You made a wrong turn & fell into the Abyss. 
Now you must fight your way out.
Solo card game.

You win if you defeat all the Demons in the Demon Deck.
You lose if you are ever reduced to zero or less Life Points.
Your final score is the number of Life points you have left.

You start the game with 20 Life Points.

There are 2 decks:
The Holy Deck
The Demon Deck

Each turn has 4 phases:
1. Solace Phase
2. Summon Phase
3. Slay Phase
4. Suffering Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Holy deck & put them in your hand.
You may discard 1 card to activate its special Ability.
If your deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.

Draw the top card of the Demon deck & put it in play. 
Only one Location card can be in play at a time. Discard the old one.
Multiple Demon/Devil cards can be in play at the same time.

If there is a Demon card in play, you may attack it. 
To attack a demon, play (discard) an Attack card from your hand. 
The Attack card has an Attack level on it. 
Put a number of Damage counters on the Demon equal to the cards’ Attack level.
The Demon has a Power level on it.
If the number of Damage counters on the Demon equals or exceeds its 
Power level, the Demon is defeated (discarded). 
You may play multiple Attack cards.
An individual Attack card can only be applied to one Demon.

All Demon cards in play attack you. 
Take damage (lose Life Points) equal to the Power Level of a Demon.
You may play (discard) a Defense card to negate an amount of 
damage done by the Demon equal to the Defense level of the card.
You may play multiple Defense card.
An individual Defense card can only be applied to one Demon.
Max hand size is 5 cards. 
At the end of the phase discard excess cards.

Card Name:		#	Atk	Def	Special Ability:
Blessing	        5	1	1	Look at next 7 cards in Demon Deck
Prayer			2	-	2	Look at next 7 cards in Holy Deck
Blessed Shield		3	-	3	Shuffle Discard back into Deck
Holy Aura		2	-	4	Destroy Target Demon already Damaged
Protection from Evil	2	-	5	Heal 1 Life Point & Draw 1 Card
Defender 		2	-	6	Draw 3 cards and discard 2
Holy Armor		3	-	7	All Demons do 4 less Damage 
Sanctuary		1	-	8	Do not Attack or get Attacked this turn
Guardian Angel		1	-	9	Draw 2 Cards
Strength	        3	2	-	All your other cards get +2 Force
Turn Undead		2	3	-	Shuffle Demon back into Deck
Smite			3	4	-	Do 3 Dam to Demon; That Demon does not Atk
Cleansing Flame		2	5	-	Heal 1 Life & All Demons get 1 Damage
Banish Demon		2	6	-	Discard 1 Random Demon
Vial of Holy Water	1	7	-	All Demons get 2 Damage
Holy Sword		2	8	-	Discard 2 Demons of total Str 7 or less
Hand of God		1	9	-	Discard Location Card
Lay on Hands		1	-	-	Heal 2 Life Points
Cure Wounds		1	-	-	Heal 3 Life Points
Heal			1	-	-	Heal 4 Life Points
# = Number of copies of that card in the deck

Card Name:		#	Power
Lemures			3	1
Imps			2	1
Manes			3	2
Barbed Devils		2	3
Incubus			1	3
Hell Hounds		2	4
Succubus	        1	4
Horned Devils		2	5
Bone Devil		1	5
Ice Devil		2	6
Pit Fiend		2	7
Demon Prince		1	8
Arch-Devil		1	9
Acheron			1	Location: Ice Devils get +1
Nine Hells		1	Location: Manes get +3
Gehenna			1	Location: Imps get +3
Hades			1	Location: Barbed Devils get +2
Tarterus	        1	Location: Lemures get +3
Abyss			1	Location: Hell Hounds get +2
Pandemonium		1	Location: Barbed Devils get +2

Undead Assault Flash Game

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