Rail Road Building Theme. 
Pen and Paper Game: No cards or dice needed. 
This is a modified PnP version of Railroad Dispatch USA

Each player needs a pen with a different color ink. 
One Coin for flipping. 
A copy of the Map is needed (Black and White will work). 
A copy of the Scoring Tables are needed. 

The player with the most Victory Points (VP) at the end of the game wins. 

The game ends at the end of the turn when the last possible Rail Connection is made. 
Immediately proceed to End of Game Scoring. 

There are several types of points each player needs to keep track of: 
VP = Victory Points
IP = Income Points
RP = Research Points
SP = Stock Points

The player who brought the components goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 
Players must start from an eastern seaboard city. 

Players take turns. 
On your turn you may take 3 Actions (out of 5 available):
You can take the same action up to 2 times in the same turn.  
1. Build Action 
2. Event Action
3. Stock Option Action
4. Operate Action
5. Research Action

This Costs 1 IP. 
The second time you take it in the same turn costs 2 IP. 
Build 1 connection: Using your pen, initial one rail connection between 2 cities. 
You have built that connection, you own it, no other player may initial it. 
You must connect to 1 city you are already connected to.  If you cannot, you may 
build anywhere, but you must pay 1 extra IP. 

This costs 1 RP. 
The second time you take it in the same turn costs 2 RP.  
Gain control of the next unclaimed Event on the Event Scoring Table. 
With your pen initial the Event. 

This costs 1 IP. 
The second time you take it in the same turn costs 2 IP.
Gain 1 SP. 

Gain 2 IP. 

This costs 1 IP. 
The second time you take it in the same turn costs 2 IP.
Gain 1 RP. 

This proceeds in 3 Phases: 
1. Commodity Scoring Phase
2. Railroad Scoring Phase
3. Stock Scoring Phase

Consult the Commodity Scoring Table. 
For each commodity determine which player is connected to the 
most cities that produce it; That player gets 2 VP. 
If there is a tie, each tied player gets 1 VP. 

Consult the Railroad Scoring Table. 
For each Railroad determine if any player is connected to all the cities in it. 
That player scores VP equal to the number of cities connected to that RR. 
If more than 1 player is completely connected, determine which player was 
fully connected first; only that player scores for that RR. 

The Player with the most SP gets 20 VP. 
The second place player gets 10 VP. 
Third place gets 5 VP.

Event:				Notes:
Switch Frog			Gain 2 Victoty Points (VP) 
New York Stock Exchange        	Gain 2 Stock Points (SP)
Stourbridge Lion       		Gain 1 VP
First Railroad Charter		Build 1 Rail Line (RL)
Tom Thumb			Gain 3 VP
Flat Bottomed T-Rail		Gain 2 VP
John Bull 0-4-0			Gain 1 VP
Old Ironsides 2-2-0		Gain 2 VP
Iron Bar Frames			Build 1 RL
Semaphores			Gain 2 VP
Telegraph			Gain 3 VP
Bunk Cars			Gain 1 VP
Panic of 1837			All other players lose 1 SP
American 4-4-0			Gain 3 VP
Head Lights			Gain 1 VP
Standard Gauge			Build 1 RL
Mogul 4-6-0			Gain 3 VP
Whistle Stop Tours		Gain 5 VP
Land Grant Act			Build 1 RL and gain 1 SP
Gold Rush			Gain 2 VP
Pacific Railroad Surveys       	Build 1 RL
Steam Injector			Gain 2 VP
Industrialization		Gain 2 VP
Coal Burning			Gain 1 RP and 1 VP
Railroad Bridges       		Build 1 RL
Civil War			All other players lose 2 IP
Pullman Sleeping Car		Gain 2 VP
Consolidation 2-8-0		Gain 2 VP
Tank Cars			Gain 1 VP
Giant Stockyards       		Gain 2 VP
Block Signaling			Gain 2 VP
Steel Rails			Build 1 RL
Swiveling Pony Truck		Gain 3 VP
Refrigerator Cars		Gain 1 VP 
Cog Railroads			Build 1 RL and gain 1 VP
Automatic Air Brakes		Gain 3 VP
Snow Sheds			Build 1 RL
Jay Gould			Build 1 RL and gain 1 VP
Cyrus W. Field			Gain 3 VP
Edward H. Harriman		Gain 2 SP and 1 VP
Cornelius Vanderbilt		Build 1 RL and gain 1 SP
Daniel Drew			Gain 3 SP
Leland Stanford			Build 1 RL and Gain 2 VP  
Collis P. Huntington		Gain 3 VP
Mark Hopkins			Gain 2 VP
Andrew Carnegie			Gain 4 VP   
Black Friday			All other players lose 2 SP
Gilded Age			Gain 3 VP
Panic of 1873			All other players lose 1 IP
Knuckle Coupler			Gain 3 VP
Rail Tunnels			Build 1 RL
Camelback			Gain 2 VP
Granger Laws			All other players lose 1 IP
Closing of the Frontier		All other players lose 1 VP

