INTRODUCTION Card game simulating the battle of Plassey 1757. One player is the Army of the East India Company. The other player is the Bengal Army. An Anglo-Indian Force of 3,000 men defeated a Bengal Army of 50,000 men. VICTORY The first player to acquire all 5 Territory Markers wins. THE DECKS Each player has a unique deck. Each deck has 5 types of cards: Leader, Unit, Artillery, Defense, Special SETUP The British get 2 Territory Markers. The Bengali get 3 Territory Markers. The Bengali player starts the game as the Attacker. THE ATTACKER RULE The player who won the previous turn is the Attacker. The other player is the Defender. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 4 Phases: 1. Orders Phase 2. Maneuver Phase 3. Attack Phase 4. Resolution Phase ORDERS PHASE Each player draws 9 cards from his own deck. If a deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. MANEUVER PHASE Each player may discard up to 5 cards and draw replacements. ATTACK PLAYERS Both players reveal a Meld from their hand. A Meld may contain up to: 1 Leader card 2 Unit cards (3 if Attacker) 2 Artillery cards 2 Defense cards (Play only if you are the Defender) 3 Special Cards RESOLUTION PHASE Each card has a Force value. The meld with the highest total value wins the turn. The Winner takes a Terrain Marker from his opponent. CARD LIST NOTATION L = Leader U = Unit A = Artillery D = Defense S = Special X = Play only if you have 2 or less Terrain Markers Z = Play only if you have 3 or 4 Terrain Markers ANGLO-INDIAN ARMY DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Force Notes: Robert Clive L 13 Major Coote L 11 Major Kilpatrick L 9 +3 if Attacking Major Grant L 7 Major Guah L 5 English Officers L 3 Unit cards get +1 each 6-Pounder Guns A 11 Howitzers A 9 Bengal Artillery A 7 Madras Artillery A 7 Bombay Artillery A 7 Vigorous Gunnery A 9 Bombardment A 9 Royal Regiment U 9 European Troops U 13 British 39th Regiment U 11 Grenadier Company U 9 Sailors U 1 Artillery Cards get +2 each Bengal Sepoys U 7 Native Troops Madras Sepoys U 7 Native Troops Topasses U 3 Indo-Portuguese Soldiers English Discipline S 2 Unit cards get +2 each Iron Nerve S 2 Unit & Leader cards get +2 each Assault S 3 Negate Defense Card High Morale Under Fire S 3 Defending Unit cards get +3 each Monsoon Rains S 2 Negate All Bengali Artillery Cards Treachery & Conspiracy S 4 Negate Bengali Leader Card Confusion & Disorder S 2 Negate All Bengali Unit Cards Killed by Grapeshot S 4 Negate Bengali Leader Card Nawab Orders Retreat S 2 Negate All Bengali Unit Cards Elephants Stampede S 2 Negate All Bengali Unit Cards Mango Grove D 12 X Mud Embankments D 10 X Hunting Lodge D 8 X Brick Kilns D 6 X Water Tanks D 4 Z BENGAL ARMY DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Force Notes: Nawab Siraj-ud-daula L 12 Mir Madan L 10 Mohan Lal L 8 Mir Jafar L 6 Yar Lutuf Khan L 4 Rai Durlabh L 2 32 Pound Guns A 6 24 Pound Guns A 4 French Guns A 12 Rockets A 2 Mobile Artillery Platforms A 10 Pulled by 50 Oxen each & Elephants Barrage A 8 Cannonade A 8 Vast Host U 8 Large Columns U 6 Loyal Troops U 6 Bengali Infantry U 4 Matchlockmen U 4 Pikes & Swords U 2 Disloyal Troops U 1 6 copies of this card in deck Pathan Cavalry U 10 French Contingent U 2 Artillery Cards get +3 each Earthen Entrenchments D 8 X Redoubt D 10 X Small Hill D 6 X Water Tanks D 4 Z Formidable Appearance S 3 Unit Cards get +2 each Threaten Flank & Rear S 3 Unit Cards get +2 each Cavalry Charge S 3 Attacking Unit Cards get +3 each Strong Position S 3 Unit & Artillery Cards get +1 each Counter Attack S 3 Defending Unit Cards get +3 each

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