Each player controls a plantation in Early America. 

The player who scores the most points wins. 
Use paper and pencil to keep track of points. 

The game ends when all cards are picked, and there are no cards left in the deck. 

A six sided die is needed. 

Players share a common deck. 
There are 2 types of cards: 
Permanents and Events. 
There are 3 types of Permanents: 
1. Cash Crop Fields
2. Buildings (Houses, Mills, Shops, etc.)
3. Slave Quarters (and Indentured Servants)
There are 5 types of Cash Crops: 
1. Cotton
2. Tobacco
3. Sugar
4. Rice
5. Indigo

Players roll 1D6. High roll becomes the first Master. 

Each turn has 2 Phases: 
Plant Phase
Pick Phase

Flip over the top X+1D6 cards of the deck. 
X = the number of Players. 
Have them be face-up in the middle of the table visible to all players. 
These are called the Plantation cards. 

Players take turns picking one Plantation card each. 
The Master picks the first card. 
The player to his left picks the next card and so on. 
It is called a Round when all Players have selected a card.
If there are Plantation cards remaining, a new round starts. 
This continues until all Plantation cards have been claimed, ending the phase. 
When a card is selected, it is immediately played. 
Events take their effect and are then discarded. 
Permanents are placed face up in front of their owners and represent the 
Buildings/farms that are on that players Plantation. 

Each permanent has a basic point value. 
Cards you own will get or give bonuses to/from other cards on your Plantation.
(If you own more than one copy of a card that  benefits from another card, both 
Copies get the bonus.)
Additional Scoring Bonuses/Penalties: 
Title:			Score	Notes:
Modest Means		-10	Having no Big House
Harshest Master		-10	Having the Most Slave Quarters
King Cotton		+10	Most Cotton Fields
King Tobacco		+10	Most Tobacco Fields
King Sugar		+10	Most Sugar Fields
King Rice		+10	Most Rice Fields
King Indigo		+10	Most Indigo Fields

The player who picks this card chooses one type of Crop. 
All players get 2 points for each Field they have of that Crop type. 
This is the only type of scoring that occurs mid-game. 

Each Slave Quarters will Support 5 Fields or Buildings. 
In end scoring unsupported Fields & Buildings score no points. 

If you draw an event card that causes a loss, you must randomly discard one of your 
Own permanents of the indicated type. 
To randomize the lost card, pick up all cards of the type you own, shuffle them and 
Draw one at random. 
Some buildings make you immune to this type of loss. 

# = Copies of that card in the deck
E = Event

Name:			#	Score	Notes:
Slave Quarters		20	2	Supports 5 Fields or Buildings
Indentured Servants	2	2	Supports 5 Fields or Buildings
Cotton Field		10	5	Gets +1 for every other Cotton Field
Tobacco Field		10	5	Gets +1 for every other Tobacco Field
Sugar Field		10	5	Gets +1 for every other Sugar Field
Rice Field		10	5	Gets +1 for every other Rice Field
Indigo Field		10	5	Gets +1 for every other Indigo Field
Big House		4	5	-
Kitchen			2	5	Big House gets +5
Wash House		2	5	Big House gets +5
Smoke House		2	5	Kitchen gets +5
Spring House		2	5	Wash House gets +5
River Dock		2	X	Get X points. X = Fields you own
Cooper			2	5	Gets +1 for every Sugar & Indigo Field
Drying House		2	5	Gets +2 for every Tobacco Field	
Sugar Mill		2	5	Gets +2 for every Sugar Field
Spinning House		2	5	Gets +2 for every Cotton Field
Weaving House		2	5	Spinning House gets +5
Sewing House		2	5	Weaving House gets +5
Distillery		2	5	Sugar Mill gets +5
Boot Making Shop       	2	5	Gets +1 for every Slave Quarters
Warehouses		2	5	You are Immune to loss of Fields Events
Carpenter/Joinery	2	5	You are Immune to loss of House Events
Stables			2	5	You are Immune to loss of Slaves Events
Carriage House		2	5	When played go first next turn
Blacksmith Shop		2	5	Carriage House & Stables get +4
Runaway Slaves		1	E	Lose 1 Slave Quarters
Slave Uprising		1	E	Lose 1 Slave Quarters
Malaria			1	E	Lose 1 Slave Quarters
Worked to Death		1	E	Lose 1 Slave Quarters
Blight			1	E	Lose 1 Field
Drought			1	E	Lose 1 Field
Locusts			1	E	Lose 1 Field
Fire			1	E	Lose 1 House
Hurricane		1	E	Lose 1 House
Indian Raid		1	E	Lose 1 House
Cash Crops		4	E	Score one Crop Type

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