Solo Dice Game.
Simulation of an Air War between USA and an imaginary Middle Eastern Nation. 

Paper, pencil, 1-2 six sided dice & 1 ten sider, nobody to play with.


The player plays the commander of Anti-Aircraft troops of an 
imaginary Middle Eastern Nation.  The goal is to bring down ten 
American war planes to create anti-war sentiment in the USA and 
halt the American assault.


Draw a map of your nation with ten provinces and the capital 
city. Number the provinces with numbers from 1 to 10, 1 being 
the capital city.  Place the 12 possible American bombing 
targets to provinces according to 1d10 rolls.

#       Name
1       International Airport
2       TV Station
3       Power Station
4       Power Station
5       Military Airport
6       Oil Distillery
7       Military Base
8       Ammo Factory
9       Military Base
10      Main Military HQ
11      Military Airport
12      Presidential Residence


1d6 Long Range Missile Systems  
-       Against High Flying Bombers (B-52)
2d6 Short Range Missiles 
-       Against Low Flying Assault Planes (F15, Tornado(RAF), A10)
3d6 Units with Stinger Missiles 
-       Against Low Flying Assault Planes (F15, Tornado (RAF), A10)
3d6 Units with AA-guns
-       Against Low Flying Assault Planes (F15, Tornado (RAF), A10)

PHASE 1: Deployment

Deploy your troops and units into provinces.  The Units cannot 
be transferred from Province to Province after the American Assault 
has begun.  Units can be deployed either as active or hidden.  
An active unit can fire against attacking troops but has a 
greater risk of being detected and attacked.  A hidden unit 
cannot attack but the risk of being discovered is smaller. Once 
a hidden unit has changed to active status, it cannot be hidden again.

PHASE 2: American Assault

Roll Target Province Roll with 1d10.  Thats the Province the 
Americans are attacking.  Then Roll d6 to determine, whether the 
Americans are attacking the AA units or the Targets in the 
province.  On 1-3 on d6, the Americans are attacking the AA 
units, on 4-6 on d6, another target in the province.  If there 
is no targets in the province, Americans have bad intelligence 
and they attack targets with no value. During the first five 
turns, the Americans attack only with 1d6-1 B-52s, aftern that 
the Americans attack with 1d6-1 B-52s, 1d6-1 F-15s, 1d6-1 
Tornados (RAF) and 1d6-1 A10s.

PHASE 3: Intercept

Against B-52s you can fire 1d6 Long Range Missiles if you have 
such unit active in a province.  A Long Range Missile destroys a 
B-52 with 6 on d6.  

Against Low Flying Bombers you can fire 1d6 Short Range 
Missiles, 1d6 Stingers and 1g6 AA-guns are at range.  A Short 
Range Missile hits a Low Flying Bomber with 5-6 on d6. A stinger 
and a gun hits with 6 on d6.

All unintercepted planes attack the targets.  B-52 will kill an 
active AA unit with 5-6 on d6 and destroy other target with 4-6 
on d6.  A low flying bomber will kill an active AA unit with 4-6 
on d6 and destroy another target with 5-6 on d6. A hidden AA-
unit is killed with 6 on d6.  The AA units will be attacked in 
order: 1. Long Range Missile Unit, 2. Short Range Missile unit, 
3. AA-gun, 4. Stinger Unit.

PHASE 4: Regroup.

You count your losses.  You can activate hidden AA-units.


You win if you destroy 10 American planes.  Then the public 
opinion in the USA forces the President to stop bombings.  
You lose if the Americans destroy all the Targets or 
all your AA units.

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