolution		Production & Demand
Rings of Corruption		Bad Legacy = 9
Government Land Grants		Gain 1D6 Million
Government Loans		Gain 1D6 Million
Public Funding			Gain 1D6 Million
Stock Watering			Bad Legacy = 3
Skim Assets			Bad Legacy = 4
Milk Companies			Bad Legacy = 5
Siphon Proceeds			Bad Legacy = 6
Manipulate the Stock Market	Bad Legacy = 9
Charge for Services		Steal 1D6 Million from Target Opponent
Force a Deal			Steal 1D6 Million from Target Opponent
Cutthroat Competition		Steal 1D6 Million from Target Opponent
Mass Production			Production
Economic Crash			No one collects revenue on their next 2 Turns
Workers Uprising		Target Opponent loses 1D6 Million
Labor Demands			Target Opponent loses 1D6 Million
Populist Revolt			All Players lose 1D6 Million
Anti-Trust Act			Place a Control Marker on an Opponents Trust
Interstate Commerce Laws	Target Opponent loses 1D6 Million
Absorb Competitors		Monopolize
High Tariffs			Gain 1D6 Million
Dividends			Gain 1D6 Million
Line of Credit			Gain 1D6 Million

Card Name			Legacy Value: 
Schools				2
Grand Hotels			3
Hunting Lodge			1
Museum				4
Grand Station			5
Art Collection			3
Foundation			9
Humanitarianism			5
Public Libraries		4
Patronage			3
Benefactor			2
Infrastructure			4
Education			3
Monumental Architecture		5
University			8
Colleges			7
Hospitals			6
Concert Halls			5
Philanthropy			6
Contributions			5
Parklands			3
Churches			3
Opulence			4
Charities			5
Orchestras			3
Mansions			2
Estates				3
Castles				4
Endowments			6	
Institutes			5
Land development		4

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