INTRODUCTION Card game for 2+ players. VICTORY The first player to accumulate 20 Gold in his Buried Treasure pile wins. THE DECKS There are 3 Common Decks: Pirates Own Deck Event Deck Plunder Deck PIRATES OWN DECK There are 3 types of cards: Captains Ships Crew EVENT DECK These cards give one-time benefits. PLUNDER DECK There are 2 types of cards: Treasure (Has Gold Value) Objects (Give Advantage to a Ship it is carried on) THE THREE SEAS The 3 Seas: 1. The Spanish Main 2. The Barbary Coast 3. The Seven Seas Use cards to represent the 3 Seas. Place these cards in the Center of the Table. DICE Six-sided Dice are needed. DAMAGE TOKENS Use Tokens to keep track of Damage STATS There are 5 main Stats (Ratings) used in the Game: 1. Sailing 2. Gunnery 3. Boarding 4. Toughness 5. Wits SETUP Each player draws 4 cards from the Pirates Own Deck. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn has 9 Phases: 1. Fate Phase 2. Treasure Phase 3. Recruit Phase 4. Event Phase 5. Sailing Phase 6. Spanish Main Battle Phase 7. Barbary Coast Battle Phase 8. Seven Seas Battle Phase 9. Captains Phase FATE PHASE Each player draws 3 cards from the Pirates Own Deck and 2 from the Event Deck. If a deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. TREASURE PHASE For each of the Three Seas, draw the top card from the Plunder deck and place it face-up on top of that Sea. If a Sea already has a Plunder card still there from the previous turn, do not Add another Plunder card. RECRUIT PHASE Players may put Ships into play in front of them. Each Ship put into play must have 1 Crew and 1 Captain card attached. (A ship may have a maximum of 1 Captain and 1 Crew attached) EVENT PHASE Certain Event cards are played in this Phase. A Ship with the Undead Trait automatically removes 1 Damage counter. Roll once on the Magic Table if you control any Undamaged Magical Ships: MAGIC TABLE 1D6 Effect: Notes: 1 Curses Target Ship is Lost 2 Storm Target Ship is affected by a Storm 3 Destiny Draw 1 Event Card 4 Visions Look at Opponents Hand 5 Heal Remove all Damage Counters from 1 Ship 6 Call Aid Draw 1 Pirates Own Card SAILING PHASE Players pick which of the 3 Seas they want their Ships to sail to this turn. Determine the Sailing Rating of each Ship in play. The Ship with the lowest rating is moved first. The Ship with the highest rating is moved last. In case of ties players roll high on 1D6 to determine turn order. You may send each of your Ships to any of the Three Seas. You may Choose not to send a Ship and leave it at Port. BATTLE PHASE There is a Battle Phase for each of the Three Seas. Only ships assigned to a Sea in Sailing Phase may partake in a Battle. Each Battle has 3 Segments: Gunnery Segment Boarding Segment Trickery Segment GUNNERY SEGMENT For every level of Gunnery a Ship has, it may roll 1 six sided die. For every roll of 6 put a Damage Counter on 1 opposing Ship. Any ship with damage tokens equal to or greater than its Toughness is Sunk. A Sunk ship and all attached cards are discarded. The ship with the highest Sailing rating attacks first, and so on. BOARDING SEGMENT For every level of Boarding a Ship has, it may roll 1 six sided die. For every roll of 6 put a Damage Counter on 1 opposing Ship. Any ship with damage tokens equal to or greater than its Toughness is Sunk. A Sunk ship and all attached cards are discarded. All attacks are simultaneous. TRICKERY SEGMENT Of those remaining, the Ship with the highest Wit Rating gets the Plunder card. If it is Treasure, place it in your Buried Treasure Pile. If it is an Object attach it to one of your Ships at the Battle. If Wits are tied, highest Sailing Stat wins. If still tied, Roll high on 1D6. CAPTAINS PHASE A Ship that spent the Turn in Port may remove all Damage Tokens. PIRATES OWN DECK CARD NOTATION K = Captain V = Ship C = Crew S = Sailing G = Gunnery B = Boarding