Card Game for 2 players. 
WII with Wonder Weapons and the Occult as the main determinants of victory. 

Gain all 7 Victory Tokens to win.  

One players is the Allies. The other is the Germans. 

Players have scores in 5 Stats. 
These stats are increased/decreased during play. 
Players begin with scores in each stat as listed on the Starting Stat Chart. 

Intelligence		I	2	1
Attack			A	1	2
Occult			O	1	2
Morale			M	1	1
Force			F	2	1
ABR = Abbreviation
AIR = Allied Player Initial Ratings
GIR = German Player Initial Ratings

Players choose sides. 
Shuffle the deck.
The Allied player starts with 3 Victory Tokens. 
The German player starts with 4 Victory Tokens.

Each turn has 7 Phases: 
1. Investigations Phase
2. War Phase
3. Intelligence Phase
4. Action Phase
5. Development Phase
6. Research Phase
7. Occult Phase

Both players (German first): 
Draw 4 cards and keep all 4 OR Draw 7 cards and keep 3.  
Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. 

Roll 1D6 on the War Table 3 times.
Either player may discard a card to cause a target dieroll to be rerolled. 
The player with the highest level in the indicated stat wins the roll.
This is called a stat contest. 
Ties count as ties: no one wins or loses.  
The loser must discard a card from his hand or in play. 
If a player wins on 2 or 3 rolls in this Phase he takes a 
Victory Token from his opponent.  

1D6	Deciding Stat:
1	Force
2	Attack
3	Morale
4	Occult
5	Intelligence
6	None (No Contest)

Both players (Allies first): 
Roll a number of dice equal to your Intelligence Stat. 
Every roll of 5+ is considered a Find. 
Your opponent Rolls a number of dice equal to his Intelligence Stat. 
Every roll of 5+ is considered a Counter.
If you have 1 more Find than your opponent has counters, it is 
Called a Sabotage: Opponent must discard 1 random card from hand. 
If you have 2 or more Finds than your opponent has counters, it is 
Called a Heist: Steal 1 Artifact or a random card from his hand

First the German player, then the Allied player may discard 1 card... 
Discard an occult card to look at opponents hand and next 7 cards in the deck. 
Discard an intelligence card to draw 2 cards from the deck. 
Discard an attack card to make opponent discard 1 random card from his hand. 
Discard a morale card to pick up the top card of the discard. 
Discard a force card to draw 3 cards and discard 2 cards. 

Both players (German first): 
You may put 1 Asset card into play from your hand.

Both players (German first): 
You may put 1 Tech card into play from your hand.

Both players (German first): 
You may put 1 Supernatural card into play from your hand.

S = Supernatural
T = Tech
Z = Asset
I = Intelligence	
A = Attack		
O = Occult			
M = Morale		
F = Force		
GPO = German Player Only

Name:				Type	Notes:
Guided Missiles			T	A +2
Jet Fighters			T	A +3
Hydrogen Bomb			T	A +5
Zombie Battalions		S	F +3
Spear of Destiny       		S	A +5; Artifact
Giant Robots			T	F +5
Holy Grail			S	O +4; Artifact
Giant Tesla Coils		T	A +2
Rocket Subs			T	A +1; F +2
Gas Warfare			T	A +2
Super Soldiers			T	F +4
Prophecies of Nostradamus	Z	M +1; I +2
Nietzschian Doctrine		Z	M +1; GPO
Cyborg Shock Troops		T	A +2; F +2
Wagnerian Music			Z	M +1; GPO 
Psychic Divination		S	I +2
Propaganda Machine		Z	M +2
Spy Master			Z	I +3
Necromancy			Z	O +2
Black Magic			Z	O +1
Demonic Powers			S	A +2
Counter Intelligence		Z	I +2
Super Powered Agents		T	A +1; I +2
Scientific Geniuses		Z	I +2
Secret Sciences			Z	I +1; O +1
Suicide Troops			Z	A +2; F +1
Akashic Records			Z	O +1
Mediums				Z	I +1; O +1
Messianic Power			S	M +4
Propaganda Art Films		Z	M +2
Teutonic Mythology		Z	M +1; GPO
Subhuman Labor			Z	F +2
Alien Saucer Crash		Z	A +2
Slavic Mutants			T	F +3
Rail Cannons			T	A +3
Time Travel Portal		T	I +5; Artifact
Super Heavy Tanks		T	A +3; F +2
Cryptography			Z	I +2
Witchcraft			Z	O +2
Magic Circle			S	O +2
Astral Cone			S	O +3
Occult Think Tank		Z	O +2; I +1
Secret Service			Z	I +2
The Four Horsemen		S	A +4
Combat Drugs			T	A +2
Brainwashing			Z	M +2; F +2
Jet Pack Troops			T	A +2; F +1
Esoteric Astrology		Z	I +2; O +1
The Dogs of War			S	F +3
Unholy Alliance			S	A +2; O +2
Psychological Warfare		Z	M +2
Ideological Manifesto		Z	M +3
Geomancy       			Z	O +2; A +1
Eugenics       			Z	F +1; GPO
Ley Line Strongpoints		S	O +3
Pseudo Science			Z	O +2
Death Ray			T	A +4
Aryan Master Race		Z	M +1; GPO
Ark of the Covenant		S	O +5; Artifact
Medical Experimentation		Z	F +2
Rune Lore			Z	M +3; O +1
Satanic Pact			S	I +1, M +1, O +2
Secret Projects			Z	Draw 2 cards when played
Secret Laboratories		Z	Draw 2 cards when played
Wonder Weapons			T	A +3
Intricate Hoax			Z	I +4

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