Card game for 2 Players. 
One player is the Athenians. 
One player is the Spartans.

The first player to accumulate 20 Victory Points (VP) wins. 

Players share a set of Victory Tokens (VT). 
1 VT is equal to 1 VP. 

Players share a common deck

Shuffle the deck. 

Each turn has 4 phases: 
1. Fate Phase
2. Strategy Phase
3. Action Phase
4. Victory Phase

Each player is dealt 10 cards. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players may discard up to 5 cards and draw replacements. 

Players take turns playing one card from their hand face-up to the table. 
The player with the most VP goes first. 
If tied the Athenian player goes first. 
Some cards have a special ability that takes place when the card is played.
Some special abilities require a target; if there is none, the card can still be played.  
Some cards can only be played by the Spartan or the Athenian player. 
When a player has no more cards he can or wants to play he passes. 
A player who passes can play no more cards this phase. 
When both players have passed they calculate their Force Totals. 
Each card has a Force Rating. 
Some cards can modify the Force Ratings of other cards. 
The higher total Force wins. The Athenian player wins ties. 

The winner of the action phase gets one Victory Token and all 
Event cards with a Victory point value played by both players. 
The winner places the VT and the VP cards in his Victory pile. 
All other played cards are discarded. 
All cards remaining in the players hands are discarded. 

A = Only the Athenian player may use the card
S = Only the Spartan player may use the card
B = Both players may use the card
P = Person
G = Political
L = Land
W = Sea
C = Land or Sea: Chosen by controller when played
E = Event
Z = Allies
X = Special
AO = All Opposing
AY = All Your
VP = Victory Points
SD = Search Deck for target card and put it in your hand
OD = Opponent discards indicated number of random cards from his hand