Commodity:		Cities that Produce the Commodity: 
Petroleum		Columbus, Buffalo, Dallas, Houston, KC, LA, Gasper
Meat Packing		Chicago, NY, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Columbus, Dallas, Omaha
Textiles       		PL Maine, Boston, NY, Charleston, Atlanta, Philly, Montg
Steel Works		Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Davenport, Cleveland
Timber & Lumber        	PL Oregon, Corinth, Charlotte, Montg,  Jax, Houston, LR
Gold & Silver		Denver, Spokane, San Francisco, Helena, Seattle, Pocatello
Coal			Dallas, KC, Pitts, St Joe, St Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati
Manufacturing		NY, Cleveland, Detroit AACC SF, LA, NO, KC, Milwaukee, Omaha 
Sugar Beets		Jax, NO, Mobile, SF, Denver, SLC, Detroit
Hogs			Davenport, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis
Cattle			Davenport, Houston, Dallas, Bismark, SF, Denver, DC
Wheat			Helena, Bismark, Denver, Spokane, DC
Tobacco			Wilmington AACC and Nashville
Corn			St Joe, KC, St Luis, Davenport, Indianapolis, Cleveland
Cotton			Vicksburg AACC and Dallas, Atlanta, Montg, Columbia
Dairy			Milwaukee, Portland Both, Seattle, Duluth, Detroit, Pitts
Apples			New York, Spokane
Grapes			San Francisco, Buffalo
Oranges			Jacksonville, LA, Phoenix
Rice			SF, NO, Houston, Savannah, LR, Corinth
AACC = And all Connected Cities

Railroad:			Cities Connected to the Railroad:  
Pennsylvania RR			Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Columbus, Indianapolis AACC
Norfolk & Western		Richmond, Columbus, Cincinnati 
Baltimore & Ohio       		Washington DC, Columbus, Indianapolis AACC
Three Boston Lines		Boston AACC
South Carolina Canal & RR	Columbia AACC
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy	St Joseph AACC and Chicago, Omaha, St Paul, St Luis
Illinois Central       		Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Vicksburg, New Orleans
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific	St Joseph AACC Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LR, DC, WT	
New York Central       		Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis AACC and NY, Cincinnati
Missouri Pacific       		Kansas City, Little Rock AACC and New Orleans, El Paso
Louisville & Nashville RR	Nashville AACC and Mobile, New Orleans
Erie Lackawanna RR		NY, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis
Union Pacific			Seattle AACC and St Joseph, Denver, SL-City, Los Angeles
Central Pacific			San Francisco, Salt Lake City
Chesapeake & Ohio RR		Richmond, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, Detroit  
Chicago & Northwestern		Milwaukee, Gasper, Chicago, Duluth, WT, Omaha, St Paul 
Chicago, Milwaukee, & St Paul	Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul, Kansas City, St Joseph, Omaha
Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe 	Los Angeles, El Paso AACC and Denver, St Jo, KC, Chicago
Denver & Rio Grand Western	Salt Lake City, Denver
NY, New Haven, & Hartford	New York, Boston
Northern Pacific       		Spokane AACC and Duluth
AACC = And all Connected Cities

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