Card & Board game for 2+ players.
Ancient Mediterranean Sea Trade Theme.
Each player controls a trading vessel.

Be the first to have 25 gold.

Use an 8x8 square grid.
Empty spaces are sea spaces.
Use markers for Land, Trade centers, and Pirate ships.
In 10 randomly scattered spaces put land.
Land spaces are obstacles, you cannot move into or through them.
In 6 randomly scattered spaces put trade centers.
Trade Center:		Commodity:		Most Desires:
Rome			Wine			Silk
Egypt			Grain			Obsidian
Greece			Oil			Grain
Persia			Silk			Oil
Carthage		Spices			Wine
Crete			Obsidian		Spices
Ships may enter trade center spaces (they must stop upon entering).
Try to separate Trade centers by at least 1 or 2 spaces.
Do not completely block trade centers in by land spaces.
In 2 randomly scattered spaces put Pirate ships.
Land & Trade centers cannot move, however Pirate ships can.
Indicate the directions of North, South, East, and West on the Board.

Use pawns to represent player’s ships.
Each player is dealt 5 cards.
Randomly determine turn order.
Each player’s ship starts on any one Trade center of their choice. 
(Players must start on different Trade centers)
Each player starts with 10 Gold
Use coins to represent gold.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases
Wind Phase
Sail Phase
Trade Phase
Piracy Phase
Storm Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

Play Wind & Row cards from your hand to move your ship.
You may play more than one such card in succession (no limit).
A Row card allows you to move in any direction one space.
Wind cards allow you to move 1 or 2 spaces, but only in the direction indicated.
You cannot enter spaces containing land, storms, or pirates.

If your ship is adjacent to another players ship, you may freely trade 
commodity cards from your hands & your holds. 
If you are in a trade center you may buy and sell commodity cards.
Each trade center sells only one commodity. 
To buy a commodity card from that trade center you must have that type of 
Commodity card in your hand, and you must pay 1 gold for each such card.
Commodity cards you buy go into your ships hold. 
To represent this, place these cards face up in front of you (This is your hold)
You may have a maximum of 6 commodity cards in your hold. 
When at a trade center you may sell cards in your hold.
A trade center will not buy back the commodity it produces, however it will 
Buy all other commodities at 2 gold each (per card). 
A trade center will purchase the commodity it most desires for 3 gold per card. 
Sold cards are shuffled into the discard pile. 

You may use Wind cards to move Pirate ships. 
Pirate ships cannot enter spaces containing trade centers, land, or other Pirate ships
If you move a pirate into a space occupied by an opponents ship, your opponent is 
Robbed and must discard all the cards in his hold.

You may discard a Storm card to place a storm counter onto any empty space on the board.
Remove from play any Storm counters you played on previous turns. 
Ships cannot enter spaces containing storms. 
(Use storms to block pirates & other players ships.)

You may combine the Sail & Trade phases together.
This allows players to move, trade & then continue moving (and other combinations of such). 

Card Name:		Number of that card in the Deck:
Silk			4
Obsidian		4
Grain			4
Oil			4
Wine			4
Spices			4
Row			6
Sail North		3
Sail South		3
Sail East		3
Sail West		3
Sail NE			3
Sail SE			3
Sail NW			3
Sail SW			3
Storm			4

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