Card Name:			Type	Use	Force	Notes:
Thucydides			P	A	2	Look at next 5 cards in deck
Troops				L	B	3	-
Ships				S	B	3	-
General Brasidas       		P	S	7	AY Strategy cards get +3
Rare Military Genius		X	B	5	Target Person gets +7
Exiled				G	B	2	Discard Target Person
Statesman Cimon			P	B	3	Discard Target Political card
Pericles       			P	A	9	AY Athenian cards get +2
Xenophon       			P	B	1	SD = Event card
Aegospotami			E	S	2	VP = 3 (Sea cards get +2)
Destroy Beached Fleet		W	B	2	Discard AO Sea cards
Cultural Supremacy		X	A	3	Athenian cards get +3
Spartan Leadership		G	S	4	AY Allies get +3
Democracy			G	A	5	AY Athenian cards get +1
Oligarchy			G	S	5	AY Spartan cards get +1
Besieged       			L	B	3	Siege; Discard Target Ally card
Lack of Manpower       		X	B	3	OD = 2
Garrison       			L	B	2	-
Ideological Differences		G	B	4	AY Political cards get +2
Secure Corn Supply		X	A	2	VP = 2 (Sea cards get +2)
Found Colony			Z	B	4	AY Land & Sea cards get +1
Samos Revolts			Z	S	2	VP = 1
Retaliation			X	B	2	Discard Last card played
Naval Battle			S	B	5	-
Naval Intervention		S	B	4	AO Sea cards are -1 
Corinth				Z	S	6	-
Corcyra				Z	A	4	-
Besiege Potidaea       		E	A	3	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Win Support			G	B	2	SD = Ally Card
Colonial Dispute       		E	B	2	VP = 1 (Ally cards get +2)
Ultimatum			G	B	2	VP = 1 (Political cards get +2)
King Archidamus			P	S	5	AY Spartan cards get +2
Plague at Athens       		E	S	2	Discard AO Athenian cards
Invade Attica			E	S	3	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Thebans				Z	S	4	-
Nupactus Naval Battles		E	A	3	VP = 1 (Sea cards get +2)
Plataea Besieged       		E	S	2	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Mytilene Besieged		E	A	2	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Lesbos Revolts			E	S	3	VP = 1
Delian League			G	A	6	Draw 1 card
Athenian Sea Power		W	A	7	-
Coercion       			G	B	2	Control target Ally card
Domination of the Aegean       	G	A	4	SD = Ally Card
Westward Ambitions		E	A	2	VP = 1
War Galleys			S	B	4	-
Triremes       			S	B	3	-
Laurium Silver Mines		Z	A	1	Draw 2 cards
Diplomacy			G	B	3	Discard Target Event card
Bribery				G	B	3	Discard Target Political card
Network of Naval Bases		X	A	7	AY Sea cards are +1
Athenian Long Walls		X	A	3	Discard Target Land card
Grand Strategy			G	B	6	Draw 1 card
Marines				S	B	2	-
Massacre       			G	S	2	Discard Target Political card
General Demosthenes		P	A	5	AY Land cards get +3  
Peloponnesian Fleet		W	S	3	Counts as Ally
Admiral Phormio			P	A	6	AY Sea cards get +3
Ramming Tactics			W	B	4	Strategy
Corinthian Reinforced Rams	W	S	7	-
Merchant Fleet			X	A	1	Draw 2 cards Discard 1
Ineffectual Strategy		X	B	3	Discard Target card
Pitched Battle at Matinea	E	B	2	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Boetians       			Z	S	5	-
Legacy of Themistocles		P	A	4	Draw 1 card
Uneasy Truce			G	B	3	Both players Draw 1 card
Alcibiades the Traitor		P	S	7	Look at opponents hand
Spartan Hoplites       		L	S	7	-
Outflank       			C	B	5	Strategy
King Agis			P	S	5	-
Confusion			C	B	3	Strategy
Pour through Gap in Line       	C	B	4	Strategy
Mounted Troops			L	B	2	-
Peltasts & Archers		L	B	3	-
Battle Signals			C	B	3	Strategy
Tactical Ruse			C	B	4	Strategy
Surprise Attack			C	B	6	Strategy
Thessalians			Z	A	3	-
Raiders				E	S	2	OD = 1
Chalcidian Cavalry		L	S	3	Counts as Ally
Socrates       			P	A	2	Look at opponents hand
Aetolian Guerrillas		L	S	3	Counts as Ally
Battering Rams			L	B	3	Siege
Starvation			L	B	6	Siege
Siegecraft			L	B	5	Siege
Assault the Walls		L	B	3	Siege
Blockade       			W	B	4	OD = 2
Occupation			L	B	4	OD = 2
Expedition to Syracuse		E	A	3	VP = 3
Counter Fortifications		L	B	2	Discard a Target Siege Card
Establish Base			L	B	4	Draw 1 card
Demoralized			C	B	4	AO Land cards are -1 
Etruscan Allies			Z	A	3	-
Reinforcements			C	B	2	SD = Land or Sea card
General Gylippus       		P	S	5	AY Siege cards get +2 
Two Pronged Attack		C	B	4	Strategy
Nicias				P	A	3	Discard to draw 2 cards
Head-on Ramming Tactics		W	S	6	Strategy
Admiral Lysander       		P	S	9	AY Sea cards get +3
Jealous Political enemies	G	B	1	OD = 2
Capture Decelea			E	S	3	VP = 3 
Runaway Slaves			E	B	1	OD = 1
Night Attack			L	B	6	Strategy
Arcadians			Z	A	3	-
Ionian Ties			G	A	2	Draw 1 card
Dorian Ties			G	S	2	Draw 1 card
Overrun Outposts       		L	B	4	Siege
Balance of Power       		E	B	2	Take Control of Target Ally
Admiral Mindarus       		P	S	2	AO Event cards are -1 
Diekplus Maneuver		W	B	2	Discard Target Sea card
Admiral Conon			P	A	5	SD = Sea card
Persian Aid			G	S	2	Draw 1 card
Athenian Fleet			W	A	6	-
Cynossema Naval Battle		E	A	3	VP = 1 (Sea cards get +1)
Cyzicus Naval Battle		E	A	4	VP = 1 (Sea cards get +2)
Notium Naval Battle		E	S	3	VP = 1 (Sea cards get +2)
Messenians			L	A	4	Counts as Ally
Spahcteria			E	A	3	VP = 1 (Land cards get +2)
Civil War			E	B	2	OD = 2

Peloponnesian War

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