Card game for 2+ players. 
Each player takes the role of the Librarian. 
Players try to retrieve precious artifacts to expand the Library Collection. 

Based on the “Librarian” Series of Movies. 
This is merely a fan site. 

At the beginning of the game, the players decide how many Artifacts 
Constitute a win. Play continues until someone has acquired the required number.
Short Game = 3 Artifacts
Mid Length Game = 5 Artifacts
Long Game = 7 Artifacts
Full Game = 9 Artifacts

Players share 2 Common Decks: 
The Artifact Deck
The Action Deck

18 Cards. Artifacts stored in the Library for safekeeping. 
Each Artifact has a Special Ability it grants its owner. 

The Action deck is composed of 80 cards. 
There are 8 Suites. Each Suite has 10 cards. 

Six sided dice are used. 

Shuffle the decks.   
Each player is dealt a hand of 6 random Action cards.
Flip over the Top card of the Artifact deck. 
This card is the Prize.  

Each turn has 6 Phases: 
1. Fate Phase
2. Initiative Phase
3. Adventure Phase
4. Action Phase
5. Meld Phase
6. End Phase

Roll 1D6 and add the number of players. This is the Fate number. 
Flip over that many cards from the Action deck. 
These are the Fate cards. 

Each player rolls 1D6. These are the Initiative Rolls. 
The highest roll is the Initiative Leader. 
A player may discard a Companion card to cause a target die roll to be re-rolled. 
A player may discard a Travel card to get +1 to their Initiative roll. 

Starting with the Leader and going clockwise players take turns 
Picking 1 of the remaining Fate cards and putting it into their hands. 

Starting with the Leader and going clockwise players take turns 
Playing Action cards from their hands to invoke their Special Abilities. 
This continues until no player has any more cards they want to play. 
A Location card may played (discarded) to look at an opponents hand. 
A Danger card may be played (discarded) to cause a target player to 
Discard 1 random card from his hand. 
A Knowledge card may be played (discarded) to allow the player to look at 
The next 7 cards in the Action deck
A Foe card may be played (discarded) to steal 1 random card from an 
Opponents hand and add it to your own. 
A Puzzle card may be played (discarded) to draw the top card of the action 
Deck and add it to your hand. 
A player may play (discard) an Escape card at any time (out of order) to negate 
An Action card just played by another player. 

Starting with the Leader and going clockwise each player has the 
opportunity to make a Meld. 
A Meld consists of 8 cards, 1 from each of the 8 Suites.  
The first player to make a meld claims the current Prize and adds it to their Library. 
Once the Prize is claimed, no further Melds can be made this turn. 
If the prize is claimed, flip over the top card of the Artifact deck to be the new Prize. 
Discard all Meld cards. 

Max hand size is 10 cards. 
Players discard excess cards. 

Some artifacts have the Flip ability: As an action in Action phase (once only per each 
Action phase) flip over the top card of the action deck: If it matches the card type 
Described by the card, you may put it in your hand, otherwise, discard it. 
For any artifact with the “Action:” notation, its ability is used as an action in 
Action phase (only once per each Action phase). 
The Bonus ability means, that the card is worth 2 Artifacts for determining 
Victory, if you control at least 1 more Artifact of the type indicated. 
Limited Meld means the card counts like an Action card in meld phase. However, 
this can only be done once per game. It is not discarded when so used. 

B = Biblical
G = Greek/Roman
M = Modern
R = Renaissance
A = Arthurian
X = Atlantis
U = Gold

Card Name:			Type:	Notes:
Spear of Destiny       		B	All of your Fate rolls are at +1
Dead Sea Scrolls       		B	Limited Meld: Use as a Knowledge or Puzzle card
Pandora’s Box			G	Flip for Danger or Foe card
Ali Baba’s Flying Carpet       	R	Flip for Travel or Location card
Excalibur			A	Flip for Escape or Companion card
Davinci’s Diary			R	Flip for Puzzle or Knowledge card 
HG Wells Time Machine		M	Action: Look at next card in Artifact deck
Pan’s Flute			G	Bonus Greek
Crystal Skull			X	Action: Look at Target Opponents hand
Medusas Head			G	You are Immune to Foe cards
Ark of the Covenant		B	Hand Size +1
Book of Solomon			B	Action: Discard 1 card to draw 1 card from the deck
Tesla’s Death Ray		M	All Opponent’s Hand Sizes are -1 
Holy Grail			A	Also counts as a Biblical card
Trident of Poseidon		G	Hand Size +1
Live Unicorn			A	Bonus Arthurian
Philosophers Stone		U	Also Renaissance
Fountain of Youth		R	Limited Meld: Use as a Location or Companion card
Tree of Knowledge		B	Action: Look at next 7 cards in Action deck
Golden Fleece			G	Also Gold
Shroud of Turin			B	Bonus Biblical
Blackbeard’s Chest		R	Also Gold
King Midas			G	Also Gold
Judas' Chalice			B	Limited Meld: Use as a Foe or Danger card
Golden Goose			U	Bonus Gold
Jet Pack			M	Limited Meld: Use as an Escape or Travel card
Little Boy Prototype		M	Bonus Modern	

K = Knowledge
D = Danger
T = Travel
C = Companion
E = Escape
F = Foe
P = Puzzle
L = Location

Card Name:			Type:
Canoe				T
Spelunking			T
Mountain Climbing		T
Hiking				T
Plane				T
Train				T
Tour Bus			T
Boat				T
Horse Riding			T
Motorcycle			T
Leading Lady			C
Masonic Knight			C
Female Bodyguard       		C
Romantic Interest		C
American Indian Guide		C
African Tribesman		C
Judson				C
Secretary			C
Buddhist Monk			C
Lovely Archeologist		C
Geography			K
Comparative Religions		K
Astronomy			K
Natural History			K
Literature			K
Mythology			K
Anthropology			K
Linguistics			K
Architecture			K
History				K
Roman Ruins			L
Mayan Temple			L
Museum				L
New Orleans			L
Shangri La			L
Serengeti			L
Amazon Rainforest		L
Solomon’s Mine			L
Mombasa				L
Cairo				L
Arrow Traps			D
Water Death Trap		D
Bottomless Pit			D
Vampire Bats			D
Old Rope Bridge			D
Ghosts				D
Asp				D
River of Lava			D
Hippos				D
Headhunters			D
Serpent Brotherhood		F
Deadly Scorpion Cult		F
Time Traveling Ninjas		F
Previous Librarian		F
Fem Fatale			F
Thugs with Guns			F
Evil Uncle			F
Militia General			F
Count Dracula			F
Former Professor       		F
Treasure Map			P
Secret Chamber			P
Language of the Birds		P
The Name of God			P
Masonic Symbols			P
Stumble Upon It			P
Hidden In Plain Sight		P
Two Part Musical Key		P
Break Code			P
Ancient Tome			P
Jump Off Cliff			E
Slip Bonds			E
Brawl				E
Jump Out of Window		E
Catch Train			E
Jump in River			E
Earthquake			E
High Speed Chase		E
Jump Out of Plane		E
Run for your Life		E

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