T = Toughness W = Wit UD = Undead Luck = Pirate may Reroll 1 Dieroll during Battle Magical = Can use Magical Cards PIRATES OWN DECK Card Name Type Notes Jack Sparrow K Luck W+3 S+2 B+2 The Black Pearl S S+3 T+2 G+1 Rogues C T+2 B+1 W+1 Captain Kidd K T+1 G+1 Adventure Galley S T+1 S+2 G+1 Scallywags C T+1 B+1 Davy Jones K Magical T+3 G+1 B+1 Flying Dutchman S T+3 G+3 S+3 Crusty Crew C T+3 B+1 G+1 Admiral Horatio K W+4 S+2 G+1 B+2 HMS Endeavor S T+2 G+3 S+2 Bully Brits C T+2 B+2 G+2 S+1 The Dragon Lady K Magical W+2 G+2 B+2 Pirate Junk S T+1 S+1 Chinamen C T+1 G+1 B+1 Captain Morgan K W+3 S+1 B+2 G+1 Pirate Fleet S T+3 B+2 G+3 Buccaneers C T+2 B+2 G+1 Ghost of Redbeard K UD Magical T+2 B+2 S+1 Ghost Ship S UD T+3 S+3 Ghostly Crew C UD T+3 B+2 Black Bart K W+3 G+2 S+1 Royal Fortune S T+2 S+1 G+2 Salty Dogs C T+2 S+3 W+1 Dread Pirate Roberts K W+2 B+2 S+2 The Revenge S T+2 S+2 Cutthroats C T+1 B+2 Captain Barbossa K UD Magical W+1 B+2 S+1 T+2 Skeleton Ship S UD T+2 B+1 Skeleton Crew C UD T+3 B+2 Blackbeard K W+1 T+3 B+3 G+1 Queen Anne’s Revenge S T+1 G+1 Sea Curs C T+3 B+2 Calico Jack K T+1 S+1 The Neptune S T+1 S+1 Female Crew C T+2 B+1 Long John Silver K W+2 S+1 T+1 Hispaniola S T+1 S+2 Mutineers C T+2 B+2 W+1 Captain Hook K W+1 S+1 B+1 G+1 Jolly Roger S T+1 S+3 Ship of Fools C T+1 Captain Blood K W+2 G+1 B+2 T+1 Arabella S T+1 S+2 Freebooters C T+1 G+1 B+1 W+1 Sinbad the Sailor K Luck W+4 S+3 B+1 T+1 Stolen Ship S T+1 Corsairs C T+2 B+2 W+1 Mama Lola K W+2 Magical Voodoo Queen S T+1 Zombies C UD T+3 B+1 Yellowbeard K S+1 The Lady Edith S T+1 Misfits C T+1 PLUNDER DECK NOTATION T = Treasure O = Object X = Special PLUNDER DECK Card Name Type Notes Magic Compass O S+3 Magic Sextant O S+2 Pirate Flag O B+2 Voodoo Doll O Captain Gains Special Ability: Magical Buried Treasure X Discard & Take Treasure card from opponents Pile Ill Gotten Loot T Gold = 2 Merchant Ship T Gold = 3 Spanish Doubloons T Gold = 4 Treasure Chest T Gold = 5 Treasure Ship T Gold = 6 Pillage Town T Gold = 7 Aztec Gold T Gold = 8 Note: There are 2 copies of each Treasure card in the deck EVENT DECK NOTATION PEP = Play in Event Phase Lost = PEP Target Ship cannot be used in any Battle Phase this Turn Storm = PEP Target Ship takes 1D6-3 Hits EVENT DECK Card Name Notes: Broadsides Gunnery +6 Swashbuckling Boarding +6 Kraken Magical: Sink Target Ship Treasure Map Wit+3 Rum Lost Game of Chance Wit+3 Charts Sailing+3 Scurvy Lost Trade Winds Sailing+3 Voodoo Magic Magical: PEP Roll on the Magic Table Voodoo Talisman Magical: Negate Event card just played Call the Wind Magical: Sailing +5 Typhoon Storm Hurricane Storm Whirl Pool Storm Tidal Wave Storm Hit Reef Storm Doldrums Lost Gulfstream Sailing+3 Westerlies Sailing+3 Sargasso Lost Pursuit Sailing+3 Flee Wit+3 Ruse Wit+3 Navigate Sailing+1 or Wit+1 Set Sail Sailing+3 Becalmed Lost Sandbar Lost Rumors Look at next 10 cards in deck Spy Glass Look at opponents Hand Crows Nest Look at opponents Hand Thief Wit+3 Scoundrel Wit+3 Landing Party Boarding+3 or Wit+1 Imprisoned Lost Captured Lost Trickery Wit+3 Stowaway Boarding+3 or Wit+1 Betrayal PEP Take Control of Target Ship Treachery PEP Take Control of Target Ship Mutiny Storm Sea Monster Storm Shipwrecked Storm Catch the Wind Sailing +1 or Wit+1 Settle a Debt PEP Steal 2 Event cards from Opponent Knives Boarding+6 Axes Boarding+6 Pikes Boarding+6 Harpoons Boarding+6 Cutlasses Boarding+6 Pistols Boarding+6 Muskets Boarding+6 Grenades Boarding+6 Darkness Boarding+6 Swivel Guns Boarding+4 or Gunnery+3 Grapeshot Boarding+4 or Gunnery+3 Rally the Men Boarding+4 or Gunnery+3 Surprise Boarding+4 or Gunnery+3 Cannonballs Gunnery+6 Run out the Guns! Gunnery+6 Chain Shot Gunnery+6 Bar Shot Gunnery+6 Hot Shot Gunnery+6 Triple Cannons Gunnery+6 Rake the Stern Gunnery+6 Blown Away! Gunnery+6

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