INTRODUCTION Board Game for 2-6 players. VICTORY Be the first to bring the Pirate Chest back to your Port. PIRATE VESSELS Each player has 1 Pawn representing his Ship. The terms Ship and Pawn are interchangeable. ROLL THE BONES Six sided dice are needed. PIECES OF EIGHT 4 Identical Coins are needed. To the back of each coin place a mark. Each of the 4 coins has its own special Mark: 1. Magic Compass 2. The Map 3. The Key 4. Dead Mans Chest THE DECK Players share a common Deck. THE BOARD The board is a circular Track divided into 24 spaces. Every third space is a Special Space: 3. Deserted Island 6. The Caribbean (Port) 9. Deserted Island 12. Pirate Island (Port) 15. Deserted Island 18. Ship Graveyard (Port) 21. Deserted Island 24. The Seven Seas (Port) The other spaces are referred to as Open Sea Spaces. THE SHIPS There are several Pirate Outfits vying for the Chest: Captain: Ship: Crew: Port: Ability: Jack Sparrow Black Pearl Rogues Caribbean Luck Captain Kidd Adventure Scallywags Pirate Island Privateer Davy Jones Flying Dutchman Crusty Crew Graveyard Kraken Admiral Horatio HMS Endeavor Bully Brits Caribbean Blockade The Dragon Lady Pirate Junk Chinamen Seven Seas Rockets Captain Morgan Pirate Fleet Buccaneers Caribbean Raider Ghost of Redbeard Ghost Ship Ghostly Crew Graveyard Ghostly Black Bart Royal Fortune Salty Dogs Seven Seas Rampage Dread Pirate Roberts The Revenge Cutthroats Pirate Island No Prisoners Captain Barbossa Skeleton Ship Skeleton Crew Graveyard Undead Blackbeard Queen Anne Sea Curs Caribbean Fearsome Calico Jack The Neptune Female Crew Seven Seas Girl Power Long John Silver Hispaniola Mutineers Pirate Island Mutiny Captain Hook Jolly Roger Ship of Fools Seven Seas Never Land Captain Blood Arabella Freebooters Pirate Island Swift Sinbad the Sailor Stolen Ship Corsairs Seven Seas Steal Mama Lola Voodoo Queen Zombies Graveyard Curses Captain Nemo Nautilus Submariners Seven Seas Ram Yellowbeard The Lady Edith Misfits Pirate Island Map LUCK Whenever Jack Sparrow rolls a die, he instead rolls 2 dice and picks the one he wants. Whenever he draws 1 card, he instead draws 2 and discards 1. PRIVATEER Whenever Captain Kidd moves, he may choose to move 1 space instead of rolling a die. KRAKEN Either immediately before or after moving Davy Jones may Summon the Kraken. Roll 1D6: An Opposing ship at that distance, not on a Special Space is destroyed. The Flying Dutchman is immune to Storms. SWIFT Captain Blood may move twice per turn. BLOCKADE No ship may move through or past the HMS Victory. The Admirals max hand size is +2. ROCKETS The Pirate Junk is equipped with Rockets: It gets an extra +1D6 on Broadside Fights. GIRL POWER Calico Jack may discard 1 card to add 2 to any diceroll in a Fight. UNDEAD Skeletons are immune to bullets and impaling thrusts: They get an extra +1D6 on Boarding Fights. RAIDER Whenever Captain Morgan rolls a die, he may add 1 to the result. GHOSTLY The Ghost Ship does not miss a turn when it is Sunk. RAMPAGE Whenever Black Bart sinks an enemy ship in a fight, he gets an extra turn. FEARSOME Blackbeard is one Rough Customer. He gets to draw 1 extra card at the beginning of his turn. NEVER LAND Captian Hook as his move may go to any Port Space. Note that Never Land is somewhere in the Seven Seas. MUTINY Long John Silver may as his move go to any Deserted Island Space occupied by another Pirate. STEAL If Sinbad lands on an Enemy Ship, instead of fighting it, he steals either a Coin or a random Card. NO PRISONERS If you are Sunk in a fight by the Dread Pirate Roberts, you must discard your hand plus you miss an extra turn: Miss 2 turns (not 1 turn as normal) MAP If Yellowbeard is in play, he starts with the Hidden Map. Note that Yellowbeard's real Port is "St. Victim's Prison for the Extremely Naughty" which we have relocated to Pirates Island. RAM When attacking, Nemo may ram instead of Fighting. The rammed ship is automatically Sunk and any coins on it go to random Deserted Islands. The Nautilus gets +1 to Escape Rolls. The Nautilus is immune to Wind & Storm Event Cards. CURSES Mama Lola can use her Voodoo Magic to Curse her Opponents. On her Turn she may pick one Opponent, and roll once on the Curse Table: CURSE TABLE 1D6 Curse: 1 Opponent cannot Move on his next Turn 2 Opponent gets –2 to all dice rolls until end of his next Turn. 3 Opponent must discard 1 Random Card. 4 Opponent must reveal his hand to all Players. 5 Opponent cannot use his Special Ability until end of his next Turn. 6 Opponent’s Ship is Sunk SETUP Each Player chooses which Pirate Captain he wants to be. Each player puts his Pawn on his Homeport. Each player draws 2 Cards. Randomly place one of the 4 coins face-up on each of the 4 Deserted Island Spaces. (The identity of the coins are hidden) Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. At the beginning of your turn, draw 1 Card from the deck and put it in your hand. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard, and draw from it. Roll 1 die and move the indicated number of spaces in either direction. If you land on a Face down coin, flip it over to reveal its identity. If you land on an Enemy ship you must fight it. At the end of your turn discard down to 5 cards. THE MAP If you land on the Hidden Map (1 of the 4 Coins) you take possession of it. It is needed to find the Chest. THE KEY If you land on the Hidden Key (1 of the 4 Coins) you take possession of it. It is needed to find the Chest. THE CHEST If you land on the Hidden Chest (1 of the 4 Coins) you take possession of it only if You already have possession of the Key and the Map. If you have possession of the Chest and you make it to your Port, you win. THE MAGIC COMPASS If you land on the Hidden Compass (1 of the 4 Coins) you take possession of it. The Ship with the Magic Compass gets 1 extra Move per turn. EXTRA MOVES Note that extra Moves can also result in extra Fights. ESCAPE If an opponents ship lands on you, you may attempt to avoid combat: Roll 1D6: On a roll of 5 or better, you escape and no Fight Takes place. FIGHTING If you land on a space containing 1 or more enemy Ships, you may pick one to Fight. You, the Attacker, may choose whether the Fight is Broadsides or Boarding or Both. Broadsides is at Long Range with Cannon. Boarding is at Short Range with Gun & Sword. Each side rolls 1D6 and plays Fight Cards. The side with the highest Total wins. Attacker wins ties. The Loser is Sunk, and must give his coins to the winner. PORTS OF CALL When you are at your Home Port, you cannot be Attacked or Destroyed. ON BEING SUNK When your ship is destroyed, your pawn returns to your Home Port, and You miss your next turn. If you had any coins, they go to the Ship that Sunk you, or if you were not Sunk in a Fight, they go back (Hidden) to random Deserted Islands. THE DECK Card Name: Notes: Scurvy Target Opponent cannot Move this turn Trade Winds Wind: Get an extra Move this Turn Port of Call You may as your Move return to your Home Port Voodoo Magic Pick a Target and roll on the Curse Table Typhoon Storm: Farthest Enemy Pawn is Sunk Hurricane Storm: Random Enemy Pawn is Sunk Whirl Pool Adjacent Enemy Pawn in Open Sea is Sunk Tidal Wave Target Enemy Pawn in Open Sea is Sunk Hit Reef Target on Special Space cannot Move this turn Doldrums Wind: Target Pawn in Open Sea cannot Move this turn Gulfstream Get 2 extra Moves this Turn Westerlies Wind: Move an extra 1D6 Spaces this Turn Sargasso Adj Enemy Pawns in Open Sea cannot Move on their next turn Rum Skip your Move and draw 2 extra Cards Pursuit As your Move go to same space as target enemy Pawn Flee Get +2 to Escape Roll X Marks the Spot As your Move go to any Deserted Island Give Chase As your Move go to space containing opponents Pawn Set Sail As your Move go to any empty Open Sea Space Becalmed Opponent gets –3 to his Move Roll Sandbar Opponent gets –2 to his Move Roll Rumors Look at next 10 cards in deck Spy Glass Look at opponents Hand; Draw a card from the deck Crows Nest Look at opponents Hand; Draw a card from the deck Thief Steal 1 Coin from Adjacent Pawn Scoundrel Steal 1 Coin from Adjacent Pawn Landing Party Reveal & take (if Possible) Hidden Coin on Adjacent Space Cannibals Opponent on Deserted Island must have a Boarding Fight Buccaneers Opponent on Open Sea must have a Boarding Fight Head Hunters Opponent on Deserted Island must have a Boarding Fight Imprisoned Opponent at a Port Space cannot Move on their next turn Captured Opponent on Deserted Island cannot Move on their next turn Stowaway Discard to draw 2 cards Betrayal Opponent must discard 2 random cards Treachery Opponent must discard 3 cards Mutiny Opponent must have a Boarding Fight Sea Monster Opponent on Open Sea must have a Boarding Fight Shipwrecked Next Player to go is Sunk Marooned Opponent misses his next Turn Catch the Wind Wind: Get +1 to Move Roll or Escape Roll Settle a Debt Discard to Steal 1 Random Card from Adjacent Opponent Lost As his move, Move Enemy Ship 1D6 spaces in any direction Knives Get +2 to Boarding Fight Axes Get +3 to Boarding Fight Pikes Get +3 to Boarding Fight Harpoons Get +3 to Boarding Fight Cutlasses Get +3 to Boarding Fight Pistols Get +4 to Boarding Fight Muskets Get +4 to Boarding Fight Grenades Get +4 to Boarding Fight Darkness Get +5 to Boarding Fight Swivel Guns Get +1 to Boarding or Broadsides Fight Grapeshot Get +2 to Boarding or Broadsides Fight Rally the Men Get +3 to Boarding or Broadsides Fight Surprise Get +4 to Boarding or Broadsides Fight Cannonballs Get +2 to Broadsides Fight Run out the Guns! Get +3 to Broadsides Fight Chain Shot Get +3 to Broadsides Fight Bar Shot Get +3 to Broadsides Fight Hot Shot Get +3 to Broadsides Fight Triple Cannons Get +4 to Broadsides Fight Rake the Stern Get +4 to Broadsides Fight Blown Away! Get +5 to Broadsides Fight VARIANT RULES LARGER BOARD For 5 or more players a larger board is recommended: Space #27. Deserted Island Space #30. Barbary Coast Include an Extra Coin: Voodoo Doll If you possess the Voodoo Doll, At the End of your turn you may pick a Target and Roll on the Curse Table. The Vodoo Doll then is placed on a random Deserted Island. Pirates in excess of 4 may choose the Barbary Coast as their Home Port.

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